The Fight Gravity Show
The Fight Gravity Show
John Becker
Welcome to the Fight Gravity show. Join us as we listen to people from all walks of life who share their successes and challenges regarding their health, fitness, and mindset. The fitness industry can sometimes spread confusion and unrealistic expectations, which is why I would love to encourage you to listen in to what people do to help themselves build muscle, loose weight, gain more energy and greater health, and up level their mindset. Here is the place where you can get a bird's eye view of the process people go through to profoundly change their life. If you would like to improve your health and support your wellness with powerful natural solutions, and would like to show some support for this show, please visit
The Fight Gravity Show Episode 13:  Mind Muscle Connection
What can you do to improve your mind muscle connection, and be a bit more mindful while you workout? Take a listen and start small. Try to focus on one exercise and contract your muscles more. You could also try to increase the awareness of how your hips and shoulders are moving. Do not over think it, start with one exercise and go from there. Question, comment, like, and subscribe. Please feel free to message me: If you would like to learn more about essential oils send me a message. Otherwise, I will have a patreon system set up soon so that people can show their support for this podcast.
Jul 16, 2021
22 min
The Fight Gravity Show Episode 12:  Change Things Up Sometimes, But Not Too Much
Join me in episode 12 as I talk about having variety in your routine, but not too much. I am encouraging all of you to change your routine seasonally. Remember, be your own scientist. Listen to the concepts and see how to make them work for you. Thank you for supporting my podcast, and freedom of speech. The more we listen to each other, ask questions, and try to understand, the farther we will go as we look at what is the same, and what is different. Agree to disagree and try to understand and accept each other. We will not always agree on the solutions, but the more we listen and ask questions, the more we will understand, and the better we will get at compromsing on solutions. Also, I gave a shout out to Doterra. I use Doterra products all the time. It helps me in many different ways. I highlighted Copaiba and Digestzen. Visit to get started. You may also email me for other questions or to schedule a video call and learn more. Thanks again. Create your epic life one step at a time!!!
Jun 28, 2021
39 min
The Fight Gravity Show Episode 11:  Freedom of Speech, Youtube Ban, Politcal Rants
In this episode, I will give you the latest on why Youtube has decided to ban me. Spoiler Alert: they did not tell me why. Fight Big Tech Censorship, exercise your freedom of speech, listen to the episode, comment, subscribe, and send me a message at and support everyone's right to freedom of speech.
May 23, 2021
38 min
The Fight Gravity Show Episode 10:  Consistency, Commitment, and Believing in Yourself!
Episode 10: Join me as I talk about what is really behind committing to your goals and being consistent. I talked about self love and self hatred. Get to the core of your sense of self, confidence, and belief in your ability to achieve your goals. Ask yourself the hard questions, identify the negative thoughts and memories, where the pain is in your body, read some books, and get professional help when needed. If you address the beliefs regarding how think, feel, and behave, then you will continue to improve throughout your life instead of for only 60-90 days. 00:00 Introduction 01:00 Commitment and Consistency 03:00 What's stopping you from committing? 05:00 The best style of training ever in history is...? 07:00 Why you need to commit! 11:00 How do you start to change your mindset? 19:00 Monitor your thoughts and inner monologue 20:00 Mental, Emotional, and Physical Progress: Where does it lead you? 22:45 Closing Thoughts, Strategies, and Conclusions Dave Synder: Neuro Linguistic Programming: Tom Bilyeu: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon: The Slight Edge: Atomic Habits: For other questions please feel free to email me at And if you would like to show support for the show, visit Reach out to me and we can talk about what essential oils will best fit your health and fitness goals.
May 13, 2021
29 min
The Fight Gravity Show Episode 9:  Priorities, Goals, and Self-Sabotage
Episode 9: Setting goals, set your priorities, stop self sabotage, and be clear and honest about what you really want. 00:00​ Introduction 00:48​ My first example of self sabotage 2:00​ What do you really want? 05:08​ Are you really sure you know what you want? 06:37​ Are you man enough? 09:30​ More info on weight lifting versus calisthenics 11:41​ More on Sabotage 14:28​ My Addictive Personality 18:40​ Helping yourself thru sabotage: Read these books 22:30​ Why I have come to enjoy audiobooks 23:45​ High Performance Habits 26:04​ What stops us from achieving our goals? 30:34​ Final Thoughts and Conclusion For other questions please feel free to email me at And if you would like to show support for the show, visit Reach out to me and we can talk about what essential oils will best fit your health and fitness goals.
Apr 18, 2021
33 min
The Fight Gravity Show Episode 8:  What it really takes to quit smoking.
Episode 8: What does it really take to quit smoking? Join me and my friend Flavio as he talks about why he started smoking and why he needed to quit. He will share key take aways that will help to finally quit! 00:00​ introduction and when he first started smoking 01:09​ Is it common for people to smoke in Brazil? 02:13​ Is smoking a macho thing in Brazil? 03:37​ How long has smoking been a social norm in Brazil? 04:58​ Social status of smokers versus non smokers when you were growing up 06:19​ Teenagers don't think long term. Actions have consequences 07:50​ Recap how smoking started and when did it get really addictive 08:49​ We are all addicted to something! 11:55​ What were his smoking habits? 16:51​ Life towards the end of high school 19:45​ Stress at home 23:46​ We always have a choice 25:32​ The routine of smoking 27:06​ Did you very think you would quit smoking? 29:44​ Did the reasons why you smoke stay the same? What about the triggers? 31:42​ thinking you'd never be able to quit 33:36​ The breaking point: realizing you need to quit 36:35​ The first step taken to quit smoking 38:12​ E-Cigarettes aren't bad. They are a tool 42:48​ The poisonous effects of nicotine 46:06​ How does it feel now to be smoke free? 50:33​ Flavio's short list on how to quit smoking 51:54​ Final Thoughts Questions and comments for Flavio, or if you want to reach out and connect, send him an email: For other questions please feel free to email me at And if you would like to show support for the show, visit Reach out to me and we can talk about what essential oils will best fit your health and fitness goals.
Apr 9, 2021
54 min
The Fight Gravity Show Episode 7:  Overcoming Injuries
Episode 7 Overcoming Injuries Join me in episode 7 as I talk about various injuries I have soldiered through. So here it is: learn from my mistakes, train safe, remember to work on your mindset. 00:00​ introduction 01:34​ Injuries while training in Martial Arts 3:44​ Shin Splints 5:00​ Terrible Landings 07:00​ Push your limits safely, but do you know David Goggins? Read his book Can't Hurt me 08:31​ Stupid Mistakes in College 12:08​ Static Contraction Training and Isometrics 14:53​ After College 17:05​ Lifting Again, Then P90X, Then More Lifting, Then a Bad Muay Thai Kick 22:24​ Calisthenics, Handstand Push Ups, More Stupid Mistakes 23:57​ Stretching Debacle and other tips to help recovery from Injury 26:14​ Rib Injury from Dips 28:03​ More Wrist Issues 31:29​ My Knee Injury in 2019 33:38​ A Scary Neck Injury 35:54​ Closing Thoughts Thanks for listening. Like, subscribe, and comment. Please feel free to share your ideas on what you would like to hear. You're welcome to email me at If you would like to show more support for my show, then you can head to Open a wholesale account and starting using essential oils to up level your health. Send me a private message for help and details.
Apr 2, 2021
42 min
The Fight Gravity Show Episode 6:  Holistic Wellness with a Nutritional Physiologist Part 2
Join Esther and I for part two where we go into more details on Enzymes, Animal and Plant fats and protein, nutrition at the quantum level, and some real life examples on how to apply her knowledge and research. If you like what you hear and would like to support future episodes of the Fight Gravity Show, head to​ You can open your account by getting a couple oils. If you're not sure what to get, send me an email: and we can have a chat on what would be the best way for you to get started. Thanks again for your support! Please feel free to share ideas on what you would like to hear on future episodes. 00:00​ Enzymes: what they do and how to get them in my diet 04:08​ Dietary fats from plants and animals: the good, the bad, the ugly 06:45​ Fats Continued: There was a connection problem so the call dropped for a bit but the rest of the topic can be understood 08:56​ Connection dropped again, my apologies. On to animal fats, animal protein, cholesterol 14:47​ Sources of Omega Fatty Acids: Plant vs Animal 16:24​ Plant vs Animal Proteins 27:12​ Holy Protein Synthesis Batman 29:29​ Iron, Fructose, Molasses, Whole Foods 31:52​ What's up with Whole Foods? 34:04​ Quantum Nutrition 35:47​ Application time: What should someone eat on a regular day and What does Esther eat? 46:17​ Final Thoughts Check out Esther: See Esther on YouTube:​ Books by Esther​ Contact info
Mar 24, 2021
51 min
The Fight Gravity Show Episdoe 5:  Holistc Health and Wellness with a Nutritional Physiologist
Join me for the fifth episode as Esther, 40 years of experience in the field of nutrition and health, shares what good quality research is, what it's like to transform people with a wide variety of ailments, and how a variety of foods is what we need to optimize our health. Esther offers a unique research based approach to nutrition bursting with nuisance that will inspire you to challenge what you believe is fact and re-evaluate the choices you are currently making. 00:00​ Introduction 02:32​ Background, Education, Training 07:51​ What is good quality research? 12:28​ Conflicts of Interest, Bias in Research 15:20​ Whats the deal with meta-analysis? 18:02​ Developing Custom Nutritional Protocols 22:24​ Supplements and Pharmaceuticals: Issues and Illogical Practices 25:35​ When people are skeptical and aversive to change... 29:59​ How do you change your message to fit each individual? 31:48​ Duplicating the nutritional consultation 34:54​ What books has she published 37:40​ Take aways from her private practice 39:47​ Finishing her dietetics degree 41:25​ Why did you go back to school? 43:48​ Completing her degree and new beginnings 46:35​ Fruit: Good or Bad? 53:33​ Vegetables: Pros and Cons 58:50​ Stay tuned for part two In the meantime, check out her website: Youtube Channel:​ Published Books:​ Contact Info:
Mar 19, 2021
59 min
The Fight Gravity Show Episode 4:  Motivating Yourself, Achieving Your Goal, and Striving For More
Welcome to episode 4 of The Fight Gravity Show! James Cai is an aspiring athlete looking to make it on an NCAA division 1 basketball team. Join me as he shares what it took him to loose 100 pounds in 11 months and keep progressing to be the best basketball player he could be. 00:00 Introduction 01:36 The drive and motivation to change, work hard, and transform 03:26 Obligation to Family in China 06:19 The First Step to Changing his Life 09:12 What do you tell yourself to spring into action? 13:00 How do you decide on what action to take? 14:50 Learning from your Mistakes 17:30 Getting Started Lifting Weights 21:04 Realizing your program does not fit you 23:50 Dealing with Plateaus 28:36 When there is too much stretching! 30:10 What do you do after you achieve your goal? 36:45 Playing Basketball in America 48:30 After High School 51:14 What is he working towards today? 54:24 Final Thoughts If you have any questions or comments for James, you can add him on instagram: jamescai45 Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and watch. Please feel free to question, comment, subscribe, and let me know what else you would like to hear regarding content. Have a great week.
Mar 9, 2021
58 min
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