The Film Reroll
The Film Reroll
Paulo Quiros
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These film rerolls are amazing and hilarious to listen to even if you haven’t heard/watched the original film. P.S. I’m writing this after episode 10. I’m not a cancer doctor but I am an anesthesiologist. So if anyone wants to talk about how weird and incredible medicine has come, lemme know!
dr awa
yall are completely insane
i loved wizard of oz so much that i’m attempting to transcribe all....10? 10 hours? of it
This show is my lifeblood
I’ve listened to this podcast for years and whenever I revisit it, it’s just as good as the first time. The cast is amazing and sustains me in dark times and inspires me to DM for my friends.
I love this show. The RPG aspect takes a unique spin on movies I know and also opened my eyes to movies I never would have seen.
What I would love to see!!!! #1 fav podcast!!!
I really would love to see Clue done! U do make good points that it would be a challenging film but some things u could do with it are 1. Roll to see how successful Professor Plum is with Miss Scarlet. 2. Roll to see how observant the characters are at recognizing one another, like the how Yvette and several characters knew each other in the billiards room. 3. See how observant the cop is with the dead guy in the chair who they claim is “dead drunk” 4. Roll to see how accurate Yvette is with the gun. 5. You could have characters completely miss the secret passageways between rooms. 6. You could take the scene where they draw straws and change up who is with who. You don’t have to change major parts of the film, even the smaller things make a difference. I’d also love to see you guys try Hocus Pocus my other fav film! Or try to figure out Haunted Mansion. 👍🏻😎👍🏻😎👍🏻😎👍🏻😎👍🏻😎👍🏻😎 You guys are perfect at this to do my #1 of all time favorite movie ever I die 😝 every time I listen to this podcast. If you’re looking for something to make you 😆 when you’re not feeling 😃 this is the one for you! I absolutely loved the Jurassic Park. You should never stop this thing you’ve got going! can’t wait for yet another three Time Bandits episodes🤪😂😂😂!
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Love you so much.
I started this show during COVID-19 and it got me through it so far. I started listening when it was recommended because of my other favorite podcast, Dungeons and Daddies. I started the series with Pokémon: the First Movie and fell in love. It has even made Frozen good. I love you guys, especially Joz.
So Fun!
Very entertaining. I love seeing how quickly movies go off the rails!
An amazing podcasts- always and forever
I’ve been listening since Jaws and this is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s comforted me during a number of hardships and kept me going through dark times. Keep doing what y’all are doing!!!
Love this podcast
This podcast is amazing and a lot of fun! If you take requests-please do National Treasure. It would be hilarious.
Just do it
I never write reviews for anything, literally never. This podcast is SO good, even more so if you love movies. It has a replay value that I have only seen in a very small number of podcasts. Basically this and hardcore history. The cast’s chemistry comes through in every episode, Paulo is incredible at painting a word picture and describing the environments and the action. Andy will make you laugh out loud at least once every episode. I could go on and on. Just listen to it and never look back.
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nothing but love!!
I thought I’d already written a review oops!! This show is Amazing. I have listened to most “movies” more than once, some of which I still haven’t seen the original movie for!! This group and all those they bring in are such funny wonderful people, this show has brought me hours and hours of joy and laughter (like doubled over crying laughter), and relistens only make me laugh even more and find new gems to laugh at. This is probably my favorite podcast
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Petr, please...
I was recommended this podcast and tried my best to like it. Petr dominates the show in the worst possible way giving cohosts 0 room to be heard.
Game boy 1993
Trees don’t roll perception!
Welcome to the rest of your listening life. This show will pull you in and there is no escape. Do you like movies? Do you like comedy? Do you like fun? This is your show. I have listened to many episodes repeatedly and can not contain my laughter each time.
A really funny podcast
This show is one of the funniest podcasts I’ve stumbled upon. They all do a great job overall and put in real work to make the show fun. Pitr is definitely an acquired taste though. They also love taking stray shots at listeners which gets old fast. If you’re interested in trying Film Reroll I’d recommend starting with Jurassic Park.
Well done actual play podcast
The actors click so well with each other, and the different game masters bring so much to the table with fleshed-out stories, even if the movie they’re playing isn’t as fleshed out. I love listening to this group of people take beloved movies and make something new and special out of them.
Look no further, this is it
I cannot describe enough how much I love this show. The hosts are all super down to earth and welcoming into the world that they are playing. Ive tried listening to other RPG podcasts and it always feels like too much, this is the perfect mix of role playing, humor, and genuinely lovely people. I swear, they deserve your attention and deserve any and all success, truly the best podcast I have ever listened to.
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Justin Yaroma
I love this podcast!
I’ve listened to every single episode at least 4 times, and every time I do I love it even more. My uncle recommended this show to me and I listen to it everyday. I HIGHLY recommend this podcast to everyone who wants a good laugh!
If I had to pick a group of people and the only art I could consume was made by that group...this would be that group. Love you all, always the best part of the (two) weeks when a new episode drops
Just a great show
I’ve been seeing a lot of negative reviews saying Pitr is the problem, but I just don’t see it. Everyone brings their own thing to the show, and it wouldn’t be the same without anyone. They all play their parts, and they make the show better.
Literally saving lives
This show was already getting me and a lot of people through, but especially now during self-isolation it’s bringing much needed distraction and laughter to the world.
Great Podcast!
I love to listen to this podcast when i have nothing to do or when I have something boring and low effort to do, which makes said task much more bareable. A must listen if you like podcasts, dnd, and movies!
Too awesome for words, almost.
I’ve been listening for years, this podcast is my happy place, replay value abounds. I feel no need to watch the movies they’ve played anymore, I don’t think that they would compare.
Incredible cast and fantastic presentation!
Great podcast with very likable people and hilarious riffing! Please give your favorite movie a listen! (Home Alone, Jurassic Park, E.T., just to name a few!)
Just amazing!
The Film Reroll is one of my favorite podcasts I listen to. The ‘cast’ have great chemistry and the world building is on point!. Thank you for everything you do it truly means a lot to me. Bear hugs for all (arms and legs).
apple store89
Absolutely Teriffic
I could go on and on about how great everyone on this podast is, but all I really have to tell you is that I willingly downloaded and installed itunes just to leave this review. Seriously, if you're at all into RPGs or movies or both, give this a chance. It's wonderful. It's certainly not without a few faults, but that's one of the things I love about it. The cast is just doing what they love, and they let us be a part of it. Thank you Paulo, Joz, Pitr, Andy, Jon, Tim, Scott, Carolyn, Lisa, and any other unsung heroes that keep this ticking. Love you all.
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concerned significant other
Good job keep it up
Well-played and very funny
Players and DM are great at D&D— players embody characters well and play true, and the DM is a master of fleshing out the worlds of the movies so that the players can go away from the plot of the movie. Also very funny and fun! The Jumanji episode is a favorite!
This show is one of the best tabletop RPG shows around.
Not only does the show have an amazing cast that can play the characters really well, but it’s also one of the few shows that made me burst out in laughter. I would highly recommend this to movie lovers and tabletop rpg fans!!
John Hurry
I found this show looking for actual play shows to learn gurps. It was my great fortune that I found such an amazing show with such an incredible cast. I cannot think of a show I would recommend more.
My sides always hurt
This podcast is the best. Can you please do boondock saints episode?
Absolutely hilarious
I love that you guys cover movies and I haven’t laughed this hard in a while - please keep it up!!!
Great podcast
This is probably my favorite podcast right now, despite the bashing of my home state of Kansas. The entire cast is absolutely brilliant, and the quality of the entire pod is fantastic. I have yet to listen to a bad episode, and I’ve made my way through about 15 hours of content over the course of 2 days.
Ruining movies done right
I love this concept. I also love that it often has equal parts of attempts to hit specific movies moments and ridiculously off the rails ad lobbing. These are the movie remakes that I never knew I needed. Everyone brings good talent and genuine flair to the podcast. Keep up the good work.
Great time filler.
A roleplaying pod cast where they redo films and the plot can change? Yes please. Fabulous role players doing a tremendous job with the love and care of those who have a passion for what they’re doing. And then there’s Peter. That cost them a full five star rating.
Pandas Eat Rage
Best podcast
Easily the best podcast I listen to. It takes a little while for everyone to get into the groove, but the actors all have so much chemistry, and Paulo puts an insane amount of prep into each episode (such as making an entirely jumanji board with challenges for each square, or creating a fake movie trailer so he could run a Friday the 13th movie without anyone else knowing it was a slasher). Although, I'd highly recommend this to pretty much anyone.
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Fadman Loki
This is one of the only podcasts that I listen to and I can honestly say that it is amazing.
A Rollicking Good Time
This show has a great concept, and an even better execution. What happens when you try to play a movie as an RPG? When I recommend podcasts to people I know who don't play RPGs, this is usually the top of my list because it's hilarious and also conveys what an RPG is. Being able to say "Okay, you've seen Frozen but what if you were those characters and you could screw everything up?" and have somebody listen to the episodes is a great introduction. Usually, a bunch of cross-talk is the fastest way to get me to unsubscribe but this group has such a fun dynamic that it has done the opposite for me. Listening to the (occasionally amusingly antagonistic) shenanigans at the table as the story unfolds is one of my favorite parts of this show. I love the fact that my introduction to many of these films has been this show, so my expectations going into the movies that inspired them are weird, which then makes the source material that much more entertaining.
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Richard KL
Love the podcast please try this one!
Maze runner was my favorite book I’ve read along with the rest of the series. Then they made a movie. Which granted wasn’t as good as the book but I feel like you all would have a ton of fun an I’d love to listen to the play by play of the Mazerunner!
Fantastic Roleplay
This podcast is fantastic and there is not a cast member that doesn’t get a laugh out of me at some point. The various DMs do a great job of keeping the story rolling while also letting everyone have fun and shape the film into something entirely new. It’s inspired me to do my own rerolls with my group!
Andy was 100% drunk for Friday the 13th part 2
Title says it all. My man got lit
The moment I feel in love with Pitr Straight
Jurassic Park Part 2 @2:32:29
A little rough around the edges. But supremely engrossing. Extremely entertaining. Pulls you in and holds you. I was shocked by how emotionally invested I become. It’s a bunch of strangers playing a game version of fictional characters from movies! But somehow they had me in the verge of tears at the end of stand by me. Really funny. Really engaging. Great job!
Amazing idea and amazing people
Really well edited and very entertaining.
Great podcast!!!
This podcast is sooo good, the movies turn out so hilariously offtrack sometimes (Back to The Future 2) and is just very good for a laugh. All of the cast is soo great, and I think either Pitr or Jon is my favorite!
Title of review
This is a great idea and entertaining to listen to even though the game mechanics are unfathomable and one of the players is my least favorite type; The Game Breaker.
Great podcast that is hilarious!
I live in Kansas! Sometimes it is black and white here, but it’s alright.
New subscriber!
Started with the secret Friday the 13th episodes, which are amazing. This is a great concept and a fun group!
Super funny and really cool idea
Fantastically funny
I’m a long time DM and RPG player, so could see this going either way. I’ve been blown away by how good this podcast is! I’ve listened to Frozen and Jaws (so about 5-6 hours) and am planning on listening to the entire collection!
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