The First Degree
The First Degree
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Great podcast
I love anything Billy Jensen does. I also enjoy the “what day is it?” And killing time 🤷🏻‍♀️
I regret my first review. I’ve been listening on my commute for a couple weeks. I enjoy the storytelling from 3 perspectives.
The stories are told well however they talk way too much at the beginning and end of the episodes. I really enjoy Billy but would like less conservation and more of the actual story. Billy you’re better then this show
jesssss j
Sort of Good
I like this and I don’t. The first degrees are always fascinating, but the hosts can be off putting and the editing is average. I can’t bring myself to listen to the “killing time” segment because the three of them are not a fun combination when not discussing crime.,,
Use to be great
This podcast use to be 5 stars. I love the entire idea of bringing someone so close to the case to speak because it makes it stand out from other crime podcasts. However... it’s become 20 min of crime and 40 minutes of random talk. The random “what day it is” and “killing time” has become the majority of this podcast and I think this should be its own. It has nothing to do with the crime.
Great content, but can we stop with the multipart episodes?
I’ve been listening to this podcast since day 1, and over the past few months I’ve noticed a reduction in the amount of time spent on actual content. It almost always takes 2-3 weeks to get the full story. I’m impatient and would appreciate hearing it all in one episode, even if it means switching to releasing episodes every other week. I’m still giving 5 stars though because every episode is well-researched, and it’s always interesting to hear perspective from the first degree.
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Sports radio by rocks
Too much stupid talk
I like the cases covered but I could care less about the stupid crap these 3 spend so much time talking about. At least 1/2 of the time is spent on nonsense
Killin’ it! {wink wink}
Hey Gals and Bill! Really enjoy your content. Started listening within the last year and now I’m rolling back to Ep.1 and gonna listen In order. I listen to several True Crime Podcasts and y'all are my favs! Law Enforcement in Mississippi here! How y’all doing?! :)
T. Mims
Love you three!
My new fav! Finally discovered it right before thanksgiving and binged the whole thing! I find myself laughing with y’all in every episode like your my actual friends haha
Fun fact! Obama dropped 26,171 bombs in just 2016. Killer.
Ladies if you get twerked by Mike Boudet using the word snowflake - you may indeed be a snowflake. If your feelings are hurt because Mike didn’t curtsey when you emailed him a show idea - Don’t give him the idea and the materials. If you are envious of Mike because he has high self-esteem, work on your own self-esteem. Don’t berate him because you are incapable of standing behind your words & thoughts. These are not Mike’s issues - they belong to you. If you don’t like reviews regarding your treatment of Billy - then stop treating him so badly. Simple solution: own your behavior and don’t blame others. You are grown-ups. Other than that - I love the show, it puts me to sleep within 15 minutes.
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1. Literally no one cares what day it is, and your killing time segment is unbearable. 2. About 20 min of crime in this podcast the rest is terrible filler
toast review
Maybe Read What You’re Going to Say?
They do profile some interesting cases, however, they each read off the script as if they haven’t even glanced at it prior to recording. Halting sentences, placing emphasis on the wrong words, ugh, it’s annoying! Reading from the results of a Google search doesn’t a podcast make….
one of my new favorites
i love the style of this podcast and all the different perspectives. keep it up
Binge worthy!
I am obsessed. Long time murderino, squaderino, etc. and I just can’t handle how awesome this podcast is! In all seriousness, I love the first degree connections on every episode. Alexis, Jac, and Billy are bringing something new to even the most well known cases! I’m on episode 53 and can’t stop. Thanks guys! @cdgibb
Great podcast!
This podcast is great. The dynamic between the three hosts is hilarious! Alexis and Jac put Billy right in his place and I am here for it. I really hope that the weekly bonus “the” killing time episode happens this year! Can’t wait to hear what this year has in store!
Samish vs Samamish
Hi! Just listening to your Coach Scully episode and wanted to correct something. Billy mentioned Lake Samish as the same lake Ted Bundy used as a hunting ground. Actually Bundy used Lake Samamish right outside of Seattle to lure at least 2 women to their deaths. Gotta love Indian place names! Thanks for covering this lesser known Pacific Northwest case. Keep on keeping on!
Love TFD!!!
I love everything about this podcast! The stories are compelling and compassionately told. I love that Billy, Alexis & Jac are genuine friends.”Killing time” offers a perfect pallet cleanser after hearing a grim case. I never miss it!!
Best true crime podcast but even better people!!!
There have been numerous times I wanted to leave a review but the festivus episode really drove me to write this. HAHA I too strongly dislike Mike Boudae from Sword and Scale (I think he’s a bully!!) but I like listening to the podcast itself so that really made me laugh. The first degree is so well written (Nice work alexis and love how billy and Jac always tell her what a great job she does) but what really made me binge this entire podcast the last three weeks is the personalities of the hosts. I feel like you guys would be my best friends bc you constantly say stuff as I’m thinking it or do in my every day life. I wanna smoke a j and hang with you all and talk about life and music. Jac is my spirit animal, Billy is the cool goth guy, and Alexis always says what I’m thinking but am too scared to say. So yeah pretty much the coolest group you could find. Trying to keep it short but I truely think each of you are awesome in your own way and add so much to the podcast. Plus there is Jared, which I was a HUGE Maine fan so that’s another part I love of the podcast! Keep it all y’all Not sure if you are doing this still but: insta geeenuh7
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I love the cases ...hate killing time
I love the premise and have been listening for a long time now. But with the recent killing time segments it just cemented how much I dislike them. There’s a real undercurrent of something negative in the interaction. It’s uncomfortable to listen to.
Claw and order
Stop bullying billy!
I loved this podcast and the banter they all had together. However, recently Alexis has been very rude to Billy. You can almost hear the eye rolling through the speakers. She’s always correcting him, pointing out his flaws and belittling him. It no longer sounds like joking banter. It sounds like a girlfriend who is annoyed or in a fight with their boyfriend and can’t stand to hear them talk. I hope they go to therapy or something and get back to the way it used to be!
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Cupcake Magnolia is correct
In Season 3, Episode 5, Carrie and Miranda sit on a bench at Magnolia Bakery talking about Carrie's most recent beau, Aidan. While Carrie expresses her excitement at her new love interest, she and Miranda snarf down the most decadent, delicious-looking cupcakes in the world.
The festivities is utterly un-listenable. Just go ahead and take a day off for the holidays.
waivering fan
not nice :(
the girls are so mean to Billy when he says literally anything😭 seems like they don’t vibe as hosts which sets a weird tone for the actually story part of the podcast
Has potential to be great
This is a great concept, but I can’t get over the fact that I’ve been listening here and there for over a year now and it still seems like they’re chopping reading the story out loud for the first time. It comes across as middle school children giving a presentation. It would go so much smoother if they had practiced what they were going to say, perhaps do a few retakes if the sentence comes out choppy. This issue makes the podcast so hard to listen to for me. Once that’s cleaned up, it’ll be so much better!
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True Crime Gold
When I say I listen to all of the true crime podcasts, I’m not exaggerating. This one is definitely of the best. The camaraderie is great, but not overly chatty. The research is thorough and impeccable. I seriously can’t get enough. I’d totally pay for a Patreon for extra episodes...hint, hint.
The newest episode trash!
Was expecting the regular show instead we get a show noting about crime!
A friend recommended The First Degree to me a few months ago, I haven’t stopped listening... unless it’s dark or if I have to walk anywhere alone. Haha! Absolutely love all of you.
Poor billy!!
I have been listening to this podcast since day one and I love it and especially love the friendship between the three of you guys. But recently I feel like Alexis has been mad rude to billy and it’s honestly awkward to listen to. Especially during killing time and the most recent Festivus episode. I get that it’s probs just for fun but from a listeners perspective it sounds belittling and uncomfortable. Still love you guys tho
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No Longer Listening
First, if you are in fact giving away merchandise in exchange for 5-star reviews, it feels like you are cheating the system. Also, maybe it is fair for your listeners to hear one of these cases (Mackenzie Lueck case) and think “risky judgement might be have been used here and maybe I can make different decisions to avoid bad situations”... I think this is very different than victim shaming. The monster that committed this crime is 100% responsible for this tragedy, but is it irresponsible for this podcast to claim that there is nothing to learn here or dismiss the mere idea that behavior could be modified to keep people safe?
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I love it but...,
Alexis makes this horrible smacking sound when she talks and it is gross. once you notice it, you can never un-notice it again. Also, I wish you would post a version without all of the annoying banter. Some people would rather not listen to people talking who just like to hear themselves talk. Kill me time is a more appropriate name.
Love the idea of a Festivus episode, however, much of it was uncomfortable to listen to because of the petty arguments.
Used to enjoy this one
I used to love this podcast but Alexis is mean to Billy for entertainment purposes but it doesn’t come across that way. It comes across as pretty mean and I’ve lost interest in the killing time segment. The smacking noises do also bug me like the others. I also don’t think it’s fair that Alexis is the workhorse of the podcast and everyone else just shows up to read what she worked hard on. Moving on!
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Love the show, but...
I love the concept of the show, the show itself and I think Alexis, Billy and Jac do a great job telling the stories... but I hate hate hate how much Jac and Alexis rag on Billy. It’s too much. It would be cute if it’s just a little bit, but I was listening to the Christmas killing time episode and had to turn it off because it got so cringy. Maybe just get off his back a bit?
One of the better podcasts out there
A little bit of fun banter but mostly this team sticks to the case. Which is a winning formula. They give a great outline and explanation of the case delivered in a conversational manner which is interesting and easy to follow. Great coverage of case details. The hosts are very lively and fun. Great podcast all around.
Stop Reading
Love the podcast- you 3 are great & banter is fun. I’m sure you all read the script before recording but it really really sounds like your reading it for the 1st time (all 3 of you sound that way). Its super distracting, to the point where I have to turn it off for a break at times. I appreciate & respect the hard work & absolutely don’t intend to sound critical but thought that if you guys consider the feedback provided in these reviews this could be an area for improvement.
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little live unicorns
Love this show
I don’t recall just how I discovered this podcast but wow I have fallen in love with it. It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve listened to well over 30 of their past episodes, haven’t gone a day with listening to at least two episodes. The three host have great chemistry with one another. They each do a great job explaining the case they are covering. This is a podcasting done great.
Giving a voice to the unheard
This is by far my favorite True Crime podcast. Alexis, Jac, and Billy represent each case with honesty and dignity. They somehow seem to give a voice to the victims of these crimes and represent the cases truthfully without glorifying. It’s also the audio version of a page turner, I promise you will want to binge every episode!
Alexis lip smacking & breathing.....
I’m fairly new to the podcast and listening to some older episodes I often hear Jac read reviews about Alexis & her lip smacking and breathing. Like seriously???? She’s a human being!! I seriously cannot believe people complain about this. Each of y’all personalities make this podcast great! You guys are great & I love the cases you cover!! Alexis.... keep smacking those lips & for goodness sakes please keep on breathing!!
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Best show evaaaaaaaaaaa 🖤🖤🖤
We obviously all love true crime, but what’s the real golden jewel of this podcast?!? Alexis scrutinizing Billy for his terrible food choices or his taste in music 😂😂 after some hard hitting info, you will love the banter that happens between the three of them! They’re my favorite peeps to keep me entertained at work! IG: @brandyfreehauf
hotlink fan!!
My favorite podcast
This has easily become my favorite podcast! I like that it is structured and then has a more laid back feel during killing time. I find the cases very fascinating and I like that they put a focus on remembering victims and getting someone’s first hand experience with the victim or culprit.
I actually enjoy the pre chatter
Good show and their sarcasm and dry humor is funny. Poor Billy seems like he always gets ganged on. Lol The three of you are pleasing to listen to. Good job!
I appreciate the insight into others’ perspective who have been a degree away from a horrific crime. It helps process things. The wit and camaraderie between the hosts makes it easier to understand and empathize
Used to love but...I can’t listen
Ok, I love love love these stories. I am sad to say that because of the chewing and breathing and mouth sounds, i can’t listen. I try every week and still canNOT do it. Please for the love of my true crime loving self PLEASE get something to take care of that.
The BEST review you will ever read!
First of all sorry this is my first review to EVER make. I started listening to y’all’s podcast this year but got overwhelmed so I started all the way back to the beginning. I listen to ya while my daycare kids take a nap. I just started reading Billy’s first book over a week ago and literally got excited when I got to the podcast to where you mention your book( Kim Goldman)! I have to tell you billy I didn’t think the video of Marques Gaines would still be on the internet (December 2, 2020) but it was and I did watch it. Yes I got emotional and wanted to so badly have powers to grab him through my phone and lay him somewhere safer. I also wish I had the power to flick Marcus Moore in front of the taxi. I can’t believe he got less than two years. Anyway sorry for such a long review. Love to hear all three of ya. I really love jac and Alexis friendship! Sometimes I can picture them two goofing off so much that billy is rolling his eyes just waited to say his lines!🤣😂
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BAMF hosts & great content
One of my top 3 true crime podcasts. Hosts are perfect and do a great job of balancing the heavy stories with chit chat and banter. All three personalities are unique and make the podcast what it is, which is amazing ❤️ IG: @strangeclaystudios
Love the podcast!
Alexis-I agree cooked fruit is gross!
So glad I found this podcast ❤️
A favorite
This has become one of my tops in crime podcast rotation. Idk why but these 3 (plus Jared!) work so well together! Also love the unique spin of having someone close to the crime as interviewee.
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