The Galaxy Wars Podcast
The Galaxy Wars Podcast
Active Geek Productions
Join Jim and Tom now known as the GRYS in their weekly podcast as they travel to various television and movie galaxies giving their views on the wide world of science fiction using comedy and an emphasis on the science. The GRYS will cover fan favorites from Marvel, Star wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who as well as lesser known properties. The GRYS are not just movie and television reviewers but they will also bring their love and passion of all things science fiction to each episode based off of a wide range of science fiction topics. The Galaxy Wars Podcast is an Active Geek Production
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The content and in depth detail is fantastic! Informative and entertaining! The hosts have awesome chemistry! Looking forward to more!
Code 8
Loved code 8 and the review was good. Great show.
What a great podcast, fun, entertaining as hell and ironically educational
This podcast is full of high quality conversations. Funny, entertaining as hell and ironically educational. Was hooked on this podcast straight out the get
Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast
5 out of 5
I was in the Marine Corps with one of the hosts. I’m really impressed by the quality show they put out. I don’t always agree with there opinions but they do a good job. Highly recommend.
well done
listening tells me how far we have yet to go, very professional, quality sound, good chemestry. keep up the great work!!
Chris Wylde of ROTM
All of them!
All of the Galaxies! All of the wars. All of them!
Drewcifer Jones
I find this splendid
You won’t find to guys who love sci-fi more than these two. They are engaging and the content is awesome. Even if you’re not a huge sci-fi fan, these guys are really fun to listen to. Highly recommend.
Great show and interview!
I enjoyed the interview with Daniel Abraham. I thought the hosts asked good questions and you could tell they're real fans as well. I enjoyed the bits about different types of writing and how all his work came to be. I hadn't ever seen any of the expanse but it definitely peaked an interest. Also loved the starwars talk at the end as a big fan! Great show for sure
Great sci-fi podcast
This is a great podcast for anyone who digs sci-fi. Great quality, engaging, and a fun experience to listen to. Check them out!
Fun SciFi Show
Enjoyable show with two guys called GRYS discussing all things SciFi. I enjoyed the episode about movies that deserve a reboot. The Last Starfighter gets my vote as well. It’s neat that one of the hosts has a family connection to the original Swamp Thing movie.
Eric Hunley
A Fantastic Show!
Great show. Incredibly knowledgeable hosts and engaging to boot. I’m not a big comic book guy, but I love the show. If you are a comic book guy, this will be the best conversation you hear all day.
Knowledgable sci-fi convos
These guys clearly know their stuff. They dive deep into sci-fi topics set within cultural context.
Excellent sci fi reviews!
This is like hanging out in a room with friends, talking about your favorite geeky things. Listened to the state of sci fi and agreed with much of what was said (although there was no mention of the crucial need for a Last Starfighter reboot!). Good job, guys!
Great insight and focus discussion
Checked out their episode on Ready Player One because I was a fan of both the book and movie and was delighted to hear both hosts had read the source material before they saw the movie. Great on topic discussion, and I even learned something new about a project I’ve published 4 episodes about myself! (That Andy Weir wrote a RP1 fanfic story now considered canon). Fun listen. I subscribed and am looking forward to checking out more episodes! -Luke, Ink to Film Podcast
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Great show and hosts, check it out!
As a podcast host, I know it's hard to stay on topic and not go too deep into tangents, these guys stay on topic and focus on the discussion at hand and any tangents are directly related to the topic! :). keep up the great work guys, subscribed!
I love this show! Feels like hanging at your favorite comic shop!
Jim and Tom are so much fun to listen to. It really feels like I'm hanging out at my favorite comics shop just talking sci-fi movies with two of my best friends. They're enthusiastic and knowledgeable but not snobs or nerdy. And some of the films they reference are some of my obscure favorites! I definitely recommend giving them a listen!
Not your average movie review podcast. Love the content and your opinions! Can’t wait for more!!
A great Sci-fi review podcast.
I don’t really like movie/tv review podcasts but I love his one. They give great perspectives and do an awesome job of analyzing and giving context of what their opinions are. The Last Jedi episode was really good. Thanks for talking about the origins of Star Wars. I learned a lot. -Not Your Fathers Podcast
Cool Stuff
I really enoyed this podcast. If you are into sci-fi, this is the podcast for you.
Gemini Tea
Good moview review podcast
I have to say I was a bit suprised to see review episode that's over an hour long. It was quite interesting listening to the review of Black Panther and learning about the actors and directors. Check it out.These guys are great.
Loved it!
I find it hard to stay on top of stuff like this and now I have found a home! Now I want to go and see BP again with new eyes! Can’t wait to have some time to catch back episodes! Keep this good stuff coming! Jim J
Great Insight
Jim & Tom offer great insight into the Sci-Fi world. This is a great podcast if you enjoy listening to alternative takes on Sci-Fi culture.
A Goog And Sober Movie Review Podcast
Good to hear a group of host that don't use shtick or get fanboy hyped up on movie reviews. The reviews of the movie are not only fair and well-though out, but the deep analysis bring out the dedication to getting to the heart of the story, not just having a need to talk in the microphone.
Out of this world
Jim and Tom really know their stuff. This is a great podcast for true sci fi fans.
They know their stuff
You won’t find two guys who know more about a topic than Tom and Jim. 5 stars. Subscribe. Download. Review 5 stars!
awesome podcast a must listen
Good stuff!
If you like sci-fi, you’ll enjoy this podcast. Pretty knowledgeable guys, interesting takes on things. Give em a try.
Darth Bater
Great Sci-Fi podcast
If you like Sci-Fi this is the podcast for you. The hosts do a fantastic job reviewing old and new shows. With playful banter and an expense knowledge in Sci-fi, they transport you to galaxies far away. The beauty of what they do is take familiar and unfamiliar properties and bring you into those worlds. And by the end of each episode you will want to binge each series.
Charlie the Sci-fi guy
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