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Building Enabling Technology to Power the Smart Kitchen With Fresco's Anthony Sullivan
32 minutes Posted Mar 14, 2024 at 11:16 am.
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Show notes

Over the past decade, Fresco has been building technology that helps appliance and housewares brands to create smart kitchen products.

The journey for Fresco started when the company - then known as Drop - created a connected kitchen scale. After finding success selling its scale in the Apple store and other locations, the company started working with other brands to help provide enabling technology to power their smart kitchen solutions. 

Fast-forward to today, and Fresco is now working with some of the world's biggest kitchen brands, including Panasonic and Viking, to help them build out their smart kitchen solutions.

To hear about this journey, we welcome Anthony Sullivan, the Chief Product Officer for Fresco, to the podcast. 

On the podcast, host Michael Wolf talks with Anthony about:

  • The journey from a consumer product company to a platform company
  • Building software for appliance brands
  • The evolution of the mindset of appliance companies around creating solutions that enable cross-brand connectivity
  • The challenges of getting consumers to adopt more tech-forward solutions in the kitchen
  • And lots more!

You can learn more about Fresco at 

If you are interested connecting with Fresco and other kitchen tech companies, you'll want to be at the Smart Kitchen Summit on June 4-5th in Seattle. Use the discount code PODCAST for 15% off tickets at checkout.