The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
Jillian Murphy
Session 7: On the Verge of Peace & Acceptance. Episode 115.
1 hour 4 minutes Posted Jun 11, 2020 at 6:35 pm.
conversations between Jill and those struggling with food, body image, weight, and health Jill talks with a woman who has managed to work her way out of a long history of diet cycling and into a place of intuitive eating. She never, ever, ever wants to go back to dieting but she's struggling to accept the changes in her body. How could she possible begin to accept and enjoy her new shape and size?
in this way. Please listen only if these topics aren't triggering for you. Also these sessions are designed to educate and entertain. They are not prescriptive. If you are struggling with food and body image issues, you should reach out to your primary care provider for individual advice before self-diagnosing or treating.
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Show notes
In the seventh episode of Sessions - a NEW series on the Food Freedom/Body Love podcast where you get to listen in on
In this episode, we discuss:
Adjusting to weight gain & body changes
Getting your partner on board when you decide to ditch dieting and start eating intuitively
Internalized fatphobia
The BIG CHOICE we have to make, in order to move forward
When you believe you could never be comfortable in the body you're in - asking the question "Have I even really tried?"
Managing diet conversations that continue around you
TW: All of these sessions are recorded live and only moderately edited - numbers (weight, calories, etc) may come up as well as the "O" words (overweight, obese) and the mention of specific diet plans or food philosophies. It's the nature of working