The Experience Points Podcast
The Experience Points Podcast
Jorge Albor, Scott Juster, Experience Points
A weekly show from the authors of Each episode we will have an in depth conversation on a particular video game related topic.
EXP Podcast #669: Summer Game Fest 2022
For all its troubles, E3 has still managed to leave a vacuum in its absence. But just like nature, the game industry abhors a vacuum and plenty of summer previews have rushed in to take place. This week we talk about Summer Game Fest, the Xbox showcase, and various other announcements. We also get very philosophical about space, much to nobody's surprise.
Jun 16
41 min
EXP Podcast #668: Another Sonic Facelift
Sonic fans are back at it again, this time demanding Sonic go...slow? Also on this week's podcast, we chat about Resident Evil coming to Netflix with a new live-action TV series and some of the cool looking games from Sony's most recent State of Play! Show Notes: * Music by Brad Sucks
Jun 9
35 min
EXP Podcast #667: 2022 Best Seller Check In
By the time you're done reading this sentence, someone has purchased Mario Kart 8. This week, we take a look at the NPD group's list of 2022's best selling games to date. Figuring out true sales numbers is an imperfect science these days, but if this is even somewhat accurate, it means that a whole lot of you out there are could be best described as "Tarnished."
Jun 2
40 min
EXP Podcast #666: Straight to Hell
It's episode 666 (mark of the beast!), which means it's time to throw the horns and get down with the devil. This week on the podcast, we chat about devilish and demonic video games.
May 27
33 min
EXP Podcast #665: MultiVersus Madness
The Iron Giant is back and this time it's personal. But first, he's going to go on a late night Jack in the Box run with Shaggy. This week, we talk about the MultiVersus announcement, what it says about media megacorp crossovers, and who we think we could take in a video game fight. Watch your back, Kojima.
May 19
36 min
EXP Podcast #664: Rogue Legacy 2 Debrief
It's time again for us, our children, and our children's children to throw ourselves into the castle that is Rogue Legacy 2. It's been ages since the last game game out - and over 420 episodes, so there are some major changes. But does it reignite our passion and meet the standards of today's Rogue-lites? All this and more in this week's debrief! Show Notes: - Music from the Rogue Legacy 2 OST
May 12
37 min
EXP Podcast #663: Gaming with The Batman
After watching the recent Batman movie, we came to a couple conclusions: 1) Batman's gamer tag is probably "V3ngence_420" and 2) there are some very interesting parallels between this latest cinematic take on the caped crusader and recent video game portrayals. This week we dive into the movie as well as various Batman games and how they've built on such an iconic character.
May 4
45 min
EXP Podcast #662: The Forever Streaming Wars
An update to the last podcast, Sony has updated their subscription policies and offerings and it's honestly getting better. Also, Netflix had a very bad week. Will they really invest heavily in gaming in the near future? Subscribe to find out! Show Notes: - Music by Brad Sucks
Apr 28
48 min
EXP Podcast #661: Difficulty and Delays in the News
This week we're dipping into some recent and headlines around game difficulty as well as the difficulty of putting on a physical event in the year 2022. Games like Eldin Ring and Tunic are still very much top of mind and their popularity has brought people to revisit how best to navigate the balance between challenge and letting players experience all a game has to offer. Back on the release and conference front, we talk about some MIA Nintendo games as well as the increasingly unpredictable future of everyone's favorite reason to escape from LA: E3.
Apr 14
41 min
EXP Podcast #660: Vampires, Maps, and Miquella
This week on the EXP Podcast, we fight hordes of monsters in the bullet-hill homage to Castlevania - Vampire Survivors. We also revisit and share some closing thoughts on Tunic and Elden Ring. Now, on to the Pacifist Pete run! Show Notes: - Music by Brad Sucks and Vampire Survivors
Apr 7
45 min
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