The Gray Area with Sean Illing
The Gray Area with Sean Illing
Does China control Hollywood?
1 hour 4 minutes Posted Jul 14, 2022 at 3:30 am.
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Vox's Alissa Wilkinson talks with Wall Street Journal reporter Erich Schwartzel about Red Carpet, his new book detailing the myriad ways that Hollywood movies are affected by China. They discuss how Chinese markets are essential for the budgetary math of big blockbusters, the role of the Chinese Communist Party's censors play in shaping the content of American films, and what this complicated global relationship might for Hollywood's future — and the future of movies in general.

Host: Alissa Wilkinson (@alissamarie), film critic and senior culture reporter, Vox

Guests: Erich Schwartzel (@erichschwartzel), reporter, The Wall Street Journal; author


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