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The Story of Chefman and Chef iQ with Ralph Newhouse
37 minutes Posted Mar 1, 2024 at 8:39 am.
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Show notes

Around 2009, Ralph Newhouse's company hunted down excess inventory of small electrics and would re-sell them into the secondary market. However, it wasn't long before Newhouse realized he wanted to make his own appliances, and that's when the Chefman we know today was born.

Newhouse wasn't done. As he and Chefman started to see how new connected products made their way into the market over the past decade, he realized he wanted to create a brand around more tech-forward connected products, and that thinking led to the creation of ChefIQ, a startup within a startup focused on the smart kitchen.

In this conversation, Newhouse talks about this journey, why he decided to create a separate company for his connected products, and where he sees the future of the connected kitchen going. 

And...for those interested new products, we have a couple reveals by Ralph in this podcast that are heard for the first time. 

Have a listen!

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