The First Degree
The First Degree
Join Ladygang's Jac Vanek, true crime TV producer Alexis Linkletter, and investigative journalist Billy Jensen on a chilling ride into the darkest corners of your worst nightmares. We're talking murder, serial killers, cults, conspiracy theories and beyond, all told through the eyes of a guest who is one degree of separation from the story itself. From Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer to an unknown heinous murder in your very own hometown, The First Degree will bring a new and refreshing perspective to the true crime phenomenon. And who knows... you may be our next guest.
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Love this podcast, my new fav!!
I love the dynamics between the hosts, the stories told, the banter! I just discovered this podcast this week and have been binging my way through from the first episode. I already know I’ll be sad when I’ve gotten caught up.
Alexis, move away from the mic!! You’re ruining the podcast with your mouth noises! Drink some water and step away from the mic. Maybe you do the research and let Jac tell the story. I know one of the reviews said it was Jac but make no mistake, it’s Alexis and it’s been since day one!
Red doom
Nothing Like This Podcast
I’ve tried a couple other true crime podcasts after binging all of The First Degree and I haven’t found anything that comes close to the entertainment factor. The three of you mesh so well and I’m sad I have to wait weekly for a new episode.
Texas is HUGE state you need to check your facts
I love this podcast however please check your facts Lubbock is 5 hours away from Dallas. Odessa is over 2 hours away from Lubbock
Poor Billy
At first I thought this was Billy Jensen trying to do a podcast his two teenage daughters. They are always talking over him, interrupting him and laughing at him whenever he tries to say anything serious or boring.
One of my favorites
Love this show. Super interesting perspective to hear from a first degree.
Thank you for the always great content
Love you guys!
Vicki Logan Episode
Lubbock isn’t “about an hour from Dallas”. It’s 5 hours. Put some respect on Dallas.
Microphone ..
Girl step away from the mic, the feedback or whatever noise it is when u talk to loud I to a mic is annoying I would the equipment would be better quality and u don’t have to be so close the the mic.
Not really researched
I just listened to 3 episodes of this podcast on a case I know almost everything there is to know and they get so many facts incorrect (facts not conjecture) that I’m not inspired to listen to them discuss cases I am not familiar with... that said I will listen from time to time but always check their facts.
jmdawson la
I love this podcast.
The only podcast I can binge. It’s the best! I love all three of the hosts and a different perspective of the crimes. Love you guys.
I love it but...,
Jac makes this horrible smacking sound when she talks and it is gross. once you notice it, you can never un-notice it again.
Great stories, great narration, Way too many tags
I love love love this podcast. I love the storytelling and the additional “first degree” that they interview. I love the variety of stories and appreciate that there’s no “end” to the amount of episodes. However, I really only end up listening to half of it, skipping in a few minutes and finish listening when the story ends. There are wayyy too many tags and intro traditions; it’s cluttered: catching up, what day is today, you could end up on the podcast, turn down the lights(which in my opinion should be one of two that remain), only you can prevent serial killers, friends close but not too close, killing time. I’m sure I missed a couple. They should pick one for the beginning and one for the end.
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It’s ok
If you can get over the 2 girls annoying voices and the bad words one of the girls throws out pathetically once in a while it’s an ok show.
The best podcast ever
I never really liked podcasts until I listened to this one. In the last 2 months I have completely stopped listening to music and have caught up on every episode. I love the hosts as much as I love the stories. I’m actually so bummed that I can’t binge listen anymore and have to wait until Wednesdays!
Oh Liberals
This podcast isn’t bad , good time killer . Hosts have good chemistry. Liberal bent no doubt , referencing Trump in an episode about a murdering rapist and how words can escalate to “real” crimes , little bit of a stretch guys. How bout a reference to Biden’s REAL sexual assault that actually has been documented. Displaying white guilt as many Liberals did after Mr. Floyd was killed in Minnesota. Several episodes after this were all cases involving victims of color and emphasizing this fact , making sure to everyone that they’re down with the right causes . All in all not a bad podcast.
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Best concept in true crime
This is my new favorite true crime podcast, and I have listened to a hell of a lot of them! The concept is honestly the best, second only (maybe) to The Murder Squad concept. Also the little bits of music/background sound design are so good— I get some serious “The Thing” soundtrack vibes, which really adds to the intensity. My only complaint is now I am running out of episodes to binge. Also I’m from Phoenix so I love all the random Arizona connections. Love you all but Alexis is my fave— don’t you ever be stopped girl! Ig: daynabot
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Billy finally pronounces a word wrong!
I was beginning to wonder if Billy was a human. I live in Oklahoma and in the Okc bombing episode Billy pronounces Choctaw as choc-tow, laughed so hard. You made my day. It’s more like Choc-tah. Thank you for always being you and I’m sorry for giving Alexis and Jac more to pick on you for. Also you have got to learn how to cook!! Lol love y’all keep up the awesome work
Maybe Read What You’re Going to Say?
They do profile some interesting cases, however, they each read off the script as if they haven’t even glanced at it prior to recording. Halting sentences, placing emphasis on the wrong words, ugh, it’s annoying! OK research on the cases, but take a moment to practice!
Great podcast
The podcast is amazing to listen to. The group meshes so well and it’s amazing. Their banter back and forth brings the show to another level and makes it seem much more personal. ig: kailey.williston
My Favorite Podcast!
Best podcast out there! So entertaining. I love the different personalities of the three of you. I love all of your voices. Even the breathing. I also enjoy “The Killing Time” Yes, I am a fan of “The”. You guys rock!
Hella funny
I usually don’t dig hosts who talk about themselves, but you guys are hella funny. Love your content! Please create a podcast called “ Monster-in-law”. I really enjoy you!
Isabella ella ella eh eh eh
Sofa King is a Snowflake
Imagine being such a racist that you need to announce it in a podcast review AND give a bad rating! You know you can just turn it off and shut up right? Five stars for being on the right side of history.
Alexis pic
Sorry. I didn't notice the review stars that go with.
rabid idiot
It has grown on me
Didn’t like it as much in the beginning, found it not well rehearsed and felt like the hosts just read from articles. But it has grown on me and I find the awkward pauses kinda charming now.
Why are people saying good things but giving one star?
What a bad joke. Good podcast.
Great Podcast
If you love listening about true crime; listen to this. Their resources is always someone close to the case. They're chemistry is awesome and fun to listen to. I love that they answer questions from the fan base that are questions you'd ask of your close friend. The First Degree was one of the first podcasts I started listening to about true crime.
Maria G D
Liked it until
I liked this podcast until they showed support for BLM, all lives matter, canceled
Great show
Glad I found this. The stories are new, and first person accounts are interesting
charklie daniels morris
I must admit, it took me a while to get used to the patter of the 3 hosts, but now I feel like we’re all friends hanging out, swapping stories! Great escapism and the horrific stories are told with kindness and humanity.
Great podcast 👌🏼
Long time listener, first time caller! Great podcast. The three of you have great chemistry and personality- I struggle to follow narrators that are dry. Alexis- I have no idea why you get crap about your voice! It sounds good to me and you clearly work hard to deliver great content. Jac- you could retire just making podcast ads. You have an authenticity to your pitch that is refreshing and makes me want to try the products you’re selling. I still use living proof because of you haha. Billy- I appreciate your good attitude and thorough knowledge of criminology. Keep up the good work guys! I recommend this podcast for sure
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Blair TX
Unique show
I love that these are stories with a perspective from someone so close to each case. And the banter before and after is hilarious. Love it all!!
Love it, but......
Great podcast but I cringe every time I hear Jac’s mouth separate to open to talk. You can hear her lip noise or something and I cannot stand it!!!!! Perhaps she could let the others talk more instead?
5- stars- ADDICTED
Jac, Alexis and Billy are like a weird Three’s Company. I am binging the podcast on my commute to work and an actually happy there is road construction. They bicker but you can tell they respect each other. I can’t get enough of the “days” they pick and Killing Time. I also want all of their last meals before they are executed. Totally relate on that- my mom and I talked about stuff like that when I was a kid.
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Obsessies (obsesses)
Well I had to edit this after listening to the first episode. Billy called Brett Michaels attractive. Billy, ew no. But for real this is like my break from reality. I know that makes no sense, but hey. I started nursing school while working full time and this podcast has been my little escape. I love you all! Chit chat but not too much and I like the different personalities and perspectives 💕
I love true crime! I listen to several different podcasts, but I always come back to The First Degree ! Awesome job! The hosts have incredible vibes and mesh so well together! Jac and Alexis are bomb! I love you guys ❤️honestly I’ve never heard the breathing issues just Billy tolling his eyes 😂
Because no one understands the stars.
I know y’all love creative reviews....but I’ve got nothing. Love, love, love this podcast and the banter. Love the dynamic of your threesome!
Sassy Sqaw
Fellow Mouthbreather
I was only going to give this podcast 4 stars but the 5th star is specifically BECAUSE of Alexis’ breathing. As a fellow mouthbreather, I feel very at home. But really, you guys are great!
#1 100% crime podcast
I love this podcast! It’s addictive. I don’t know any other podcast show that is able to get “first degree” interview with people close to the story. I think each host has something they bring to the table. I LOVE Alexis because brings this nostalgic vibe of my own high school days. Love “JJ” Aka Jac and Jared have a solid relationship❤️ It drove me crazy how mean people were about Alexis (chill out guys she has anxiety) she’s still doing a great job! Pros: 1. The sound has be totally upgraded after episode 15ish. 2. The intro music has also gotten better. I do enjoy killing time as well. 3. I love the closeness and kindness of the cast while they can also joke with each other. I personally love when the girls pick on Billy. He has thick skin and can handle it. 4. This should be the first pro but thought of it after. You guys are super great narrators. Keep up the good work! I’m still binging the podcast I’m on the Jodie Arias episode and WOW what good details on the case that I didn’t know about. That’s what I’m talking about guys. The first degree is genius.
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Yo Bill
Speak up 😭 I drive a semi and can barely hear you most of the time. I can hear you great on the Murder Squad. Everything else is amazing.
Personally, I enjoy the breathing sounds. Keep it up. Breathing AND the great podcast!
Jensen and Holes fan here
Wow. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to start listening. I am a huge Jensen and Holes Murder Squad fan, so I was extremely tentative to start this podcast because I liked Billy and Paul so much together ok their podcast. I understand this one came well before that one but I am pleasantly surprised. I love the first hand accounts, and the banter and atmosphere that comes out from the conversations is amazing. I truly can’t stop listening so I’m glad I had about 2 years to binge 😂. I’m gonna be pretty upset when I have to actually listen to 2 parters in separate weeks 😂. Thank you for all you do! I love this podcast!
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Bread and Butter to my work week
I just want to say thank you for being the best! All three of you are amazing at telling the full story of various cases and I am so glad I found this podcast. I listen to it every week and it gets me through long work hours (I’m working on COVID and have to be in a PAPR so It’s nice listening to this podcast rather than the beautiful sounds of positive air pressure in my suit). And I don’t know why so many people roast Alexis and Jac so much, both of you are imperative to the podcast. So if you’re reading this and see the negative reviews about these two, ignore them because all three are great. This is the only cast I have heard that involves the people who were affected by the crimes, which makes it stand out from the rest. The podcast that got me hooked was the OJ Simpson podcast, so start there. Keep up the awesome work!!!
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One of the best
I have been listening almost almost since the beginning, I think you guys are great! Makes work go by much faster, I wish there were two uploads in a week. All and all I think this podcast is one of the best. I enjoy the content more than any other true crime podcast I’ve tried listening too. I think the first degree connection having them talk on the show is what set this apart from every other podcast in its relation. It’s a fantastic idea. Side note: I do think billy has an inner “dark passenger” haha. I’ve thought that after the 5th episode, then thought I have to see what he looks like, and once I saw his picture, it’s so obvious haha. But I think we all do, it’s in our nature. Just some are harder to spot. ~the eyes never lie~ we’re watching you billy!!! Haha @18mk7golf
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6 feet away
Keep your friends close......
The Best
I really love this podcast! Unique cases, a new and refreshing format and 3 really cool humans hosting it. I can’t get enough of The First Degree! 🙌🏼
Love The First Degree. The stories are great and and keeps me wanting more. Love the relationship between everyone. Have to say, my favorite part is Killing Time. I’m ALWAYS laughing. Reading reviews was by far the best one. Love it, keep up the good work.
Love y’all but....
I love this podcast. But the latest episode y’all talked about defunding the police. Please please please I beg y’all do not bring politics into this unless it’s facts about the story y’all are talking about. I love true crime that’s why I listen to y’all. Also why I do not listen to political podcasts.
Quarantine binge
I’m embarrassed to admit how quickly I binged this entire podcasts. Love the vibe of this trio! Thanks for providing my ears something to listen to during quarantine.
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