The First Degree
The First Degree
Join Ladygang's Jac Vanek, true crime TV producer Alexis Linkletter, and investigative journalist Billy Jensen on a chilling ride into the darkest corners of your worst nightmares. We're talking murder, serial killers, cults, conspiracy theories and beyond, all told through the eyes of a guest who is one degree of separation from the story itself. From Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer to an unknown heinous murder in your very own hometown, The First Degree will bring a new and refreshing perspective to the true crime phenomenon. And who knows... you may be our next guest.
This week on Killing Time, the girls and the goth talk about the history of 911 and react to a few classic 911 calls. Plus, they put Britney Spears' conservatorship on the stand, and have a spirited debate about cheese on chicken sandwiches. Later, they come up with new ways to increase male listenership. Billy will have to do a lot more work.
Jul 22
53 min
Peter Porco (Part 1)
A man doesn’t show up to his job. A co-worker goes to check on him and sees a smear of blood on the front door. Inside, he finds the man dead, his head bludgeoned. Upstairs, his wife is in bed, clinging to life. And under the covers is a bloody axe. Who could have done this? In episode 151, Jac, Alexis and Billy begin to unravel the horrifying tale of Peter and Joan Porco.
Jul 21
54 min
This week on Killing Time, the girls and the goth dive into the bizarre murders in the happiest country in the world! Plus, they debate the Seinfeld finale, why people hate on women’s voices, and brainstorm a better replacement for paper / pasta straws. No penne Alfredo smoothies, please!
Jul 15
54 min
Alex Stevens, Pt. 3
Megan Shaffer has been arrested for the murder of Alex Stevens. And after months of speculation, we finally hear what Megan says happened that night. She claims that she and Stevens went to the woods to burn possessions in a cleansing ritual. But then they fell off a cliff, both became injured and Stevens asked her to help take his own life. Will the jury believe her? In episode 150, Jac, Alexis and Billy conclude the tale of Alex Stevens and Megan Shaffer.
Jul 14
56 min
This week on Killing Time, the girls and the goth take dating games, bridesmaids and bachelor parties to the stand. They also listen to another "worst thing I have ever done story" that involves a toothbrush. Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Daily Harvest: Go to DAILY and enter code FIRST to get $25 off your first box! Upstart: Find out how Upstart can lower your monthly payments today when you go to Noom:Sign up for your trial at
Jul 8
56 min
Alex Stevens, Pt. 2
A woman who had gone missing breaks into a cabin and calls the police. She is naked, her back and shoulder broken. She tells them that she was with a friend and they fell off a cliff together. She tells them she’s still in the woods, and he didn’t make it. But when they find his naked body, they discover his throat has been slashed. In episode 149, Jac, Alexis and Billy continue the tale of Alex Stevens and Megan Shaffer, which now includes a possible motive. Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Noom: Start building better habits for healthier, long-term results. Sign up for your trial at Away: Start your 100-day trial and shop the entire Away lineup of travel essentials, including their best-selling suitcases, at
Jul 7
58 min
This week on Killing Time, the girls and the goth take their listeners requests to the stand! It’s time to settle the debate once and for all about pineapple on pizza, wearing socks to bed, and if a hot dog is actually a sandwich (or is it simply just a meat sling?). They dive into bizarre pandemic crimes, and Billy's hat of sadness is mocked once again.
Jul 1
49 min
Alex Stevens, Pt. 1
In the middle of the night, a man and a woman go missing in the woods of Savage River State Forest. Their friend finds their cars at the trailhead, along with a pet cat in a carrier, candles and a bottle of motor oil. The events that unfold over the next 24 hours will create one of the most perplexing cases in true crime. In episode 148, Jac, Alexis and Billy begin the tale of Alex Stevens and Megan Shaffer. Stitch Fix: Get started today at and you’ll get 25% off when you keep everything in your Fix!
Jun 30
43 min
This week, the girls, the goth and the ginger party like it’s the summer of 2001! We debate if Friends is funny or not, try to convince Bennifer to televise their wedding, and Jac reveals the bizarre “games” she played at church camp. This week's got Ted Bundy, King Henry the 8th, blowing up cars, heavy petting, and so much more.
Jun 24
49 min
Down the Stairs
News travels through a middle school in the Pacific Northwest—the wife of a well-liked teacher has died of a tragic accident. But when the police arrive at the scene, things just don’t add up. Then they check the search history on the computer. On episode 147, Jac, Alexis, Billy tell a tale of middle school teacher affairs, Craigslist threesomes and a sociopath hiding in plain sight.
Jun 23
1 hr 7 min
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