The Fashionpreneur Diaries
The Fashionpreneur Diaries
The Fashionpreneur Academy
A podcast into the diary of Jessica Williams as she carves her own lane in the fashion industry with grace, fashion, and grind. As the self-proclaimed "Master P of the Fashion Industry", Jessica has an unmatched track record of turning fashion industry hopefuls into thriving, full-time fashionpreneurs. In each episode, listeners walk away both inspired and with the resources and knowledge that aided Jessica in creating 9 streams of revenue within fashion & grossing well over $1M all before the age of 30! Each week, Jessica holds nothing back, even sharing the not so secret ingredient to her success: God. Rate, share and subscribe today!
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New Listener 💜
I just heard the 1st podcast and I love it❣️ I’m so happy I came across the Fashionprenuer Academy ad on Instagram!! Her vibe is contagious❣️🥰
Jessica M. Estevez
Thank you Jess for continuing to give!
Just W🤩W
I just loooooooove this podcast. I stumbled upon it a few days ago and I can resonate with all that shes attesting to - especially when she references God. Although I am Muslim, I am in complete awe with how she breaks down the relationships you must have with Him. Girl, this podcast is really dope!
New to podcast
New to Podcast and let’s just say “Jess” stories has won me over. Great information and it’s real. Will be listening more. “Trying to catch up”
Okay let me just say I love Jess!
I was put on to this podcast from being a follower of the Blessed and Bossed Up Podcast with Tatum and she shouted out Fashionpreneur Diaries and I absolutely love the podcast!! From the jump it was something I could relate to and provided much needed inspiration and wisdom for me as I’m starting my entrepreneurial journey. I can’t wait to watch as this podcast grows I’m hooked now!
Joy Monique
Million Dollar Game for Free
Thank you for creating such a lucrative platform for us listeners. Your podcast has content and purpose, that is what I enjoy most. You have a “get in”- - - “lay the foundation” - - - “get out” type of delivery...not too much babble. Thank you for the fundamentals for creating a business that will produce longevity. -ShamiaB
Phenomenal Podcast
First off I absolutely love Jess! This podcast has gave me so much life. I have listened to one each day at work and I must say my cup is full. Jess is a force to be reckoned with she constantly is sharing her expertise on being a Fashionpreneur and it has helped me so much as I start up for my business. Thanks Jess looking forward to hearing more!
Ciyanna Claiborne
God wouldn’t play you like that
This episode Ohhhhhhh my Goodness this podcast really spoke to me my mother have dreams like her and My very very best friend God lead me to have visions and I totally understood this whole episode Thank You for Sharing 🙏🏾
Pure Romance by Tella Smith
Love Jess!
Jess is amazing she’s always dropping gems her information is always on point. And if you think she’s amazing on her podcast check out her Fashionpernuer Retreats they are so amazing. Thanks Jess.
Keiona Williams.
Love this blog. I have no idea when I signed up for your email list LOL but I’m so glad I did.
Grateful for your knowledge and your dedication in pouring into others 💯 I hope your business exceeds your greatest expectations. Thanks Pamela and Gina lol !!
aleshia amea
So, I actually came across Jessica during a podcast interview with another podcaster and I began to follow her because of her story and journey that she shared and we have so much in common. I just knew she was an answer from God and she has really been helping me understand my brand and how to make it better, and what I love most is that she’s genuine and very authentic. Jessica looks out for you, believes in you (& brand) and not in it for gain or to take from you. I’m super excited to tune into your podcast Jessica and wish you the best going forward!
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Thank you
Thank you ladies for this! It was much needed and I too look at things as confirmation! This was the confirmation I needed to change a few things in my life and within me as a woman and entrepreneur!! Again, THANK YOU and GOD BLESS you both.
tmz boutique
Can’t wait to see what this boss lady cooks up. I’ve been following her journey for a while now and she inspires me so much. So excited for all these gems we’re about to receive.
The 🐐
Very excited just to listen more closely as I’ve been following her journey and life for a while already. It’s so many gems & overall just being taught how to carry myself as a business owner and a woman. Thank you Jessica
The podcast you didn’t know you needed
This podcaster is a wealth of knowledge of all things relating to the fashion biz and otherwise so I KNOW that the content of this podcast will be gem after gem. Can’t wait to tune in!