The Gardenangelists
The Gardenangelists
Carol Michel, Dee Nash
Are you ready to be converted to living a gardening life? Each week, join Carol Michel and Dee Nash, both passionate gardeners, authors, and long-time bloggers, as they chat over the garden fence about flowers, veggies, and all the best dirt on gardening. Carol and Dee have the audacity to call themselves gardenangelists, evangelists for gardening, and want everyone to dig in the dirt, sow a few seeds, and enjoy the simple pleasures and even a few pitfalls of a gardening life. If you are ready to live a gardening life or already live one this is one podcast you don’t want to miss.
Monochromatic Gardens and Other Gardening Trends
This week, Carol and Dee discuss two gardening trends, monochromatic gardens, and growing food, plus they discuss hydrangeas, blue spruces, and what they plan to do in and out of their gardens this week.
Nov 24
31 min
Celery? Nope, not growing it and other gardening advice
Dee and Carol discuss Christmas tree options, why they don't grow celery, plus a hint of garden trends.
Nov 17
30 min
Dreaming of Spring in the Fall
Dee and Carol discuss the earliest blooming shrubs, how learning how to garden is not a one season event, choosing good trees and more.
Nov 10
31 min
Have Courage, Gardeners, Have Courage
Dee and Carol talk about the ice storm that left Dee's garden a mess, plus scent in the garden, agrihoods, and the courage it takes to garden sometimes.
Nov 2
32 min
Scary, scary garden... BOO!
Carol and Dee discuss scary stuff about gardening and calm all your fears, whether it is a fear of deadheading or of spiders or of killing your plants.
Oct 27
29 min
As Long As There Are Gardens
Carol and Dee talk about cosmos flowers, ornamental peppers, books, calendars, and accept new garden commissions.
Oct 20
30 min
Buy Some Yellow Mums to Improve Your Mood and Other Gardening Secrets!
Dee and Carol talk about yellow mums, fall-blooming crocuses, leftover peppers and more on this week's episode.
Oct 13
31 min
Beware of Big Vines and Other Gardening Advice
Carol and Dee talk about big, woody vines, both native and introduced and why you should be careful planting them. They also discuss overwintering vegetable plants, landscape fabric and more.
Oct 6
34 min
Learning from Rich People's Gardens
Today, Dee and Carol discuss money spent on gardens and how even if you don't have a lot of money, you can still learn from those who do.
Sep 29
34 min
Lessons from the Garden - Our 100th Episode
Dee and Carol celebrate their 100th podcast episode by talking about some lessons they've learned from the garden.
Sep 22
31 min
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