The French Storage Podcast
The French Storage Podcast
Ph. Nicolas
"The French Storage Podcast" (aka TFSP) is about Data, Data Management and Storage. It is owned, hosted and driven by Philippe Nicolas, observer of the storage industry for more than 30 years. As an international podcast, TFSP has the mission to cover the industry as a whole with interviews, debates, round tables and technical talks, and the wish to keep some french aspects and episodes when needed. TFSP publishes a new episode every Friday at 12pm Paris time. You can find all statistics on the TFSP site here. You can contact me on Twitter via @CDP_FST. On TFSP, in addition to new episodes, you can also find all past episodes produced during the USP ("Unleash your storage passion") podcast period between April 2020 and July 2021. As a reminder USP was launched in April 2020 by Yoann Castillo and Philippe Nicolas during the Covid-19 with the idea to unify, discuss and boost the French data storage community.
153 - Interview with Ronen Hyatt, CEO and founder, UnifabriX
UnifabriX just joined the 49th edition of The IT Press Tour in Israel and it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the team and what they do. They clearly belong and participate to the coming disruptive wave based on CXL - the Compute Express Link - that will change drastically how the data center resources are connected. So the idea to interview Ronen Hyatt, CEO and founder of UnifabriX, was the natural step moving forward. We did it and I took a great pleasure to speak with Ronen, I hope it will be the case for all of you as we understand the role of the company, what they develop, already sell and what they prepare. Enjoy this episode. Thank you Ronen.
Apr 14
31 min
152 - Quantum Myriad and HPE GreenLake Storage Services
Two recents news invites me to think about this episode, first Quantum who introduces a modern file and object storage solution based on share-everything model, full NVMe and disaggregated architecture. A very good news for the champion of secondary storage. And the second HPE for its GreenLake storage services that recognizes once again its incapacity to develop file and object storage product by themselves. They're completely naked on this. They pick VAST Data, this is a fantastic news for VAST Data and a disaster for Qumulo. I hope you'll enjoy this episode.
Apr 7
7 min
151 - RAID evolution & Erasure Coding at scale
RAID is well known and mastered for all IT people especially infrastructure ones. But with the growing capacity of the HDD, the arrival of flash and SSDs, of course NVMe and the explosion of volume of data, RAID was and is under pressure. I see several new implementation, discovery of drawbacks and the confirmation of Erasure Coding we saw 2 decades ago with Isilon and more recently with large scale storage software like object storage. It's also the case for P2P, dispersed or decentralized storage that push the concept further. I met several players with new approach based on PCIe card, some implements GPU on it, it is the case for GRAID Technology, Nyriad or Pliops. As a technology component it plays a key role especially at scale. I hope you will enjoy the listening.
Mar 31
7 min
150 - Tape & Tape Libraries Technologies and Developments
Tape was dead for some people but guess what tape is still there and even more present than ever with cyberattacks and ransomware pressure. LTO continues to flood the market and hyperscalers adopted tape libraries and use them at a new scale and pace. Vendors design new models specifically for them, it is the case for Quantum and IBM and we wait some offerings from Spectra Logic. LTO roadmap is published up to LTO-14 without any date of course. We even heard that some hyperscalers plan to develop their own tape library. We'll see as there is plenty of new things in the domain. Great. Enjoy your listening.
Mar 24
7 min
149 - Recap of the Storage Technology Showcase conference
The Storage Technology Showcase restarted a few days ago in Tucson, AZ and it was for me the opportunity to visit La Mecqua, the IBM Storage Labs. It was good to meet peers and speak about key storage challenges at scale. The topic of the year was about "Engaging the Rising Generation of Storage Professionals" and we also learned plenty of things, one of these being the Vertical Market Failure. I made this recap, I hope you'll enjoy listening to it.
Mar 17
10 min
148 - SaaS Applications Backup, a need for harmonization and comprehensive approaches
Two companies launched recently their SaaS applications backup service, HYCU and Asigra. HYCU chose The IT Press Tour end of January in California to unveil R-Cloud, a comprehensive solution to protect any SaaS applications and for Asigra SAASBackup it was more recent. Their products represent the market need for a new approach, it won't be acceptable to have point products protecting data for each SaaS service in addition to bare metal, VM, container ad other cloud-based services. The industry creates its own complexity and at the same time, it is a real opportunity for some new or existing players. I detail the requirement in this episode, introduce HYCU R-Cloud and Asigra SAASBackup and present their similarities and differences. I hope you will enjoy it, it's pretty short and right to the point.
Mar 10
5 min
147 - Secondary Storage Landscape and New Developments
Secondary Storage is hot, nothing new here, and new offerings appear, new players and some old technologies got modernized like optical and recent tape developments are interesting. Flash is coming to secondary storage to offer more than Active but Instant recovery or archive. Hyperscalers put pressure on tape library vendors to release special models for them. Energy is even more important today coupled with data reduction techniques and erasure coding to deliver high durability level. Object storage also is present in different flavors, S3 is the king of course, and appear with 8 vendors S3-to-tape, a sort fo modern VTL. I have to mention also projects around P2P, Decentralized, Dispersed, Blockchain, DNA, glass or holographic or even Piql with 35mm microfilm. I tried to cover all these in this episode, a dense one but I'm sure you will love it. Enjoy.
Mar 3
8 min
146 - Storage Giants Develop Essentially Block Storage
I wish to do this episode for quite some time, it is about the pattern I detected on the market several years ago and it has been confirmed over the years. This is about Storage Giants essentially developing Block storage products. These storage giants are DDN, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi Vantara, HPE, Huawei, IBM, Infinidat, Lenovo, NetApp and Pure Storage covering for me here the mid to high-end on-premises storage segment. And I found that 81% of them - 9 on 11 - confirm that statement. Enjoy the listening of this special tech talk.
Feb 24
11 min
145 - Winners & Losers 2022
Like every year I started an exercise to list Winners and Losers, in other words, who in terms of companies or product or technology made a positive impact on the industry and on the other side negative one. I tried to cover block, file and object storage, primary and secondary storage, Kubernetes, Cloud and SaaS, tape, optical, RAID, DPU... but also M&A, investments or bankruptcy. It's an interesting list and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Have fun.
Feb 17
9 min
144 - Recap of the 48th IT Press Tour
The IT Press Tour came back end of January to California for the 48th edition. What a ride. We met 8 companies playing in DevOps and Kubernetes and more globally very active in Multi-Cloud environments. By alpha order it was Amberflo, CloudFabrix, HYCU, Pulumi, now Rakuten Symphony,, Sysdig and project Velero. IT was once again a very informative tour, I hope you'll enjoy its listening. Enjoy  
Feb 10
13 min
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