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139. Fear Street Catchup
139. Fear Street Catchup: It’s a summertime catchup! Christine and Emily dive full-force into some of the newest releases, including the Fear Street trilogy, Black Widow, Army of the Dead, and A Quiet Place II. Other subjects of note: Till Death, Shocker, Vamps, Spiral, No Escape Room, The Amusement Park, Soccer Mom Madam, Reversal of Fortune, a deep dive into The Stand, a very important warning about serial killers on roller blades renting apartments on Roosevelt Island, and much, MUCH MUCH more. Enjoy!
Jul 18
138. A Big Blob of Catchup
138. A Big Blob of Catchup: We’re back! It’s a marathon of Christine  and Emily chatting about, well, everything, including (BUT NOT LIMITED TO): Them Cruel Summer The Third Day Thunder Force A Perfect Getaway Turbulence AND Turbulence 3 The Arrival Red Planet Godzilla Vs. Kong Coming 2 America Immortal Beloved Casablanca (it’s a thing) Psycho 2-4 Amityville: The Evil Escapes As Above So Below His House Ghost of War Possessor Quick Change Shudder’s Lucky, Slaxx, & Anything for Jackson Peninsula Wonder Woman 1984 The Toll Emily’s run-through of Oscar nominations AND SO MUCH MORE!
May 12
137. Voyage of the Speed Racer
137. Voyage of the Speed Racer: Buckle up! We’re back to discuss a pair of ridiculously fun and colorful gems. The delightful artist/author Abby Denson joins Christine and Emily to tackle 1984’s sci-fi musical Voyage of the Rock Aliens (streaming via Amazon Prime) and 2008’s Speed Racer. Expect much ‘80s fashion adoration, Craig Sheffer cheekbone worship, and massive misunderstanding involving race cars and milk. Be sure to check out Abby’s new ADORABLE graphic comic, Kitty Sweet Tooth ( available wherever books are sold. Learn more at and follow her on Twitter @AbbyDenson! Also, ROCK ALIENS!
Mar 24
136. Cam Forever
136. Cam Forever: Clean those bedsheets and dust off your webcam! We’re back with a delightful dive into two outstanding, innovative, and fairly new genre films. Anthony Isaac Bradley joins Christine and Emily to discuss Ben and Chris Blaine’s 2015’s Nina Forever (streamable now on Shudder and Amazon Prime) and the Daniel Goldhaber/Isa Mazzei’s Cam, from 2018 and streaming on Netflix. There’s also a fair amount of spoiler-free Twin Peaks talk, because life is good. Be sure to check out Anthony’s work on Certified Forgotten and follow him via Twitter (@abradley24) and Instagram (bubblebathwithclotheson)!
Mar 2
135. Massive Catchup!
135. Massive Catchup!: Strap in for a whole lot of movie (and TV) talk! Christine and Emily have an epic catchup discussion on a whole lot of stuff, including (BUT NOT LIMITED TO): I May Destroy You Monsterland the various NXIVM documentaries The Intruder Freaky Friday Gone Girl Fox Lux Birds of Prey Ghosts of War Eli Spiral Shadow In the Cloud Summer of ‘84 Train, and a deep dive into why early 2000s horror was the worst.
Feb 8
134. When Animals Lure
134. When Animals Lure: We’re back! Christine and Emily emerge from the Stocking Stuffer hangover with an INCREDIBLY special treat! Special guest star Carol of the Cultural Gutter is here to help navigate the murky waters of primal female sexuality (and a lot of other stuff!) with two recent European genre films. First up is Jonas Alexander Arnby’s 2014 surprise monster movie When Animals Dream, followed by Agnieszka Smoczynska’s 2015 mermaid horror musical debut, The Lure. We had a blast dissecting these films, and hope you enjoy the blood and scale-covered ride. Be sure to follow Carol’s work over at the Cultural Gutter for tons of thoughtful coverage of your favorite disreputable art, as well as Christine’s editing work over at Certified Forgotten and Emily’s movie ramblings at The Deadly Doll’s House. READING IS COOL, OKAY?
Jan 24
Stocking Stuffers 6.14 Christmas Ever After + the Season Wrapup!
Stocking Stuffers 6.14 Christmas Ever After + the Season Wrapup!: Another year, another season finale! Emily wraps up the Stocking Stuffers series with a quick look at Lifetime’s Christmas Ever After, then a deeper dive into the best/worst list. Yes it’s January, but we make our own rules around these parts.
Jan 3
Stocking Stuffer Special! An Interview With A New York Christmas Wedding's Otoja Abit
Stocking Stuffer Special! An Interview With A New York Christmas Wedding's Otoja Abit: We’ve got a special end-of-hell-year treat just for you! Emily and gay guardian hipster angel of The Feminine Critique, Fozzie Bare, just couldn’t get enough A New York Christmas Wedding, so we went to the very source of Netflix’s hit for a special interview with writer/director/actor Otoja Abit! Learn all about making a low budget Christmas movie on the streets of New York in the middle of summer, how to find sexy variations of Oh Christmas Tree, what it means to be an ally to the LGBTQ community, and why sometimes, you have no choice but to wear a bra in bed. Otoja is an absolute delight, and our conversation took more turns than a cab driver lost in NYC. Be sure to check out A New York Christmas Wedding on Netflix and Jitters, the short film that started it all, over on Amazon Prime. You can learn more about Otoja’s projects at and on social @ohabit and @willfulproductions.
Dec 29, 2020
Stocking Stuffers 6.13 A Puppy For Christmas
Stocking Stuffers 6.13 A Puppy For Christmas: It’s back to the Marvista well for another round of adorable dogs and clueless humans! This time, Emily is joined by the fabulous Cristina Acuna to talk all things dog care, Canadian hunks, and what it’s like to be really short (like, shorter than Emily short). Follow Cristina on the socials at cactus_music and remember! A puppy is not a choice you make lightly.
Dec 24, 2020
Stocking Stuffers 6.12 The 12 Pups of Christmas
Stocking Stuffers 6.12 The 12 Pups of Christmas: Ever wonder what kind of Cozy Cardigan Christmas flick the Zodiac Killer would make if he was employed by Hallmark? WE FOUND IT! On this very special episode, Emily is joined by film critic and super Christmas film fan William Bibbiani to discuss Marvista veteran Michael Feifer’s weirdly subversive The 12 Pups of Christmas, streaming now on Hulu. There’s also a lot of chatting about the Step Up franchise and High Strung films, which we demand you watch. Follow Bibs on Twitter @WilliamBibbiani and check out the Critically Acclaimed podcast network for his batch of shows, including Canceled Too Soon, Only the Best, Episode Zero, and much more!
Dec 22, 2020
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