Hikers High is an experimental podcast in the works so have good conversations, asmr, and advice. Only gets better each episode!
Hiker High Test Walk/Hungos
Welcome to Hikers High a new and I'm proved podcast where we hike and talk about life. This was our first episode test walk next one will be even better so Stay Tuned 😉
Jul 28, 2022
1 hr 1 min
The LAST Podcast!!!!
It was honor yall, thanks for a good ride I love you all so much.
Dec 18, 2021
45 min
Max is EVOL
Let's keep it real, max is evol, island territories deserve to be free. Let's all just live free together and not let max stop us.
Sep 28, 2021
1 hr 14 min
Adventure of Psychedelia
In this episode, we deep dive into some of the world conspiracy's, psychedelics, and Nation wide freedom. Tom Cruz uses baby foreskin facial product; no wonder he's still looking good. GMO's are getting out of hand and we need to do something about it. Listen now, and here what goes down on this episode of E.T & A.G Podcast Show.
Jul 24, 2021
56 min
The Guests that impress
Back at you with some good vibes and special guests.
May 22, 2021
1 hr 23 min
Mother's Day Caffeine
What better way to start the day then some cameron's coffee. This coffee fueled podcast will take you on an exciting journey through the minds of E.T & A.G. We talk about the necessity of communication and building that skill. How are your bathroom habits...weird question, but really? Also, we will miss you Robert, thank you for all the memories we shared together when you where here. Where going to get a guest on next weeks podcast that wont upset, stay tuned!! If you want to be on E.T & A.G Podcast Show, or have a topic you want us to talk about, make sure to follow us on Instagram (et_agpodcasting) and send us a message!! In conclusion, Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!
May 9, 2021
1 hr 44 min
Birds & Traffic
Happy 1 year we keep the morning Podcast with the birds chirping and the traffic for old time sake. Listen to the greatest podcasters in the god damn world right now!!!!
Apr 27, 2021
47 min
Robby Bobby Johnson
Sea world has some real issues that need to get addressed.
Apr 7, 2021
59 min
A Growing Potato (Returning Buford)
Buford is a different man now making different choice and choosing a different path. In the Return of Buford he was a sad potato now he's a fat potato, but one day he just might grow into a sweet potato, listen to this potato go on his growing journey.
Mar 31, 2021
52 min
Tips and trick to get real lit. St Paty's Daddy
Mar 17, 2021
58 min
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