The Freemasons Podcast
The Freemasons Podcast
George Mudry
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Non mason follower
Some very amazing info im a non Mason enjoying the time these Masons give us to stay informed and learn about them a bit I joined at around podcast # 158 but decided to start from the beginning so now I have. Great job Masons keep up the great and informative topics. -Jose
Gaspar. J
Book readings
The book as been great so far, a lot of information in those clay tablets people brush off or make it out to be a myth.
Great podcast
I enjoy listening this podcast and it inspires my to learn more and It has inspired me to visit other lodges. SW Temple lodge 20
App user 4777
Normal guys making a great podcast
Quality continues to improve, great topics, the banter is by far the best part.
Skeeter Jerkins
Best podcast I’ve heard!
I myself am to get and have been interested in Masonry for about 4 years and this podcast has helped me understand more in the past few days then years of trying to figure out fact from fiction! I’m not a mason yet but I love this podcast for straight facts and laughs!
yelper special
Great podcast
Just discovered this podcast. Interesting topics and discussion. Look forward to raiding the archives!! WM Tye E:. Z:. Jeptha lodge #95 AF & AM CT
Exceptional podcast
These Brothers provide excellent insight into Freemasonry without divulging the “secrets.” I enjoy the jabs between the hosts and the feeling of brotherly familiarity. The relaxed environment makes me want to hang out with these guys after Lodge. I would recommend for any Mason or those interested in Freemasonry information outside of untrue Illuminati and other conspiracy theories.
Great pod
Awesome episode as always, easily my favorite pod! Found out about you guys from Scott Wolter. Keep up the great work!
Great stuff brothers!
New brother here and I’m stoked to find y’all! It’s great to find some light while away from the lodge.
Great podcast. Love the light atmosphere and joking, shows they are Brothers and friends (something you don’t see as much these days). One of the reasons I am petitioning my Lodge.
Where do I go
TL;DR: learn about the ‘lodge’ and what we do The brethren here, led by RW George Mudry, have helped bring me to light. While serving in the US Navy, I witnessed many Freemasons impact the lives of Sailors by always giving a hand-up and not a handout. I knew I had to be a part of a fraternity that makes a difference, daily. George and the team carry that mantle through this podcast - making a difference through each message. And they balance it with shenanigans, laughter, and education. While you may be old and still have questions or young and seeking the questions to ask, the brethren will answer your questions and entertain along the way. Some folks may not enjoy a few ‘F’ bombs here and there, but the unvarnished truth of Freemasonry, The Morning Star lodge, and the message prevent any person from disagreeing with a warm message of brotherhood, faith, and fraternity. Gentlemen - thank you for shining the light.
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Late to the party...
One of the most entertaining podcasts out there, the antics and shenanigans are absolutely hysterical. I would seriously like to thank you guys for rekindling the fire to get me to get back in the brotherhood of freemasonry. I just got to the Gideon episodes and won’t skip any. All I can say is, why ask why drink orange dry
Love the podcast....
My name is Josh, a [medically] retire Marine, and I have taken my first step in becoming a Free Mason (waiting on a blue lodge representative to contact me). I just started listening and it is the only thing I listen to on my phone at work while running construction equipment. The episodes are very entertaining and informative, and I can’t stop listening. Keep up the great work!
bella foxy girl
Funny and Informative
Greetings Brothers. Brother Nathan Davis here out of Western Sun Masonic Lodge No. 91, in Wheelersburg, Ohio. I am new to the podcast and I am loving every minute of it. Keep it up! SMIB
Awesome Podcast
Very informative and very fun. As someone who is gathering information to decide about freemasonry, I enjoy the banter and most times I’m laughing to myself while I’m on the road. This podcast (and freemasonry for that matter)represents what I think friendship and brotherhood should be. VIVAT VIVAT VIVAT!
After being in the Army and being exposed to freemasonry from my old supervisor, I had some questions about Freemasonry and kept asking around and came across this podcast and I’m glad to say I now have the confidence to join the fraternity and it’s thanks to y’all! Keep up the great work!
Christoher Figueroa
With respect, there is to much unnecessary ramblings and mis-informations.
Cowboys Up.
Great podcast
These guys are knowledgeable and a lot of fun to listen to. 10 out of 10, will listen to again.
Modern Day Southern Rebel
My sons and grandson are worshipful masters. They won’t tell me where they hid the remote control unless I give a five star rating.
Dirk 007
After recently becoming an EA I actually stumbled across this podcast. These guys are very informative and a bunch of pranksters. This is my new favorite podcast. Keep on keeping on brothers!
Masonic Podcast...
Great Podcast! Some fact checking needed from time to time, a little bit of Tom Foolery, and a whole lot of great information and topics! It is good work, true work...
This group of brothers are alsome. With the podcast and people them self when u have a question they answer it and I would tell everyone to listin to these brothers
Only podcast i'll listen to regularly
I've been a brother for 9 years, a R.A.M. and heading onward through the York Rite. I'm in my mid 30's and my lodge membership is average 60-70 so I often feel alone and sometimes feel like what I can do is minimal, and almost hopeless for the future of my lodge. I'm only 6 episodes in and already this is the ONLY podcast I can listen to regularly. FANTASTIC work brothers, I feel like i'm in the room with you while listening and can't stop laughing. I'm heading through CT in the fall and hoping to take a picture of THE famous (and best lodge in CT) Morningstar Lodge :-P Great work!
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Great podcast
These guys are great! Not your average Freemason podcast, these guys are the Five Finger Death Punch of podcasting! Bravo Zulu!
Brothers, please fix the audio!
Great podcast but it hurts to listen! Your microphones are too hot and they crackle and pop in the ears of your audience. I’m sure it’s just a level change - otherwise 5 stars!
One of the best Freemason Podcasts available
These guys are fresh and entertaining. They keep working on getting better just like we do as Freemasons. There show started off a little raw but it was refreshing to hear Freemasons behaving like the men they are. As time went on the episodes got better as did the raw nature of the show. The show has progressively gotten less explicit and more informative. I am really glad these guys are doing this for all current and potential Freemasons.
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Love this podcast!!!
As a good friend of WB Joe (aka Joe-normous) I’ve always been intrigued by his world of freemasonry. This podcast doesn’t just let me experience what freemasonry is like but also answers a lot of my questions. I think what you’re doing with this podcast is awesome not only for the men that are involved or are interested in being a Freemason but also for the women in their lives that are just as interested. Of course my favorite parts are when you guys bust each other’s balls!! Oh and btw Joe has my vote for best hair. Sorry Gideon!
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Susan #9🔺
Love it!
Love the podcast!! Not a Freemason yet but you all have answered a lot of questions. I hope to be able to find a lodge like yours. You all have set the bar high for another lodge. I feel as though I have some close friends that I have never actually met. Adam Nelson/Utah
Great information for people interested in joining.
I recently found out that I have a long history of Free Masons in my family (long story). This podcast has given me a lot of insight into how a lodge works, the history of Freemasons, and most importantly the bonds between brothers. After listening I’ve contacted my local lodges to start the process. I hope they can live up to the expectations you guys set! Keep up the good work!
Shawn Kelly7
What’s its real all about.
I’m a fairly new MM, but it’s been in my family for the past 2 generations. In the short time I’ve been a mason, I’ve come to realize that the friendships that are born and conversations after lodge or rehearsal are just important if not more. The added Masonic education with the insights into your journeys are very enjoyable and entertaining. Keep it up the good work, I hope to visit your lodge soon Or at least the Farm degree.
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ACB from RI
Love it
As a MM at 23 years old in a lodge of predominantly older brothers it is nice to hear y’alls new age ideas and banter that shows the fun side of this great organization while style teaching and informing non members and members alike of the history and interesting facts associated with the real Freemasons and not the conspiracy nuts beliefs
facebook game novice
Lots of good info, history, etc.
Not a Mason yet, but I like the podcast. The guys can be kinda rough but if you listen thru that they take their Freemasonry very seriously and share some great info. I’m looking into connecting with a local lodge myself soon. Hopefully I can find a younger active lodge like the one who does this podcast.
Out of all the freemason podcast this is the best one!
daniel lindsey
Great Podcast!!
I love this podcast, I originally found it on Spotify a few months and haven’t stopped listening to it. My name is Søren and 16 years of age looking to Petition on my 18th Birthday in the state of Florida. Now I have 2 questions, one, I’m a Christian and I would really like to join freemasonry, my whole family is Christian and they don’t know I have a interest in freemasonry, I’m worried if I tell them or if they find out they will try and persuade we from trying to join. I feel that I’ve done enough research to tell that freemasonry is not bad or evil as these crazy YouTube documentaries try to make it look. Do any of you guys have any suggestions on how I can tell my parents I would like to join? My second question is, I want to buy one of those Freemasonry podcast t-shirts to support the podcast but am worried that I will get stopped in public for “impersonating a mason”. Would it be a good idea for me to buy a shirt and represent the podcast? Thanks for making the podcast and keep up the good work.
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Søren Dillinger
Love the show
These guys crack me up and I have great talking points and general knowledge. Very laid back and a great listen Keep them coming !
Great Masonic podcast
I found your podcast last week and have to say it has quickly become one of my favorites I even had to go back and listened to all the previous episodes. Dean S. PM Everett 137
Great Podcast
This is an amazing podcast that has a lot of joking and antics. But very informative with information not covered in most history books. Keep up the good work guys.
Humorous, informative, and irreverent.
For so long there has been a stark dichotomy of Masonic Podcasts, either monotone reading of papers, or something out of Nickelodeon’s game book. Now there’s a show that craftily brings its listeners into what fraternal brotherhood should really be, a fine blend of humor, information, and irreverence. Keep up the good work brethren.
Great Podcast
I’ve been listening to the podcast since the start. I’m a new MM and love the good information and relaxed atmosphere. Keep up the great work.
Very informative!
Excellent job !!!! Even though women cannot be a Mason unless your in England I do enjoy listening to your pod -casts !!
Keep going
Great podcast even as I’m a new mason. I enjoy the banter and it’s a nice change up to hear brothers around my age (35), who have been involved for much longer than me, that aren’t “kinda stiff”. Keep it up guys. Thanks from an EA in N.C.
Not you father’s Masonic discussion.
Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. It’s refreshing to hear Brothers just kicking back and discussing real topics impacting Freemasonry.
The only Masonic podcast
Real topics from real brothers... this is the only Masonic podcast you will ever want to listen to!
Great podcast
Great cast covering good topics in detail with a laid back feel
The freemason
Fun cast from a bunch of everyday guy. Good info with some humor and a little ball busting
Awesome Podcast!
Laid back open talk about the craft. A real talk podcast that helps you understand the craft more.
Matt Matejek
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