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Talking to you about life and things that happen in politics, national security and our country. Keep moving forward no matter what. I'll even break down and talk bout music, travel, movies, and riding across the country on motorcycles. Just tune in and listen to what we got to say. Support this podcast:
S2:E71 | Veterans Day...!!!
HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all of the true, red blooded American that have served our Country and protected out freedoms and liberties by enlisting in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Find out which celebrities served our country before they went on to make it big in Hollywood. #pardongarybrugman  --- Support this podcast:
Nov 12
57 min
S2:E70 | He's BACK...!!!
BigDaddy Ruffneck is back in the house and we talk a little bit more on the disgusting election fraud that the Democrats are committing right in front of our faces and there's nothing we can do about it. Could we all just get along after being called racists, bigots, misogynists and so many other things for four years?  We could, but why should we? Why should "I"...??? The corrupt left and those who voted for Biden just cut my chances obtaining a pardon from over FOUR years to less than 74 days. #savethesteal #pardongarybrugman --- Support this podcast:
Nov 9
1 hr
S2:E69 | The Post Election Episode
I swear...a stolen election is just as bad as stolen valor. I still have full faith that MY President, the President of the United States, the 45th President Donald J. still going to pull this off. I know it in my heart that he legally won the election. Without a doubt. the democrats should be ashamed of themselves...but in order to be ashamed I guess they would need to have some integrity first. Integrity, Honor, Respect, and Loyalty towards We The People, we the people they serve, WE...the people of the United States of America. But no, I've lost all respect for any and all democrats. Does that mean we can't be friends? no. I means now I know that 1. Y'all are stupid. 2. Y'all don't give a flying fuck about our beautiful United States and 3. Y'all just fucked ME out of getting a pardon because you cut it short by four years. Don't forget to use #pardongarybrugman on all of your social media posts. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 6
41 min
S2:E68 | The Pre-Election Episode
I decided to dedicate this episode to the Members Trump Train that chased the Biden/Harris campaign bus out of Texas!!! We talk about the upcoming election, riots in NYC, Check it out.  Don't forget to get out and VOTE for our President Donald J. Trump's Re-Election. Make no excuses... I can't vote so I'm depending on you, my fellow American, to vote the right way and vote for Donald J. Trump tomorrow November 3rd. Don't forget to use #pardongarybrugman on all of your social media posts. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 2
59 min
S2:E67 | Went on a hike with the Irreverent Warriors in Round Rock, Texas
Went on a hike this weekend, with the Irreverent Warriors in Round Rock, Texas this weekend. what a blast that was. Irreverent Warriors is a veterans organization focused on bringing awareness and a stop to veteran suicide. too many veterans take their own lives everyday and this group wants it to stop. Plus our opinions on things happening in Philadelphia, and on the election.  Also, it seems the White House has a comment line. How about you take 5 minutes out of your day, dial 202-456-1111 and leave a message asking the President of the United States Donald J. Trump Sign my Pardon Petition that has been sitting in  the Office of the Pardon Attorney since June, 2018. FLOOD THEM PHONE LINES with PARDON GARY BRUGMAN. I need Y'alls help. It's a great episode that will have you bouncing off guardrails so hit PLAY and LET'S GET TO IT...!!! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE on Social Media and on YouTube. #pardongarybrugman --- Support this podcast:
Oct 29
58 min
S2:E66 | Money Laundering? Is that what they're going with?
More on the latest developments in the case involving Hunter Biden and "The Big Guy" aka "Pops" who always wants 50% as his cut. I consider myself to be  a somewhat intelligent person, but for the life of me I can't  figure out what these left wing people are thinking. From the common voter to the former Vice President now Presidential Candidate. How can you endorse what is just without a doubt beyond wrong. i don't know, but we speak about it. #pardongarybrugman --- Support this podcast:
Oct 22
55 min
S2:E65 | Laptops!!! We got laptops over here!!! Hunter, come get a laptop!!!
How stupid can Hunter Biden be? He fell for the honeypot and now he's paying the price. How is it that the FBI hasn't investigated this in ELEVEN (11) MONTHS??? Also, I get into some prison stories from 11 years ago.  Hold on tight, because this episode will have y'all bouncing off all kinds of guardrails so Let's Get To IT!!! Don't forget to like and subscribe on social media, leave us a 5 star rating and a short review so we can climb up the ratings ladder which allows us to bring y'all a better podcast the more we move up. Also, remember to use #pardongarybrugman on all of your internet posts. #pardongarybrugman --- Support this podcast:
Oct 19
58 min
S2:E64 | Scandals, Smoking Guns, Leaks, Gossips and rumors...
...just another normal day in the Democratic Party. How about that Hunter Biden? Emails prove the opposite of what they say. It must be just fine to be a LIAR on the left because everything they're telling us is utter and complete bullshit, and it has been for 47 years that Biden has been in office. #pardongarybrugman --- Support this podcast:
Oct 15
58 min
S2:Ep63 | Weekend in Review...
Just a quick wrap up of the weekend... #pardongarybrugman --- Support this podcast:
Oct 12
50 min
S2:Ep62 | The VP debate breakdown...
With the left still having a k'nipshit about President Trump having COVID-19, the one and only Vice Presidential debate was noting shy of straight up BORING. Kamala Harris did nothing but LIE to VP Pence's and our faces, the faces of the American People. If you think that the country is going to be better under a Biden/Harris Administration, think again. This Election is no longer about left v. right, Republican v.'s about GOOD v. straight up EVIL!!! So do your research, listen to what this crazy woman says during this debate, and get your asses out and vote for DONALD J. TRUMP on November 3rd. People like me who have had their Right To Vote wrongfully stripped away depend on you to do the right thing. Also, flood Joe Rogan's Twitter & Instagram and let him know that you want to see me on his Podcast. #pardongarybrugman --- Support this podcast:
Oct 8
57 min
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