The Fat-Burning Man Show with Abel James: Real Food, Real Results
The Fat-Burning Man Show with Abel James: Real Food, Real Results
Abel James,
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Want to drop fat by eating ridiculously well and exercising less? Whether you’re into Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Paleo, Plant-Based, Wild, Carnivore or completely clueless, we’re here to help you eat right, train smarter, and transform your body and mind to be your absolute best. This family-friendly show is free of outside advertising for your listening pleasure. Winner of 4 awards and #1 in Health in 8+ countries.
Todd White: Biodynamic Wine, Bartering & Social Media Burnout
After 15 years in the wine business, Todd's life is dedicated to educating and helping people make better choices about food, nutrition and how they think about consuming alcohol. And we're getting into some fun and interesting topics on today's show.
Oct 23
1 hr 6 min
Dr. Gregory Kelly: Marbled Muscles, Longevity & Fitness in Lockdown
I'm happy to say that joining us is Dr. Gregory Kelly, a Naturopathic physician, author of “Shape Shift” and the director of product development over at Neurohacker Collective.
Oct 16
1 hr 2 min
Gormy: How to Drop 300 Pounds…. Twice!
Mike Gorman, AKA Gormy, struggled with his weight his entire life. From his peak weight of 540 pounds, he is now more than 300 pounds lighter and is mastering maintenance.
Oct 9
1 hr 13 min
Tara Garrison: Keto Scams, Lifting & Intermittent Fasting for Women
How do we scale our intake of fat, protein, and carbs, to achieve our ideal body composition? Today, we're here with a perfect person to talk about it, the wonderful and talented, Tara Garrison.
Oct 2
1 hr 6 min
Tyler Christensen: How to Shed 100 Pounds and Boost Brain Power
Today we're here with the wonderful Tyler Christensen, an author, designer, host of After The Run podcast, and a teacher who spent 15 years in classrooms as an elementary, middle school, and university instructor.
Sep 25
59 min
Dr. Michael Ruscio: Gut Health, Stress & Your Microbiome
Returning to the show today is Dr. Michael Ruscio, a bestselling author, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic, clinical researcher and host of Dr. Ruscio Radio.
Sep 18
1 hr 3 min
Amy Morin: Mental Strength & How To Face Your Fears
If you're looking to build your mental strength and fortitude, this is the episode for you. We’re here with Amy Morin discussing specific mental strength exercises to manage your emotions, regulate your thoughts and take more productive action.
Sep 11
56 min
David Nurse: Coaching in the NBA, Getting Into Flow & Turning a Strength Into a Superpower
David Nurse is joining us on the show today to share some of the top mindset development tips and tools from his years working in the NBA.
Sep 4
56 min
Ben Azadi: Transform into a Fat-Burning Machine to Drop 80 Pounds (And Keep It Off)
No matter what identity or word you're following, there are certain principles you can follow to take your health back into your own hands. So joining us on the show today is our friend, Ben Azadi.
Aug 28
55 min
Ben Greenfield: Boundless, Longevity Protocols & Building Muscle During Lockdown
Instead of packing on the quarantine 15, our friend Ben Greenfield returns to the show today to show us that you can build muscle and get ripped despite everlasting lockdowns.
Aug 21
54 min
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