The Functioning Hot Mess
The Functioning Hot Mess
Tonya Murray
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Episode 118
This was just what I needed this morning! I was multitasking and listening during my workout and has brought much needed clarity. I am taking back my eggs and releasing those that may have been given to me! Thanks!
LOVE this podcast and you will too!
Tonya is a super engaging host and asks thoughtful questions. As a functioning hot mess myself, I find her topics to be so relatable. It was a joy to be invited on the podcast to chat about managing finances during a life transition. Give it a listen! -Rachael
Rachael Burns
Such a fun and inspiring podcast!
I recently found Tonya’s podcast, and I’m so glad I did!! She is so easy to listen to, and her episodes are full of positive and inspiring tips, while keeping it real. No matter what season of life you’re in, I have no doubt you’ll be able to relate, and have an actionable takeaway. Grateful I found this podcast, and you’ll be glad you did too! Thank you for sharing your authentic message Tonya-looking forward to continue listening to new episodes, and binging older ones too!
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How amazing is this!!!! Tonya obviously has great stories to share to help people emotionally, mentally and physically. I will definitely subscribe and continue to listen. Great work Tonya and thank you for sharing. JT