The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
Jillian Murphy
What Values are You Upholding? Ep 118.
28 minutes Posted Jul 15, 2020 at 6:41 am.
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Show notes

In this episode, Jill wraps up the Sessions series with a conversation about weight stability and the values we uphold when it comes to food and bodies.

In this session, Jill discusses:

  • What is weight stability, why do we care about it?
  • What disrupts weight stability?
  • What to do when homeostasis has been disrupted and you can't fix it on an individual level
  • The season of summer - why it's for connecting, celebrating, and enjoying
  • If you can't ease into this season and the ways resting, waiting, and celebrating can nourish you - Jill has some homework for you!
  • Can you take the focus off of your individual struggle to explore the deeper values and story lines that have been sold to you - where they come from and how they divide even the anti-diet, weight-neutral world - in order to heal in a more profound way and mobilize into action

This is it for the summer! We'll meet you back here in the fall. Email Jill ( if you're ready to work together or if you have questions/comments. And don't forget to rate and review on iTunes!

See you in a few weeks!