The Field with Zoe Paliare
The Field with Zoe Paliare
Zoe Paliare
Seeing Is Believing with Chris Courchene
34 minutes Posted Jul 19, 2021 at 9:01 pm.
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This week we sit down with Chris Courchene. Chris comes from Manitoba, one of Canada’s prairie provinces. Growing up, his mother, an Indian Residential Schools Survivor, was in and out of incarceration. Learning from his surroundings, and doing what he needed to do to survive, Chris spent much of his adolescence in and out of incarceration as well. It was when he had his son that he ultimately determined to turn his life around. He shares about his experience of gang culture in Winnipeg in the 90’s, about the impact of residential schools on his mother, and in turn on his upbringing; and about what it meant for him to get the chance to turn his life around, and to have a positive impact on the community he came from.

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