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The Galaxy Wars Podcast
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Join Jim and Tom now known as the GRYS in their weekly podcast as they travel to various television and movie galaxies giving their views on the wide world of science fiction using comedy and an emphasis on the science. The GRYS will cover fan favorites from Marvel, Star wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who as well as lesser known properties. The GRYS are not just movie and television reviewers but they will also bring their love and passion of all things science fiction to each episode based off of a wide range of science fiction topics. The Galaxy Wars Podcast is an Active Geek Production
Episode 122 Umbrella Academy
In this episode Jim and Tom break down the first trailer for Matt Reeves' and Robert Pattinson's The Batman. Then they review the second season of Netflix and Dark Horse Comics, The Umbrella Academy.
Aug 24
1 hr 2 min
Episode 121: Project Power
In this episode Jim and Tom review Project Power, which leads to fancastings of Jamie Fox, Dominique Fishback, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They also talk about movies, shows, and audio books that they've either watched or listened to, and Tom discusses his solo RPG gaming career.
Aug 17
57 min
Episode 120: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
In this episode Jim and Tom travel back to 2010 to review Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
Aug 3
57 min
Episode 119: Skulldigger And Skeleton Boy Review
In this episode Jim and Tom breakdown the first three issues of Jeff Lemire's new comic Skulldigger and Skeleton Boy.
Jul 28
29 min
Rob Guillory Interview
In this episode Jim and Tom are joined by Rob Guillory, that's right the Harvey and Eisner award winning artist from the hit comic Chew from Image Comics, and the creator one of Tom and Jim's favorite comics Farmhand (which is getting a series at AMC).
Jul 19
49 min
Episode 118: The Old Guard Review
In this episode Jim and Tom discuss the trailer for the second season of The Boys. Then the review the Charlize Theron led The Old Guard based off the Image Comic series of the same name.
Jul 13
34 min
Episode 117 Doom Patrol Review
In this episode Jim and Tom dissect the latest rumors coming out of DC and then they break down the first three episodes of the second season of Doom Patrol.
Jul 6
55 min
Episode 116: Did We Do Better
In this episode Jim and Tom talk about the news involving The Undertaker retiring from WWE and then the guys try to make a bad movie better.
Jun 21
59 min
Episode 115: Artemis Fowl Review
In this episode Jim and Tom break down the latest from Disney, Artemis Fowl.
Jun 15
50 min
Episode 114: Trio Of TV Shows
In this episode Jim and Tom discuss three tv shows. They break down the pilots for Snowpiercer and Star Girl, and they also break down the entire series Space Force.
Jun 8
57 min
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