The Field with Zoe Paliare
The Field with Zoe Paliare
Zoe Paliare
Give Me a Chance with Tiniesha Johnson
29 minutes Posted Jun 21, 2021 at 9:01 pm.
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Show notes

This week we are so excited to have Tiniesha Johnson here in The Field. Tiniesha is a single mother of four. A number of years ago, having lost her job and desperate to support her family, she agreed to participate in an armed bank robbery with her brother - a decision that altered the trajectory of her life. After spending 10 months in incarceration, she was able to return to her family and spent months trying to find a job. Eventually, she ended up in Florida and now works with the Florida Restoration Rights Coalition, an organization you heard about in Episode 1 with Desmond Meade, it’s executive director.

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