The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
The Food Freedom/Body Love Podcast
Jillian Murphy
Session 1: What does fit look like? Ep 109.
1 hour 3 minutes Posted Apr 23, 2020 at 6:00 am.
conversations between Jill and those struggling with food, body image, weight, and health Jill talks with a gym owner, Cross fit athlete, and nutritionist who is tired of counting macros and ready to make the switch to intuitive eating - but how? She needs to stop pushing her body to the limit but scared of what will happen if she let's it all go. She's worried about changes in her body, changes in her performance as an athlete, and how she'll be judged as a gym owner and nutritionist if her body shifts.
in this way. Please listen only if these topics aren't triggering for you. Also these sessions are designed to educate and entertain. They are not prescriptive. If you are struggling with food and body image issues , you should reach out to your primary care provider for individual advice before self-diagnosing or treating. 
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Show notes
In the first episode of Sessions - a NEW series on the Food Freedom/Body Love podcast where you get to listen in on
In this episode, we discuss:
What is Intuitive Eating?
Permission and Discipline
Why it's hard to leave control behind, even when it's exhausting
Optimal athletic performance vs Optimal health
Menstrual Threshold and how it's linked to health
What FIT looks like
TW: All of these sessions are recorded live and only moderately edited - numbers (weight, calories, etc) may come up as well as the "O" words (overweight, obese) and the mention of specific diet plans or food philosophies. It's the nature of working