The Fat-Burning Man Show with Abel James: Real Food, Real Results
The Fat-Burning Man Show with Abel James: Real Food, Real Results
Abel James,
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My favorite health and wellness podcast
I listen and subscribe to a ton of health and wellness podcasts, and this is my favorite - has been a so for a while. Abel is knowledgeable, well spoken and real. His guests are always relevant and interesting. Thank you Abel for doing this podcast and sharing your personal experiences along the way.
Kayla ATX
scrappy bill
Awesome podcast!
Abel, host of the Fat-Burning Man Show, highlights all aspects of health and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
OK, but long, many poor edits and a lot of weak filler conversations
There is good info here, but everything surrounding this info is poorly done and hard to listen too. Example: One hour-long interview was with a bar tender who used Keto and a workout program to lose weight. The for 20 minutes were about this bar tender’s school years and history. That is interesting if it was some famous body builder or athlete, but not here. We don’t even find out about what he did to lose weight until the last half of the show and that is still very limited. The edits: There are a lot of edits that cut words off, so someone is speaking and there is a sudden jump to part of a word. Why edit if it leaves the statement hard to understand? That gets annoying after a while. Ultimately, if this was 20 minutes and the edits were fixed it would be worth listening to, IMO.
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Five Years Strong
Thanks to this podcast I have learned so much and I live so well! I’m 48 and look and feel like I’m 35! My powerlifting marks are almost the same as when I was in my 20’s! I have also improved my vision and gotten rid of my near sightedness! Thanks for helping me live my best life! Brad
Allanq as la I qs Iaha pawesome and wplay saw your ad was a a a w pop w the apa
mermaid quinn
Shorter would be better
My first time listening. The first 10 minutes was ads, during which the book author was promoted with the same words twice. Listening to these programs on a 30-45 drive daily, you gotta get to the point quicker. Elsewise, I’m moving on to the next podcaster.
Too much advertising
2021 update: the paid sponsor ads have been replaced with 8-10 minutes of Abel hawking his own overpriced products and scammy membership club at both ends of the podcast. Holy capitalism. I'm a long time follower of FBM and while I find the content immensely helpful, I am getting so irritated with the increasing amount of time dedicated to advertising in each podcast. The podcasts have been getting longer in length because there's an extra 15 minutes of advertising, not content. You can easily skip the first and last 5-10 minutes of podcasts that are over an hour. If you read all of Abel's materials, he mentions in passing that he's a multimillionaire living well below his means, so it's not like he desperately needs the income from paid ads like some other podcasters might. Advice to Abel James: content yourself with your exorbitantly high income and stop wasting my working class time with long winded advertising babble.
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Thanks for the excellent program
This show has been an excellent companion for my personal fitness journey. Utilizing the concept of burning fat for fuel, intermittent fasting and appropriate amounts of exercise, I have shed 50lb of excess fat. Also, I’ve improved my cardiovascular and liver function as well. Your guests and discussions help me stay focused and on track. I appreciate the show and wish you continued success!
I’m pretty sure this is the best overall podcast for fat loss. Excellent info, grounded an actual science.
PT 29
Thank you
Abel. Thank you for your podcast and the wealth of knowledge and interviews you have tapped into. I feel like I was lead to your listen to your podcast after lots of searching. Thank you.
Wonderful Show!
I’ve been listening to this show for quite some time now and I truly enjoy the messages, information and energy Abel emits. (Absolutely enjoyed the episode with Shawn Stevenson!)
Julie with a K
Fitness with a side of right-wing propaganda
Seemed a somewhat decent podcast until an episode was devoted to a bunch of unsolicited right-wing propaganda. I’ll take my ears and brain elsewhere.
Great Show
I am so so thankful to have found this show! It led me to the book I rave about to all of my family and friends, The Wild Diet. The mindset, principles, and tips in this book helped me to lose that stubborn 20 pounds and keep it off. I couldn’t believe how simple and easy it was. I’m not only impressed with the physical results but the mental results from the tips in this podcast. At a time when my job had been very stressful, I’ve realized how important my diet and exercise is when it comes to focus. I can’t even begin to explain the mental clarity I feel day to day, I fee like I have the upper hand or unfair advantage to everyone else by being “in the know” from all of the “underground” leaders in health who come on this show and blow my mind. Lastly, my favorite part is that the cravings are gone!! I look forward to eating veggies and REAL food, and I’m inspired to cook more knowing that I can eat really, REALLY delicious things and not feel guilty. I highly recommend you tune in and get on this bacon train with me!
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Abel is great! I love his honesty and transparency. He offers insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!! This show is a must listen!!
Marisa J2
Always a good listen
Love the approach Abel uses and look forward to his podcasts on my morning runs
Very informative!
I really enjoyed the show. It gave me much needed information and knowledge. Would like more sources for some claims, maybe?
Great Information
I really appreciate the way Abel interviews so many different people and allows for different views and ideas to be shared on his show. The ads are little much sometimes, but worth it.
Age group coach
I love this show
Abel and Alison James always share healthy tips and I always want to comment, but as soon as I heard this podcast I just had to thank you for content. Have a great day Ali Schuback
Ali Schu
Everything I love and enjoy has become political
Thank you able and Shaun T for giving me your opinion on racism in this country. That’s why I listen to this podcast!
Plant based vs Vegan
You would think a podcast about diets would get the terminology correct. Eating plant based is a diet, veganism is a lifestyle. I liked this podcast until the Brian Sanders interview. Brian manically stated all his research was true and no other diet could compare without even giving an example. Abel tried to save him from his rant, then they both trashed plant based diets referring to it as a vegan diet saying it’s dangerous and how could someone sustain a diet with no meat products. Most vegans are vegan for the animals or the planet. The thought of putting the products and by products from the murder or rape of exploited sentient beings into their bodies is disgusting. Throughout this bashing neither man gave any research based evidence as to why a plant based diet is unsustainable or dangerous. They say take what serves you and leave the rest, leaving everything from this garbage interview.
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Your Confidence
I usually enjoy your show, but Elle Ross was talking about confidence without even taking a breath. It really seemed like SHE is the insecure one. You let her take the reins for more time then I enjoyed. I like your guests, but I have to admit, I mostly like to hear from you. You’re confidence seems genuine & yet humble, easy to listen to (for me) & very digestible. Thank you for your show!! Less guests that take over please!!! 😜
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These episodes have such amazing titles with content that I’m looking for, then I listen to the episode and more than half of the episode is irrelevant to the episode. It’s an extremely disappointing podcast, it’s not meant for everyone to do. You have good information...but you don’t title your episodes appropriately and your audience wastes their time bc this isn’t what they are looking for.
Authentic and quality
I’ve listened to Abel since 2012. A solid podcast and a solid man. I love how he is unafraid to go against the mainstream in an age that makes that exceedingly more challenging. Much love to you, Abel!
A total inspiration as well as educational and learning experience. 5 stars all day long
Positive Support
I’ve rediscovered Able James, his insightful questions of his stimulating guests inspire the listener to refocus on ones total health, and the added benefit of his dynamic voice which reflects his own vibrant health! A pleasure to listen to, thank you for doing what you do, and sharing!
Out after years
Tough to take health advice from someone claiming the government are “nazis” for asking us to stay inside to prevent the spread of Covid-19
Carl Swanson
Great Podcast! Not sure why as this show was not about a specific subject but between Abel’s questions and Carl’s outlook and life experience I had to listen twice!
Scott Ramey
Awesome Podcast!!!
Abel, host of The Fat-Burning Man Show, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
A must listen!
Super simple yet so inspiring!
Most entertaining!
Love it!
Designer babies still get scabies
A+++ I ❤️ this pod 5 Stars all day
Scott - Oak Park
Compelled to write my first ever podcast review :)
After finding Fat Burning Man I’ve more or less stopped listening to most of the other health and wellness podcasts. I’ve found more and more that I agree so strongly with Abel’s views on the health industry. His expertise in nutrition, sound advice on exercise, and science backed information on how to live a long and happy life is refreshing and honest. His guests are GREAT and I particularly loved the recent James Lugo episode. You wanna talk about an honest and compelling conversation!! This podcast has it all and more! Thank you Abel (and family) for bringing inspiring and authentic content to the masses. Listener for life here. Best, Kristy Armstrong (Atlanta, GA)
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You Were Missed!!
Abel always provides information that I can take action on improving my health. His going off the internet for 4 months was missed. I am so happy he and his wife have recovered from CO poisoning. So what does he do first show back? Provides hope. What a guy!!
CS Massimo
Abel rocks
If you’re looking for self enrichment then Abel is your guy. Been listening to Abel and all the awesome guests for about a year now. I’ve lost weight and gained strength by taking in some of the advice from this podcast. I’m super grateful for humans like Abel James. Sharing such wealth of information. Thank you.
Excellent Podcast
I’m a fairly new listener and have been scrolling through the past available episodes. So far every episode I have listened to has been very informative and interesting the whole way through. I think the hour time frame works well and Abel does a great job at letting the other individual/expert speak their point. The follow up questions are concise and well prepared which all leads to maximum info obtained by the listener. This podcast has also led me to other great experts and doctors who believe in food, diet and lifestyle as paramount to great health. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and use a lot of this info to improve my health and lifestyle. My wife has hypo-thyroid issues (Hashimotos) and I also take what I learn and discuss with her. Keep up the great work and thank you for doing this!
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DJ Brede
Poor Dieting Mindset
I was liking an episode until he answered a question saying you should probably be shooting for less than 100g of carbs - LOL. And it’s so much fear-mongering of certain foods. Only have a couple bites of tropical fruit because they are high in sugar??? Wow. I’ll give him credit because he constantly said “in moderation,” which should be the mind set, but not if you are nitpicking the hek out of what are otherwise completely good whole foods. I’ll give it a try and see if his episodes interviewing experts are better advice, but not sure if I would trust his personal experiences as a guide.
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Marketer in GR
Low quality interview
This show sadly had Low and superficial questions about mushrooms and the other question is completely unrelated.
Favorite Podcast
This is by far my favorite podcast in the health and fitness genre. It offers great thought provoking discussions in what it means to be “healthy”. The guests all have impressive resumes and backgrounds in their respective fields. What sets this podcast apart is how accessible the information is. Anyone with impressive backgrounds can relay information from their field but if it’s not done in a way for people to digest it’s useless. This is definitely where Abel’s talents as a host/moderator comes in. Also, in reducing these complex ideas and concepts down for the average person, the podcast provides useful tips and insight to incorporate changes into your daily life. Highly recommend this podcast and look forward to the new episodes.
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Life changing
To his core, Abel James, wants to help everyone, in every way, to become the best and healthiest version of themselves. I can not recommend something more then this person and anything he or his wife is involved in. It is life changing.
Love your podcast!
Just want to say that I enjoy listening to your podcast! My family and friends think I’m weird because I’m interested in health and anti aging. I started training for my 18th marathon and your podcast gets me through the miles! My mother is 86 and refuses medication for her few health issues- all diet! I hope I can convince my family and friends not to follow the “norm”! Thanks Abel!
Tonya Pavek
Don’t take this the wrong way I’ve been happily married for 30 years but you have a very sexy voice....I wouldn’t even care what you talk about but I found a doctor that put me on a Keto diet so I do enjoy the content too :)
Hip hop believer
Too much advertising
I love the podcast but I listen to a lot of podcasts and tend to be months behind so my listening time is valuable. There is so much advertising at the beginning of this podcast that I just skip to about the 10 min mark and usually it’s still not at the show content yet. I never skips ads in other podcasts but in this case the ads are as long as some of the other podcasts that I listen to ads and content. I appreciate that you need to advertise you products but If you could just give a brief summary of the products in a couple of minutes that would be great!
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Love the podcasts
Love all the subject stuff but the audio is super annoying .. I find it incredibly frustrating .. please fix it .. otherwise I live the subjects
Misinformation and unreliable
He interviews people who don’t have credible knowledge and experience in many of the topics. This causes rampant misinformation in the podcasts due to the lack of knowledge and the hosts inability to find reliable sources of information.
Excellent discussion with Dr Perlmutter
Everyone should listen to this podcast. Really gives us hope that we can enjoy good health with diet and lifestyle choices. Don't be lazy! Think about what you are doing! Suggestion for guest speaker: Dr William Sears. Thank you, Barbara
Great show with a lot of information!
Lots of eye opening information, great guests and family friendly! Love that Abel doesn’t have on a bunch of meat heads dropping f-bombs. Also, love the fact he doesn’t bow to corporate sponsors. Everyday is something different, never gets old. Abel is a genuine, down to earth dude you just want to hang out with. Keep up the great work!
Thank you
Hello Abel, my name is Pablito I’m from Argentina living in Florida. I discovered your podcast by luck and I feel grateful for it. I was having food hate because there are so many conflicting poo ya of view that really made me hate food, I was always tired and I’m still over weight but I lost 14lbs by starting to intermittent fast and going back to basics. Thanks for the guidance through the podcast and looking forward to your book that should be home soon :) May you be happy and joyful
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Thanks for a non gimmick-y podcast.
I started this two days ago and have already lost my first 5 lbs. I am looking forward to getting back to my high school weight. I love the podcast and enjoy the solid advice and non-preachy format. Keep it up!
Opens the dialogue for conversation and new perspectives
I love this podcast so much. My favorite way to start my day and drive to work. I really appreciate how Abel brings in a variety of guests with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. He is strong in his stance about overall health, yet is always open to hear different viewpoints, learn, and gain new insights. I love the transparency and how this podcast opens the dialogue for different perspectives that needs to happen in the health space. With so many people/things taking the “my way or the highway” approach (and putting other people down) in the health space, this podcast is a true breath of fresh air. Keep up the mission of the podcast, Abel- it is a true inspiration to me!
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