The French Storage Podcast
The French Storage Podcast
Ph. Nicolas
151 - RAID evolution & Erasure Coding at scale
7 minutes Posted Mar 31, 2023 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

RAID is well known and mastered for all IT people especially infrastructure ones. But with the growing capacity of the HDD, the arrival of flash and SSDs, of course NVMe and the explosion of volume of data, RAID was and is under pressure. I see several new implementation, discovery of drawbacks and the confirmation of Erasure Coding we saw 2 decades ago with Isilon and more recently with large scale storage software like object storage. It's also the case for P2P, dispersed or decentralized storage that push the concept further. I met several players with new approach based on PCIe card, some implements GPU on it, it is the case for GRAID Technology, Nyriad or Pliops. As a technology component it plays a key role especially at scale. I hope you will enjoy the listening.