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The Freemasons Podcast
George Mudry
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A podcast from the members of various lodges in Connecticut discussing a variety of topics including esoteric Masonry, symbolisms, and conspiracies told from the eyes of Freemasons and not the uninitiated. Younger brothers who are king’s at breaking each other’s stones. Not a clean show at all. Come hang out and drink some beers with us while we dive into not so squared actions. Hosted by Right Worshipful Brother George Mudry and co-hosted by WBro Joe Zannino and WBro. Ken Tarwood. VIVAT!! Support this podcast:
Episode 158- 14 Places To Unearth Masonic Secrets
We discuss 14 places where you can receive Masonic enlightenment.... and ones a creep show. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 21
1 hr
Episode 157 - Southside Masonic Lodge Shooting
In this episode we break down what truly transpired inside a Masonic Lodges accidental shooting --- Support this podcast:
Nov 15
59 min
PODCAST SPECIAL!! Lost Book of Enki-Tablet 7
We discover why Adam was expelled from the Edin --- Support this podcast:
Nov 11
1 hr 9 min
Episode 156 - The Danger of Lodge Cliques
In this episode we discuss the trouble with a non inclusive Lodges that for “cliques” --- Support this podcast:
Nov 9
58 min
Episode 155 - Masonry In The Movies
In this episode we discuss Freemasonry in cinema! --- Support this podcast:
Nov 8
59 min
PODCAST SPECIAL! Lost Book of Enki Tablet 6
In this episode we hear the Sumerian Account of the creation of mankind --- Support this podcast:
Nov 5
1 hr 11 min
PODCAST SPECIAL! Lost Book of Enki Tablet 5
We get into the connection of the book of Enoch as well as the beginning of the creation of mankind. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 29
1 hr 4 min
Episode 154- Stoopid Masonic Conspiracy Theories
This episode the boys get Stoopid ( yes intentionally misspelled and dive into stupid Masonic conspiracy theories. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 27
1 hr 9 min
PODCAST SPECIAL! Lost Book of Enki - Tablet 4
In this tablet we learn of the Face on Mars.... say what?! --- Support this podcast:
Oct 24
53 min
Episode 153- How To Become A District Deputy
In this episode the brothers speak of advancement and RWBro. George gives the secret on how to advance to become a District Deputy and a Grand Line Officer.... oh and WBro. Joe gets his cheap shots in. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 23
56 min
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