The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast
The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast
The Fretboard Journal
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Great Publication!
Fretboard Journal is a remarkable magazine; beautiful photos, thoughtful articles, great presentation. I have subscribed for years and I’m living the podcasts. Thanks, Jason!
Best gear talk podcast
The best gear talking podcast by a long shot! Food recipes are great too.
Chesapeake Guitar & Amp Repair
I listen to a few podcasts but, for just pure guitar and music geekery this is the best. Period.
The Best Stringed Instrument Podcast
They are very thorough. Amazing content in print and pod. Check them out! I love the Pre-War Guitars Interview
Grampa Dave M
Play guitar? This should be your jam.
I worked with Jason years ago at Tower Records Pulse magazine, where I remember him building his own Theremin from a kit, but I had no idea what a brilliant guitar guy he is. I'm working my way backward through this library of podcasts, and I've gotta say that if you play guitar and you want to go deeper on your relationship with your instrument, this is a great way to do that. Thoroughly enjoying these podcasts. Nesbitt Bireley approves!
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Jackson Griffith
Podcast 263 - Aaron Draplin
Highly entertaining and often hilarious convo with graphic designer and fellow plunker Aaron Draplin. Being a natural born Michigander and longtime Portlander myself, I enjoyed his tales of Grunge era Portland, and guitar lessons with Pete Krebs. Thank you for bringing in the fringe players with a robust love for the instrument and the music, as well as the art. Bravo!
Guitar uber-nerds unite!
Johnny 1999
Best Podcast You Haven’t Listened to Yet
This is the audio incarnation of the best periodical dedicated to (primarily acoustic) fretted instruments and the men and women who make and play them ever printed. I’ll be honest, the podcast isn’t quite as good as the magazine, but I don’t see how it could be. Nevertheless, it is considerably better than the opening sentence of this review. If you like music, acoustic instruments, songwriters, song-singers, luthiers, or all of the above, you should be listening to this already. What are you waiting for?
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Fun new! guitar podcast
New for me. Enjoying the back issues. I hope they bring it back.
Great podcast
Jason does a terrific job. To the folks that have complaints - why don’t you do your own podcast.... The interviews are so enjoyable. Really great questions and discussions.
Podcast 203, Todd Albright
country blues history lives. listen, learn. be very, very grateful.
Best guitar podcast
Jason Verlinde's interviews are engaging, informative and entertaining! He has some great guests, who together take the conversations in so many different directions.
Fretboard Journal is A+++
The brief videos of his Tom Crandall's restoration of the 12 string Stella was so informative and fun to watch. It's clear that the folks at Fretboard Journal and the people they work with have a great time doing what they do. Thanks for including us and all you do!
YES! Great-some. I’m listening dude, here on out, keep it coming Jim. We need you man. God bless
done with heart
Fretboard Journal podcast
I think I’ve listened to most of the Fretboard Journal podcasts. They are well done. I recently listened to the Greg and Janet Deering interview, which I found fascinating. They are a tribute to hard work and not giving up on your dream. I had no idea. Also, if you have not subscribed to the Fretboard Journal print magazine, you should, it’s a beautiful magazine, what print should be. Hubert Parker Tucson, Az
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Breadth ...
I appreciate the broad spectrum of artists and craftspeople featured on The Fretboard Journal podcast. This podcasts interviews and stories stray wider and dig deeper than those I’ve heard before. Just like The Fretboard Journal itself.
Awesome Podcast!
Jason and the Fretboard Journal gang put together an informative podcast for anyone interested in guitars, mandolins, banjos and the music they make. Oh, yeah - the ukelele, too!
You never know...
... who will pop up on this podcast. Jason is great at asking a question and then letting the story unfold. Audio could be better at times but the content is gold.
Great Podcast!
I'm a luthier, and I find this podcast extremely informative. It's helpful to me, especially, to hear the perspectives and insights of so many professional players, builders, and other industry experts like vintage instrument resellers and leaders in the factory instrument world. Highly recommended!
Great publication and podcast. Jason is a truly skilled interviewer, a highly under-rated skill.
Diverse and informative
Jason Verlinde's interviews continue to engage and inform, across a wide sampling of knowledgeable folks. Recent highlights include CITES updates regarding Dalbergia species, Larry Crane, Sinasoid, and Zack Vex's background.
One of this Singer/Songwriter's most favorite podcasts
I never miss one of The Fretboard Journal's Podcasts. I look forward to each and everyone. Ken Krupnik Singer/Songwriter (ASCAP)
Capt. K
wonderfully interesting
The Fretboard Journal podcasts are a real gift to those of us who love guitars, builders, players, and guitar-driven music. The diversity of subjects covered by this ongoing series is astounding -- it goes way, way, way beyond the "I've got an album/tour to promote" stuff which is more customary elsewhere. Each podcast goes into real depth, so rather than getting the usual, superficial glimpse, the listener gets all kinds of facts and details. The interviewer (Jason) has such sincere interest in all things music and in people as well that the podcasts often venture into related subjects. You can tell that the interviewees enjoy the conversations, and you will, too. Super-recomended!
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Nicky McNickname
Well done! Great interviews, very professional, informative and educational.
Sweet ryde
a great resource
Excellent source of information - learning so much!
Challenge Stradale
Love Your Instruments More Deeply
I love stringed instruments, and especially guitars, and the Fretboard Journal (and its podcast) really keeps me deep into the ideas that are moving the industry while keeping them tied to their historical moorings. Each episode surprises me with new ideas I run into. Jason does a good job preparing for the interviews and it's obvious with his thoughtful questions. Definitely worth a listening, even when he's interviewing folks I wouldn't expect.
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Learn something new every episode!
I'm a beginning amateur guitar builder, and recently discovered the Fretboard Journal podcast (the Maegan Wells episode). I've been binge-listening to it ever since! The variety of guests and topics is amazing, and I'm learning a lot. I also decided to subscribe to the magazine and am looking forward to receiving the first issue of that as well.
Required listening
This is hands down the best podcast for information on vintage guitars, handmade guitars and guitar repair. Where would we be without it? I for one certainly would rather not find out!
Fretboard Journal podcast
I look forward to each episode. Typically very interesting content even if it's not from one of my favourite musical genres. A great way to feed my guitar hunger. I recommend the magazine highly as well. I've been a subscriber since issue #4.
Gerry Grider
The real deal.
Keep 'em coming!
If you really love guitars this is for you!
I love to play, collect, repair, and study guitars. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of people in my life who enjoy discussing them as much as I do. Jason interviews world class luthiers and guitarist and asks all the questions I would. Very in depth, engaging, genuine and even entertaining. I especially enjoying listing while I'm working in the shop! I recommend starting with episode 80: Nels Cline & Julien Lage or episode 115 with Jim Olson.
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A great podcast featuring some of the top builders, repair people and musicians.
Great podcast!!
This is the quintessential podcast for anyone interested in the guitar as a musical instrument and artistic expression from the people who build & develop their form...thanks for bringing this to our community!
Great Podcast
Just want to support my favorite guitar publication and the podcasts are always great
Lee from Burbank
122 TJ Thompson ....
5 Stars for TJ Thompson ... * * * * * 2 stars for Jason V. * * There was almost 5 minutes of FJ self promotion before TJ was introduced ... then a 2 min. intro ... then we finally get to hear from TJ Thompson speak ! Jason, we know who you and the publication are; that is why we tuned in to the podcast - save the promontional stuff for FaceBook. TJ Thompson touched on so many topics related to guitars and luthier - he has had a lot of experiences to draw from. These insights are valuable to both the player and builder. I enjoyed every minute he spoke - I only wish he had been given more time. I will definitely tune into more of these podcasts - especially the luthiers.
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Best guitar podcast ever!
I've been listening to these for years and they just keep getting better and better! Jason and crew do a fantastic job! The only thing better is their actual magazine!
Great podcast for anyone interested in guitars, music icons or the Fretboard Journal magazine.
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