The Experience Points Podcast
The Experience Points Podcast
Jorge Albor, Scott Juster, Experience Points
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Great insight, hilarious, geeky
Very interesting and in-depth podcast about games, game communities, game mechanics, and the game industry. I look forward to this every week.
One of the best gaming podcasts out there
I’ve been listening for about a year and a half now, and I’ve got to say these guys are criminally underrated. Their debriefs, even if I don’t agree with many of them, are very well thought out and often lead to you having a better understanding about what works/what didn’t in a game. For example, their breath of the wild debriefs were incredibly funny and engaging, and underscored what made that game so special. Their weekly discussion topics are refreshing to listen to as opposed the usual news roundup of other podcasts. Finally, their end of the year content is always really fun to listen to.
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Great gaming discussion
EXP is always a treat to listen to. At the start of the episode, I don't know whether I get a thoughtful review, a nostalgic trip, or a hilarious debate, but it is always a good time.
Ches | +7 Intelligence
Enjoyable and insightful
I've been listening for I think a couple of years now. Always fun and insightful, the kind of podcast where I wish I could sit down with the hosts and continue the discussion after the episode. Also a good way to get the gist of what's happening in some of the genres and consoles that I'm not active in.
One of my favorite gaming podcasts
Been tuning in every week for a few years now and never disappointed. Jorge and Scott always have great insight, taste, and topical discussions. Smart and humble dudes getting down to the essence of why we explore and love games. Here's to 400 more. Cheers!
Great podcast for work
I work 12 hour shifts as a clinical chemist and like to listen to some music and podcasts to break up the monotony of lab work. For someone who also dabbles a little in game development, this podcast's alchemy of gaming insight and hilarity can't be beat! (Also, puns).
Intelligent and wholly entertaining
Just like the intro states, this podcast is a serious but not humorless show about video games. Hosts Jorge Albor and Scott Juster are highly entertaining, whether it be during laid-back news coverage or very intelligent and thorough analysis of games during their debrief episodes. ( A personal favorite being their series of EarthBound debriefs) These two never fail to keep my attention and provide some laughs along the way.
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Philip Trahan
A favorite
Always a pleasure to listen to their "serious but not humorless" take on games.
Steve Felix
Fun, informative, and smart
For insightful, entertaining, and amusing conversations about games and gaming, EXP is a real treat. I don't have the time to play as many games as I'd like, and this podcast is the next best thing. Jorge and Scott 'cast in a way that makes you feel like a friend in the room with them, and that authenticity makes the podcast one I always look forward to.
Eric Ryker
Amazing Show
Great show guys! Insightful conversations on a variety of games. This show is up there with KindaFunny and the old podcast Beyond.
Great gaming podcast
These guys are fantastic, great rapport with each other, clever and insightful analysis, and creative and humorous suggestions about the games they play. Topics vary from focusing on a single game to addressing a theme, mechanic, trope, or industry as a whole. I love listening to this podcast and can't recommend it enough.
Great podcast
I want to hang out with these guys. Very well informed discussions of the latest video game news, but without getting overly academic or pretentious. Also happy to hear them playing through my favorite game of all time, EarthBound. Keep up the good work, Scott and Jorge!
Dr. Andonuts
Lean, funny, and smart
I really appreciate a podcast that respects your time. These guys know there's an audience out there trying to listen, so the self-indulgence is at a minimum - unlike lots of other gaming podcasts. Smart but not snooty, and thoughtful but not ponderous, this is one of the best gaming shows out there.
Focus makes perfect
Unlike many other podcasts, which throw a ton of stuff at you, they focus on one game at one time and make some really enjoyable discussion. Nice job. Keep it up. :)
Arsenal prince
Consistently Excellent, Intelligent, & Approachable
The rare gaming podcast to talk in terms of culture, design, and storytelling, not just making a bunch of in-jokes. If you ever read criticism on Ars Technica or The A.V. Club (formerly Gameological) this has the same vibe. It's smart, but the hosts generally keep things light enough that it's almost always entertaining.
Usually insightful
As mentioned, this is a concise podcast, if you have sometime to take a deeper look at some topic about videogames, but not enough to sit through a rant, this is a good choice.
The best video game podcast
After having gotten caught up on the entire 270 episode catalog of EXP podcasts while running (~1 a day, every day), I finally feel qualified in saying that EXP is the best video game podcast out there, hands-down. While I also listen to Idle Thumbs, Moving Pixels (when it was still being updated), and IGN’s Podcast Unlocked and Nintendo Voice Chat, Jorge and Scotts’ conversations always come across as the best researched and most thorough of anything I have heard. Keep at it guys, love the show (and no, the early episodes aren’t nearly as bad as you guys keep making them out to be).
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Best video game podcast out there!!
I love listen to Scott and Jorge talk about games and gaming culture. Very well put together podcast and certainly something I look forward to each week.
One of the best
Favorite video game/culture commentary out there.
A great listen
Funny, concise and informed commentary on gaming.
Fellow Overthinkers, listen to this!
My favorite podcast is Overthinking It, which subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn't deserve. Experience Points, with its “serious but not humorless” take on games the definitive video game podcast for Overthinkers.
One of the Deepest, Most Fun Video Game Shows There is.
They take video games as a serious medium, and discuss it as such. Still, they have a casual, colloquial tone to them that allows for great laughs.
Brandon Cobb
Excellent, concise criticism
I always enjoy checking in with Scott and Jorge to listen to their insightful, focused and well-spoken conversation on whatever interests them about games.
Taking the Silly Seriously
A lot of the time games make me want to be silly but sometimes they make me want to be serious. For this mood I put on The Experience Points Podcast and get my fix. Does L.A. Noir's new advance in facial animation bring games closer to movies in level of emotion engagement? Is Red Dead Redemption anything like the real western frontier of the 19th century? Is that real upper body physics in Dead or Alive Paradise? Ok... there's the silly again. When you talk about games it's always just below the surface like lava under an igneous rock crust.
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Great show
I heard about this show from listening to the double fine podcast where the immensely talented and cute Tasha talks about this show to Tim as one of the few gaming pods she listens to. Thought I would give it a go and I'm not disappointed so far. It's quite high brow and structured for the most part but these guys don't take themselves too seriously. If you are tired of the regular format of most gaming pods or don't want to listen to drunk guys yelling and digressing(talkradar I'm looking at you) then give this a try. Keep up the good work.
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Great Stuff
I just started listening to this podcast about ten episodes ago, and I've been very impressed-- a couple of times I didnt think the topic would interest me, but the dynamic between the two hosts keeps things lively and engaging. What I like most is that this isn't just a current events podcast, but really a discussion of how video game news relates to political and social issues. For example, their supreme court podcast was funny and provoked some great discussion. I also loved when the brainy gamer talked about teaching ultima 4 to his students. Even more interviews would be great!
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Always interesting and insightful
Always a good listen no matter the topic. Not always agreeable but atleast their arguments are compelling.
Satisfied note taker
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