The Fat-Burning Man Show with Abel James: Real Food, Real Results
The Fat-Burning Man Show with Abel James: Real Food, Real Results
Abel James,
Want to drop fat by eating ridiculously well and exercising less? Whether you’re into Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Paleo, Plant-Based, Wild, Carnivore or completely clueless, we’re here to help you eat right, train smarter, and transform your body and mind to be your absolute best. This family-friendly show is free of outside advertising for your listening pleasure. Winner of 4 awards and #1 in Health in 8+ countries.
Dr. Bindiya Gandhi: How to Find and Fix Underlying Health Issues
We’re talking about how to be a modern day renaissance woman of functional testing, genetics, and individualized medicine to find and fix underlying health issues.
Apr 16
55 min
Brad Kearns: How to Fuel for Peak Performance Without Bonking
Can you get more out of your workouts by doing less? If you're looking to improve your performance or enjoy your recovery, this show is for you.
Apr 9
1 hr 1 min
Chase Chewning: How To Recover From Injury & Fight Back From Rock Bottom
When you face adversity head-on, you can actually use challenges and setbacks to propel you to something better. And joining us today is an army veteran with incredible insight and perspective.
Apr 2
59 min
Eric Perner: Why Regenerative Agriculture is Good for You & the Planet
By working with nature (instead of against it), regenerative agriculture holds incredible promise for healing the planet while feeding our communities real food.
Mar 26
56 min
Gary Taubes: How To Shed Fat Without Hunger
How can we burn fat without hunger? Why is “eat less, exercise more” terrible advice for most people? Returning to the show this week is award-winning investigative science writer, speaker and bestselling author, Gary Taubes.
Mar 19
1 hr 5 min
Doug Bopst: How to Use Adversity to Your Advantage
What's the difference between being in lockdown and being in jail? Doug has a unique perspective as someone who actually spent time in jail. A former convicted felon and drug addict, Doug made the best of his time in jail to discover fitness and reinvent himself.
Mar 12
1 hr 2 min
Nick Shaw: How to Pursue Peak Fitness without Losing Your Sanity
Now, today we're here with a perfect person to talk to you about shaking things up. His name is Nick Shaw, and he is a former competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder, who has world class athletes, medalists and champions.
Feb 19
1 hr 2 min
Loretta Breuning: How to Break Bad Habits with Brain Science
How can we turn down our anxiety, reprogram our brains and work with our brain chemistry to create the positive changes we actually want in our lives? If you've ever been derailed by your inner monkey or dealt with existential angst, this show is for you.
Feb 12
1 hr
Jon Venus: Maintaining Consistency When Life Throws You Curveballs
If you want to know how to handle online haters with your health and sanity intact, our guest this week has been through the ringer.
Feb 5
50 min
Dr. Alan Christianson: How to Optimize Thyroid Function & Avoid Excess Iodine
If you're low on energy, gaining weight or your metabolism is off, it's time to take a look at that little gland at the front of your neck⁠—the thyroid.
Jan 29
53 min
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