The Family Anatomy Podcast
The Family Anatomy Podcast
Brian MacDonald & Giuseppe Spezzano
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Great Learning
This podcast has tought me so much about relationships. Thank you. For some reason I've stopped receiving new episodes. I guess they just stopped the show without warning. Sad. I also loved no advertising.
Much appreciated!!
I have a 10-year-old, and since I became pregnant, I have been bombarded with advice from family, friends, total strangers, and parenting books. Much of this advice was contradictory, leaving me feeling confused and judged. This podcast has helped me immeasurably! The hosts use academic research (which they evaluate carefully), and then present it in a way that is not only clear and compelling, but immediately applicable to real life situations. When the hosts interview guest experts, they are invariably well-chosen and insightful. I have noticed increased intimacy and reduced conflict with my daughter, as well as increased confidence in my parenting, since listening to this podcast. Ultimately, parenting experts could give no greater gift--thank you!!!
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One of the best parenting resources I've found
The Family Anatomy is one of the most informed, balanced, and illuminating parenting resources I've come across anywhere.
Great info for parents
The hosts of the show are dads who are also psychologists. They give info that's based on their work as well as research, and they talk about their own parenting struggles too. Worth a listen!