The Field with Zoe Paliare
The Field with Zoe Paliare
Zoe Paliare
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The Field Podcast
Already so captivated by these stories and commend the host on creating a space to share these voices
This is such an eye opening topic. I am grateful for Zoe and her team for bringing these issues to light and giving these people a voice.
The queen of wisdom
Zoe is an absolute genius at getting you into your heart and reminding you what’s good for your soul. She’s a transformational speaker and shares the realness that will actually get you to take action in your life! - Lori Harder
Thanks so much!
Zoe Paliare is a smart, smart interviewer. I look forward to future shows.
CP in Chicago
Can’t wait to listen to this!
Prune Queen
Zoe explained well
Zoe found a very relatable way to explain what one faces just being released from prison.
Thank you!
Absolutely incredible, inspiring and informative. Thank you!
Bobbie Klonsky
A Game-changer
This podcast brings me to tears. The voices ringing through are pure and true and need to be heard. Powerful AF. Thank you for healing us all through this work!!
I’ve been waiting for something like this! The world needs this and so does every human that matters. I can’t wait to soak up every episode as it rolls out!!
Bryan Kramer
This podcast features such beautiful stories and is a testament to the human spirit. And there couldn’t be a better host than Zoe! Would absolutely recommend to friends and family looking for inspiration.
Cannot wait!
Zoe is so incredible and I know she will do amazing things with this show. Cannot wait for all the educational & informative episodes to come o. This extremely important topic!
Inspirational stories that cannot be missed
Really amazing podcast and highly recommend!
Very important perspective and message!
Love the tone and the message in this podcast so much. We are all human, and beyond the label of “criminal” is a person. Until we embrace their full humanity and potential, we in turn will not be fully whole as a society either. The world needs more of this refreshing perspective!
zofia mars