The French Storage Podcast
The French Storage Podcast
Ph. Nicolas
147 - Secondary Storage Landscape and New Developments
8 minutes Posted Mar 3, 2023 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

Secondary Storage is hot, nothing new here, and new offerings appear, new players and some old technologies got modernized like optical and recent tape developments are interesting. Flash is coming to secondary storage to offer more than Active but Instant recovery or archive. Hyperscalers put pressure on tape library vendors to release special models for them. Energy is even more important today coupled with data reduction techniques and erasure coding to deliver high durability level. Object storage also is present in different flavors, S3 is the king of course, and appear with 8 vendors S3-to-tape, a sort fo modern VTL. I have to mention also projects around P2P, Decentralized, Dispersed, Blockchain, DNA, glass or holographic or even Piql with 35mm microfilm. I tried to cover all these in this episode, a dense one but I'm sure you will love it. Enjoy.