The Festive Selection Box from FolkCast
The Festive Selection Box from FolkCast
Phil Widdows
A special seasonal feed directly to the Festive Selection Box editions of the FolkCast podcast. Here you will find the annual collections of some of the best independent music, plus poems, readings and comedy celebrating the seasons of Winter, Christmas, Yule, Hannukkah and the New Year. The Selection Box podcasts are in the form of a complete show, with music mixing from track to track, with no DJ chat. Burn it to CD or listen on your MP3 player, and have a great holiday season. For a full tracklisting of all the music, see the individual ShowNotes at
FolkCast Selection Box 2018
The Selection Box 2018: Our latest collection of music, old and new, for Christmas. Music by: Cara Dillon - Gregory Fish - Folk On - The Christmas Jug Band - Hidden Xmas Deluxe - Jimmy Lee Morris - The Legendary Ten Seconds - Lew Bear - Rebecca Loebe & Findlay Napier - The Andrews Sisters - Norm Adams & Julia Robertson - JD McPherson - Songwriterz - The Gathering Tide - Duke Robillard - The Grizzly Folk - The Staves - Yvonne Lyon - Morecambe & Wise - Rum Ragged - Crofts Family - Jennifer Cutting’s Ocean Orchestra - Kurt Lewis Neufer - Keston Cobblers Club - The Black Dyke Band. Guest appearances by: Garrison Keillor - David Nixon
Dec 16, 2018
1 hr 16 min
FolkCast 2017 Selection Box
FolkCast: the podcast that brings you the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music. THIS EDITION: A marvellously magical mix of music for a merry Christmas and a cool Yule! FolkCast is produced and presented by ‘Folkie’ Phil Widdows Music featured: IT’S ONLY CHRISTMAS TIME by Kludo White from the album “The Christmas Album” (2012) WINTER ECLIPSE by Beta Radio from the album “The Songs The Season Brings Vol 1-4” (2015) CHRISTMAS LITE by Milton Hide Single release (2017) The Biggest Santa Claus Of All… 1950s Radio Advertisement TOO MANY SANTAS by Maxwell, Miranda, Parsley from the album “Catskill Christmas” (2016) CHRISTMAS IS CALLING by Julia P Single release (2017) “Eggnog! Certainly!” An excerpt from Christmas Eve (1986) A BIT OF MAGIC by Daniel Nestlerode Single release I WATCH THE SNOW by Daria Kulesh from the EP “Vasilisa” (2017) TO THE ANGELS OUT THERE by Rebecca Hosking Single release (2017) “I just don’t understand Christmas, I guess…” An excerpt from A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) HERE COMES CHRISTMAS by Davidson/MacFarlane Single release (2015) I DON’T WANT AN IPAD… (I JUST WANT WORLD PEACE) by Skinner & T’Witch Single release (2017) MIDNIGHT MASS, CHRISTMAS EVE by The Citizen (aka Ken O’Duffy) Single release (2017) IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME by Jimmy Lee Morris Single release (2017) Christmas Day In The Workhouse recited by Ed Asner An excerpt from “The Gathering” (1977 CHRISTMAS DAY IN THE MORNING by Canny Fettle from the album “Still Gannin’ Canny” (2016) “I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year!” Sir Seymour Hicks An excerpt from Scrooge (1935) CHRISTMAS MORNING / SCROOGE’S CHANGE OF HEART by GreenMatthews from the album “A Christmas Carol - A Folk Opera” THOUGHT OF SNOW by Neil Thomson and Gerry Cambridge from the album “Shore Crab” (2016) AND IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN by Rich Krueger Single release (2017) SNOW by Sleeping At Last from the album “Christmas Collection Vol 1” (2017) SEASON’S BRIGHT by Robert Land and Emily Ewing Single release (2017) It’s O! To Be In Devon At The Merry Christmas Time / CHRISTMAS BELLS by Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll from the album “The Songs Of Edward Capern” (2017) “Hello, Bedford Falls! Merry Christmas!” An excerpt from It’s A Wonderful Life (1947).mp3 DOWN AT THE BILLET ON BOXING DAY by The Stoned Cherries from the album “Baked In A Pie” (2017) PIPER AT CAPHEATON by Devils Water from the album “Treading The Marches” (2017) THE BOAR’S HEAD by KIVA from the album “Yuletide” (2014) DECK THE HALLS by Andrews Massey Duo from the album “Make Merry” (2013) “If this is their idea of Christmas, I gotta be here for New Year’s!” An excerpt from Die Hard (1988) For full details see the Shownotes at
Dec 15, 2017
1 hr 17 min
FolkCast Festive Selection Box 2016
Music, poetry and fun for a very merry Christmas and a blessed Yule! The Christmas Goose by Kate Rusby From the album “The Frost Is All Over” (2015) “Johnny’s Christmas Guitar” with Johnny Cash from The Johnny Cash & Family Christmas TV Show (1977) Sleigh Ride by Sam Bush from the album “Christmas Roots” (2013) Standing By My Christmas Tree by Cara Dillon from the album “Upon A Winter’s Night” (2016) The Winter Song by Skinner And T’Witch single release (2016) Infinite Space by Eddie & Luc from the album “Tirade” (2016) with “A Christmas Poem” written and read by Jim Thielen Christmas Pudding by Greg Trafidlo from the album “Folk Singular” (2005) “Have you ever seen a million dollars?” Judge Reinhold and Eric Lloyd from “The Santa Clause” (1994) The Secret Tree Of Gotham by Hicks & Goulbourn from the album “Immortal” (2016) Pass The Bottle (A Christmas Song) by Jethro Tull single release (2016) “Santa’s Little Helper” Julie Andrews and Peter Ustinov from “Julie’s Christmas TV Special” (1973) The Oak King Rises (Live) by Wood, Wire & Words FolkCast exclusive (2016) “Christmas” by John Betjeman, read by Robert Donat with Carol Medley by Ken Nicol from the album “Tidings” (1991) Rejoice (O Come Emmanuel) by Eddy Mann single release (2016) “It’s Christmas Eve…” Bill Murray from “Scrooged” (1988) There’s Magic In Christmas Eve by The Changing Room from the EP “The Magic Of Christmas” (2016) The World Falls In Love by The Houghton Weavers from the album “Christmas In Lancashire” (2016) “December” by Dollie Radford Reading courtesy of Classic Poetry Aloud with The Holly And The Ivy by Andrews Massey Duo from the album “Make Merry” (2013) The Magic Christmas Tree by Pilgrim’s Way from the EP “Shining Gently All Around” (2011) A Winter’s Tale by The Magnets from the album “Christmas - The Collection” (2011) “A Christmas Surprise…” with The Muppets from “Muppet Family Christmas TV Special” (1987) #1 Record For Christmas by Neil Diamond from the album “Acoustic Christmas” (2016) The Snowman’s Song by Simon Mayor & Hilary James from the Musical Mystery Tour albums (2016) “Snow for Christmas…” Gracie Burns and Peter Brocco from “Burns and Allen: Company for Christmas” (1955) Come Mad Boys by Telynor from the album “Off The Beaten Track” (1992) The Quantock Carol by Ange Hardy from the EP “The Quantock Carol & Mary’s Robin” (2016) By The Fireside by Ellen And The Escapades single release (2012) “None of us are as young as we look these days…” Bing Crosby and David Bowie from “Bing Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas” (1977) Christmas Day by Johnnyswim from the album “A Johnnyswim Christmas” (2014) “Goodbye…” Julie Andrews from “The Sound Of Christmas TV Special” (1987) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / The Official Brawle by Joshua Burnell single release (2016) For full details and links to artists’ websites, see the ShowNotes at
Dec 14, 2016
1 hr 17 min
FolkCast Winter Storm 2016
A celebration and contemplation for the darkest season. Produced and presented by ‘Folkie’ Phil Widdows Hide! The Storm Is Coming by Heg & The Wolf Chorus from the album “Raising The Fires” (2016) Verses (Tho Winter Comes Dreary) by Gordon Tyrrall from the album “A Distance From The Town” (2000) When Winter Rides In by Pete Shirley from the album “Sunset Katy And 0ther Stories”(2015) Wait For The Storm by Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate from the album “Invisible” (2011) Turning Into Winter by Jack The Lad from the album “It’s Jack The Lad” (1973) When The Last Leaf Falls by The Bills from the album “Trail Of Tales” (20160 Coming Home by K.P. Devlin from the album “Violescent” (2014) The Houses Of Winter by Peter Mayer from the album “Midwinter” (2005) For Winter by Pilgrim from the EP “For Winter” (2016) Reading: “Winter Nightfall” by Robert Bridges This recording is used with the permission of Classic Poetry Aloud : giving voice to the classic poetry of the past. December by Skippinish from the EP “Three Latest Hits” (2015) Same Thing Every Year by Paul Davy from the album “Better Late” (2015) The Coming Winter by Krista Detor from the album “Barely” (2015) How Cold The Winter by Ida Wenøe from the album “Time Of Ghosts” (2015) Reading: “A Scottish Winter” by Gavin Douglas, read by John Laurie from the album “Poetry And Music For Winter” (2011) Long Shadows by Maddy Prior from the album “Year” (2009) Reading: Mousehole Tom by Phil Widdows Tom Bawcock’s Eve by Richard Trethewey from the album “Dig Where You Stand” (2012) To The Coast by Gren Bartley from the album “Songs To Scythe Back The Overgrown” (2012) Season III: The Winter Of Life by Lady Maisery from the album “Cycle” (2016) The Month Of January by Mary McPartlan from the album “From Mountain To Mountain” (2016) Cold Winds Blow by Broom Bezzums from the album “No Smaller Than The World” (2015) Coppicing Song by Hannah James from the album “Jigdoll” (2016) Long Cold Winter by Kingfisher Blue from the album “Til The Pond Freezes Over” (2016) For full details and links to artists’ websites, see the ShowNotes at
Dec 1, 2016
1 hr 17 min
FolkCast's Autumn Crackler 2016
FolkCast: the podcast that brings you the best from the Folkosphere Welcome to FolkCast’s Autumn Crackler for 2016. In just under 80 minutes we’ll follow the harvest, collect wild mushrooms and visit the standing stones. We’ll celebrate All Hallow’s Eve and Bonfire Night, and join Thanksgiving. So come on, bring a basket and we’ll gather the season’s bounty in song! Presented and produced by Phil Widdows Harvest Home by Spiral Dance from the album “The Quickening” (2006) All Among The Barley by Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts from the album “Shadows & Half Light” (2008) “Killing The Corn Spirit” from The Golden Bough by Sir James Frazer read by “hefyd” for John Barleycorn by Eliza Carthy, Martin Carthy & Paul Weller from the album “The Imagined Village” (2007) King Harvest by Dave Pegg & PJ Wright from the album “Galileo’s Apology” (2006) Imperceptible by Locomotive Ghost from the album “Seasons” (2014) Mysterious Mushroom Hunter by Radim Zenkl from the album “Strings & Wings” (2005) with “Mushrooms” written by Margaret Atwood Fall by Mind Of Max from the album “Seasons” (2013) La Prima Volta by Scott McWatt from the album “A Ceíst Amá” (2013) The First Leaf Of Autumn by Michael Chapman from the album “Wrecked Again” (1972) Autumn Song (excerpt) by Magna Carta from “Tomorrow Never Comes - The Anthology” (2012) Wild, Wild Berries by Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman from the album “Unity” (2010) To The Stones by Ninebarrow from the album “Releasing The Leaves” (2016) “All Hallow’s Eve” read by Owen’s Quest written by Erin Morgenstern All Hallows by Sharron Kraus & Friends from the album “ Right Wantonly A​-​Mumming” (2007) Hallows’ Eve by Show Of Hands from the album “The Long Way Home” (2015) All Hallow’s Eve by The Story from the album “John Barleycorn Reborn: Rebirth” (2011) November by Christopher Cross from the album “Doctor Faith” (2011) “The Origin And Customs Of Guy Fawkes’ Day” Nigel Bruce as Doctor Watson and Harry Bartell as The Host from “The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Gunpowder Plot” American Radio - Mutual Broadcasting System (first broadcast: November 5th 1945) Penny For The Guy by Giggetty from the album “Black Country Time” (1980) Bonfire Night by The Gathering Tide from the album “The Gathering Tide” (2016) Cold November Day by Katy Rose Bennett from the album “Songs Of The River Rea” (2016) Thanksgiving Talk / Thankful by Kristina Olsen from the album “All Over Down Under” (2002) Ride The Wind by Spiral Dance from the album “The Quickening” (2006) For full details and links to artists’ websites, see the ShowNotes at
Sep 1, 2016
1 hr 17 min
FolkCast Summer Sizzler 2016
FolkCast: the podcast that brings you the worlds of folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter and roots music. The Summer Sizzler 2016: Jump in and take a ride through more than an hour of superb sounds to keep you sizzling all summer long… FolkCast is produced and presented by Folkie Phil Widdows Music featured: First Day Of Summer by King Courgette from the album “King Courgette” (2016) In The Summertime by Erik Johnson from the album “In The Summertime” (2009) A Surfer Courted Me by Martha Tilston And The Woods from the album “Ropeswing” (2005) Sunshine by Jimmy Lee Morris from the album “Wilderness Wood” (2016) It’s A Barbecue Day by Wood, Wire & Words from the album “It’s A Barbecue Day” (2015) On Holiday In Stornaway by Ken Nicol from the album “Thirteen Reasons” (2011) Beach House by Bluebird Avenue from the EP “Bag Of Animals” (2013) Moonlight And Gold by Rab Noakes from the album “I’m Walkin’ Here” (2016) Fly Higher by Ross Ainslie from the album “Remembering” (2015) If You Can’t Land Her On The Old Verandah by Hot Fingers from the album “Fellside At 40 - The Journey Continues” (2016) Blackberry Crisp by Genevieve And The Wild Sundays from the album “Fine Line” (2016) Summer Sands by James Filkins from the album “Summer Sands And Sleeping Bears” (2012) plus “Life’s A Beach” (written by Phil Widdows) Skimming Stones by Jacanda from the album “Skimming Stones” (2009) Sometimes At Sunset by Helen Chadwick from the album "Fragments Of Love" (2015) Down In The Valley by Rusty Shackle from the album “Dusk” (2016) The Longest Day by Kris Drever from the album “If Wishes Were Horses” (2016) Summer Skin by Amy Cook from the EP “Summer Skin Sampler” (2012) Corn Jenny by Talis Kimberley from the album “Cloth Of Gold” (2016) Campervan Song by Jimmy Lee Morris from the album “Wilderness Wood” (2016) Home by Darwin’s Daughter Single Release (2016) August Leaves by Carol Laula from the album “The Bones Of It” (2016) “You know it’s summer when … the FolkCast Summer Sizzler hits your podcatcher!” For full details and links to artists’ websites, see the ShowNotes at
Jun 1, 2016
1 hr 17 min
March Into May 2016: A Podcast all about the season of Spring! FolkCast’s fourth annual celebration of Spring. Presented and produced by Phil Widdows It’s Spring Again by Arthur Askey from the album “Hello Playmates” (2006) * Gloomy Winter’s Now Away by Spoil The Dance from the album “Northern Commons” (2015) * Spring 1919 by Coope Boyes & Simpson from the album “As If…” (2010) * “On Tower Hill beside All Hallows Church, members of the Groves of the Ancient Druid Order celebrate the ‘Spring Equinox’ (when Spring breathes new life into the dead Winter and barren earth becomes green again)…” Newsreel (1973) * The Return Of The Sun by Kellianna from the album “Lady Moon” (2004) * The Shepperd: III. March by Margaret Buckle (read by Niamh Cusack) from the album “Summer’s End: The Poems of Margaret Buckle with music by Edward Watson” (2009) * So Early In The Spring by Mark Owen Music Digital Release (2014) * Boing by Mike Reinstein from the album “The Tommy Tomato Songbook” (2005) * Springtime Sunshine by Green Genes from the album “Green Genes” (2010) * “Let us to the open road, where every aspect pleases…” “Silly Springtime Poem” (1938) * Your Man by The Knights Of Mentis from the album “New Pound Coin” (2013) * “The origins of All Fools’ Day” from the book “The Twelve Months Of The Year” (published 1980) Music: April Fool by John Kirkpatrick from the album “The Duck Race” (2004) * ’Twas On One April’s Morning by Show Of Hands from the album “The Long Way Home” (2016) * Dark Swift And Bright Swallow by Andy Cutting, Nancy Kerr & Martin Simpson from the album “Murmers” (2015) * So Much Rain by Sarah McQuaid from the album “The Plum Tree And The Rose” (2012) * Pussywillows Cattails by Kenny Rankin from the album “Silver Morning” (1974) * “Spring is sprung, grass iz rizz. I wonder where dem boidies is? Ah! The boid is on the wing! But isn’t dat absoid? I thought the wing is on da boid…” Anon. * Cuckoo by Christof from the EP “Springtime” (2010) * Singing In the May by Mike O’Connor from the album “Summon Up The Song” (2010) * Hal-an-Tow by The Changing Room from the album “Behind The Lace” (2015) * Fort Lauderdale College Spring Break 1967 newsreel (Part I) * Hunt The Hare (Part II) by Lisa Knapp from the album “Hidden Seam” (2013) * It’s Saturday morning in Springfield… from “Father Knows Best: Spring Cleaning”, NBC radio (1954) * The Pleasant Month Of May by Jackie Oates from the album “Hyperboreans” (2009) * Fort Lauderdale College Spring Break 1967 newsreel (Part II) * Dandelions And Foxgloves by Becky Mills from the album “Dandelion” (2013) * Blow The Windy Morning by Faustus from the album “Broken Down Gentlemen” (2013) * When The Summer Comes Again by Hilary James & Simon Mayor from the album “The Mandolin Album” (1990) * Spring by Fabian Holland from the album “A Day Like Tomorrow” (2015) * Spring Song by Charlie Chaplin * For full details and links to artists’ websites, see the ShowNotes at
Mar 9, 2016
1 hr 17 min
FolkCast Selection Box 2015
The FolkCast Festive Selection Box - bursting with good things for the season of Christmas, Yule and Saturnalia, with specially selected music and readings. Beware the Abbot of Unreason! Produced and presented by 'Folkie' Phil Widdows, featuring Babba The Festive Programme: "What's in the shed?" featuring Phil & Babba Sentimental Song by Reid Jamieson from the album "Songs For A Winter's Night" (2012) Fairytale Of New York by Christy Moore from the album "Live At The Point" (1994) All I Want For Christmas Is My Upper Plate by Homer & Jethro Single Release (1953) Christmas In Bed by Terence Blacker from the album "Lovely Little Games" (2012) Frost On The Gatepost (Instrumental) by Whapweasel from the album "Skirl Naked" (1998) with excerpts from "Christmas": A Dictionary Of English Folklore by Jacqueline Simpson and Steve Roud (2000) "Christmas Is Coming…" by Dominic Behan from the album "The Singing Streets" (1958) Deck The Halls by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer from the album "A Sound Of Christmas Past" (2014) Babba's Bad Christmas (part one) Snow on Snow (The Bleak Midwinter) by Rue Royale from "Christmas EP 2009/2010" Old December by Thea Gilmore from the album "Strange Communion" (2009) Santa Will Find You by Phil Cunningham's Christmas Songbook (vocals: Eddi Reader) from the album "Phil Cunningham's Songbook" (2015) "Over the housetops and through the snow…" from the animated film "Merry Christmas" (1950) Silver Bells by Lorrie Newman Keating from the EP "Memories Of The Season" (2015) Dear Santa by Mike Reinstein and the Christmas Daysies from the EP "Dear Santa" (2015) Babba's Bad Christmas (part two) The Boar's Head Carol by The Voice Squad from the album "Concerning Of Three Young Men" (2014) Festival Of Lights by Under A Banner from the album "Close To The Clouds" (2014) Phil is confronted by Babba's "Reindeer"…. Christmas Is Killing Me by 100 Mile House from the EP "New Year" (2011) Jingle Bells by River Whyless Single release (2014) Babba's Bad Christmas (part three) Solstice Carol by Catt Kingsgrave Digital release (2015) Carol Of The Bells by The Last Bison from the EP "Sleigh Ride" (2013) Through Your Eyes On Christmas Eve by Abney Park from the album "Through Your Eyes On Christmas Eve" (2012) Gaudete E Personent Hodie by Angelo Branduardi from the album "Futuro Antico I" (1996) River by Kirsty Almeida Digital release (2015) Excerpt from "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding And Other Stories" By Agatha Christie, read by Hugh Fraser The Winter Wind by Marina Florence Single Release (2015) Three Boats by Commoners Choir Digital release (2015) Santa, Teach The World To Fly by Skinner & T'witch Single release (2015) When Christmas Day Is Near by Ange Hardy From the EP "When Christmas Day Is Near" (2015) A Dram To Warm The Piper by Danny Carnahan and Robin Petrie from the album "Journeys To The Heart" (1984) Phil & Babba discover Santa's secret identity… Merry Christmas from Everyone at FolkCast! For full details and links to artists’ websites, see the ShowNotes at
Dec 14, 2015
1 hr 17 min
FolkCast Winter Storm 2015
The Winter Storm 2015: music and readings for the darkest months. Storm Warnings by various meteorologists... Winter's Dreaming by Spiral Dance from the album "Through A Sylvan Doorway" (2012) Reading: December from "The Masque of Months" by Edward Fawcett (1878) Winter Song by Jay Woodward Single release (2013) A Winter's Blues by Maz O'Connor from the EP "London Lights" (2014) Gathering Storm by Battlefield Band from the album "Dookin'" (2007) Reading: ”It was a dark and stormy night…" Anon. These Winter Winds by Luke Jackson from the album "This Family Tree" (2015) Winter (Part 1) by Iain Morrison from the album "Skimming Stones… Sinking Boats" (2008) Out Of Light by Kris Drever, John McCusker, Roddy Woomble from the album "Before The Ruin (Remastered)" (2014) Snow Blind by NE3Folk from the album "Show Us Your Reds" (2015) with Reading: ”The Snow Storm" by Ralph Waldo Emerson (1841) Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening by Jackie Leven from the album "The Haunted Year" (2009) Midwinter by Magna Carta from the album "Tomorrow Never Comes - Best Of" (2012) "Godzilla El Niño"… with Black Mamba/El Niño by Jethro Tull from the album “Dot Com” (1999) King Of Snow by Mike Reinstein and The Christmas Daysies from the EP “Dear Santa” (2015) The Blackest Night by Heed The Thunder from the album “Cokaigne” (2014) Forgotten, Never Be by Damh The Bard from the album “Sabbat” (2015) Sugar Wassail by Waterson-Carthy from the album “Holy Heathens And The Old Green Man” (2006) The January Stars by Winter Mountain from the album “Winter Mountain” (2013) January by Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin from the album “Watershed” (2015) The Last Dim Light Of January by Adam Dale from the album “The Last Dim Light Of January” (2013) The Green Man by Thedra Single release (2008) with Reading: ”The Green Man” by Lauren Raine When The Green Man Walks The Forest by Martyn Wyndham-Read from the album Where Ravens Feed (2001) February by Alex Cambridge Single release (2015) “Damn You Snow!” ~ The Simpsons Goodbye Cold Winter by Steve Folk (aka Blabbermouth) from the album “Ramble” (2012) Spring To Come by John Butler Trio from the album “Flesh And Blood” (2014) For full details see the ShowNotes section of
Nov 27, 2015
1 hr 17 min
FolkCast Autumn Crackler 2015
As Summer fades, enjoy the wonders of Autumn with the Crackler! Featuring: Summer Fades To Fall by Don Amero from the album “Refined” (2015) Hi The Cuckoo! by Paul Green Digital Release (2014) ’Tis Autumn by Geraldo & His Orchestra B-side to the 78rpm single release “Soft Shoe Shuffle” (1942) Look At September, Look At October / Tommy Randell’s by Spoil The Dance from the album “Northern Common” (July 2015) with It’s September - poem by Edgar Albert Guest The Orchard by Talis Kimberley from the album “Queen Of Spindles” (2012) Hopping Down In Kent by The Albion Dance Band from the album “Live In Concert” (1993) Harvest Will Come by Ashley Hutchings (guitar and vocals by Ken Nicol) from the album “Human Nature” (2003) The Old Bearded Man written and read by Dahm The Bard (recorded exclusively for FolkCast - August 2015) John Barleycorn by Oysterband with Steve Knightley and June Tabor from the album “The Big Session Volume 1” (2004) Gather My Fruit by Little Miss Higgins from the album “Across The Plains” (2010) Apple Picking Season by The Riverside from the album “Apple Picking Season” (2013) Now Westlin Winds by Dick Gaughan from the album “Handful Of Earth” (1981) Autumn Seed by Gill Sandell & Chris T-T from the album “Walk Away, Walk Away” (March 2015) Embers by March To May from the album “The Water’s Edge” (April 2015) October Sun by Tudor Lodge from the album “Runaway” (2003) Weathercock by Phil Beer from the album “Plays Guitar And Fiddle. Sings A Bit” (2014) “As the nights draw in…” by David Drever, Convenor, General Teaching Council for Scotland with Fair Drawin’ In by Clype (featuring Jenny Sturgeon) from the album “Clype” (July 2015) Halloween Is Black As Night by Jackson C. Frank from the album “Fixin’ To Die” (2014) Jack O Lantern by Gilmore & Roberts from the album “Conflict Tourism” (released: September 18 2015) Rose Hip November by Beautiful Junkyards from the album Beautiful Junkyards (2013) Guy Fawkes Night by Luke Daniels & John Dipper from the album Sleeping Giants (2012) with Bonfire Night - read by Ron Hynes from the album “Hard Light - 32 Little Stories By Michael Crummey” (2003) Welcome In Another Year (Bonfires) by Blanche Rowan & Mike Gulston from the album “The Dance Goes On” (2013) Milk And Honey by Sandy Denny from the album “Sandy Denny (Complete Edition)” (2010) Three Bonny Ships by Na-Mara from the album “Navajos & Pirates” (May 2015) FolkCast is produced and presented by Folkie Phil Widdows For full details see the ShowNotes at Be kind to hedgehogs!
Sep 1, 2015
1 hr 17 min
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