The First Mrs. Claus
The First Mrs. Claus
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What great voices
The singing in the first episode was amazing, would listen just for that
A fun binge
I listened to this during the holidays and was pretty entertained. The fact that they made such a satire is great
A romping good time!
This was a fantastic assemblage of talent and so much fun to listen to while tending to pre-holiday celebration preparations! Bravo!
Love it
I love the story and it has the actors and actresses that I love. Just wish it didn’t have Grace Nancy.
Pc culture indoctrination
Unfunny slapstick, pushing how you should think.
The real Nancy Grace?!
I loved the cast and the podcast but did not enjoy Nancy Grace herself being a part of this. I’m hoping she donated her time. She is definitely not a part of the solution.
Lighthearted and irreverent!
Lots of fun and doesn't take itself too seriously!
Very campy but fun
Very scripted and punny and so different from all the pods out right now. But a fun holiday jaunt!
Great Christmas road-trip binge
From the North Pole to Tinseltown ...
Why is this not a movie?!?! Or, at the very least, an hour-long holiday special?!? This was written for the screen. If we can remake the Grinch a bazillion times and be forced to suffer through an endless barrage of Hallmark Holiday Schmaltz year after year, we can surely make room for a new Christmas classic every now and then. Come on, World of Wonder! This is your next holiday special!
I was skeptical but now I’m in love w/ Hot Coco!
I definitely was not expecting to like this podcast. I thought this would be some boring read off on what Christmas means to a few characters but after the first 10 minutes I was hooked! I love this story I wish my kids were old enough to listen but it’s hilarious with all the naughty and nice jokes 🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Perfect Christmas Fun
Thank you for taking the time to bring this perfectly produced and wonderfully acted camp fire to us! Merry Christmas
this podcast could in fact save Your Christmas...
This podcast should be listened to after the Christmas get the a family... or on the plane going home or if you are all alone thinking that everyone else is having a fantastic Christmas.There is a joke for everyone, it really makes fun of all the stories we have been telling, the ways we get each other to spend money, the ways we torture each other....and it’s funny and at times even tender...ok occasionally raunchy....but maybe if we sat together, listened and laughed we might actually catch the Christmas spirit..... Marry Christmas to you
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The writing is what makes this so terrible
This would be funny if I were sounds like a 10 year old wrote it...with so many incredible podcasts coming out, and all the history of great radio drama as precedent, this podcast really has no excuse for being so bad.
Very cute, but Michelle should be singing
The singer they got is good, she she sounds noting like Michelle Visage! She has beautiful voice and should have been singing it.
Sarah wants a date option
i love it
fun and funny
I am so in love with this. So fun and enjoy the multitudes of Alex’s work. Deadly Manners, Darkest Night.
Love this!
Fun cast and something different! Would love someone to create an animated feature to go with it! Lol
Hey Grrrl Hey!
Worst podcast
This is the most disappointed I’ve been In a podcast, especially with David Cummings recommendation, I would not recommend this to anyone.
The first Mrs. Santa Clause.
This is a great podcast.. makes me giggle!!!
soft kittie
What in the world of No No
Uhm this is horrible ....
Ariel from Naples
Great podcast
It has me laughing especially the Elf and the workers yaaasss! 😭
Melly Mel1
Louis Black gets 5 stars! This podcast is an enjoyable campy comedy with some tunes. Will keep tuning in.
Thoroughly unentertaining
I was so disappointed. I had to shut it off 5 minutes in. With David Cummings attaches I expected more.
❤️ it
Love it!!! Wish there were more of these type of podcasts 🙏🏼❤️
It’s a funny light hearted podcast I’m looking forward to future episodes. It’s just what the doctor ordered ((Dr. Tinsel👩‍🔬here)
War On Christmas
First five minutes it turns into a political PC debate, no thanks. Next up is probably minimum wage, but I won’t be listening that far.
That awful woman ruins it
I thought I would listen to a sweet Christmas musical comedy but sadly this podcast is laced with Nancy Grace intro and altros. That woman is awful, she’s a disgusting person and I have no desire to support any podcast she’s involved with.
Miss Ginger 58
This is the Xmas podcast that I needed without event knowing it. Fantastic work everyone.
Fun with a dash of naughty
Michelle does a great job with this fun story. The cast does a great job bringing the characters to life! Justice for Coco!!
Happy Holidays!
Great silly podcast for the holidays!! 🎅🏽🤶🏽❤️
This podcast is super funny, well written and I love the songs. Can’t wait for the next episode! Definitely recommend.
Say whaaaaaaat !!
This is well produced Wit some pretty dope music And the actors are great.
Klide Pharrow
Brilliant! Great cast, original storyline, and hilarious henny
Cannot wait to hear more!
Brilliant! The cast is perfect and I cannot wait to see what happens next.
Meghan Griffin
Holiday Spirit
Great audio quality, funny content and an all around good time. They put out quality content, definitely worth a listen.
<Last, First>
sounds fun
cool cast and funny premise.
Witty, funny. Looking forward to more projects like this from Michelle Visage... Kudos on a job well done!
Christmas Fun
Simply fun, campy Christmas comedy.
Absolutely looking forward to the rest of this series! I am a huge fan of Grace Paul and I love love love this story line I don’t think they can mess this up it’s perfect !
Pretty good so far
Pretty good so far
Cute story with great voice actors & singers. Awesome music, a must listen to get u in the Christmas spirit!! Definitely hooked!!
Really well done and enjoyable
Just listened to the first episode and I’m hooked! The story draws you in and can’t wait to hear more! Love the familiar voices!
So good!
This podcast is funny, the puns are cute and music’s not bad. Good job everyone!
Absolutely amazing
If you love darkest night and deadly manners you’ll love this holiday podcasts it’s amazing !! ❤️❤️💚💚
Could the cast be any more talented?
I think not. This show has a cast list filled with popular and accomplished performers, who have worked in genres spanning across the entire entertainment spectrum. With names such as comedy legend Louis Black, audio drama legend David Cummings, Tony award winner Kristen Chenoweth and Rupaul (who, let’s face it, is phenomenal at everything), I don’t know why this podcast isn’t already sitting comfortably at the #1 spot on iTunes. I almost forgot to mention the plethora of shameless, silly and wonderfully bad “d.i.c.k” jokes that appear quite often. That alone is worth hitting the subscribe button!
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Go Grannies!!!!
isaac visage-charles
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