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The Eric Early Report Podcast
Eric Early
The Eric Early Report: Trump, Biden - Never a Dull Moment: Fauci the liar, ANTIFA the Marxists, and Thankfully F1 03-07-23
1 seconds Posted Mar 7, 2023 at 5:26 pm.
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A weekly discussion of the pertinent issues, Eric Early believes that we’re in a battle of good versus evil in this country right now. Eric is fighting against this creeping socialist/communist takeover that we’re watching. Eric Early has taken on the Swamp both at home and in Washington DC. He ran for Congress against Corrupt Congressman Adam Schiff and recently for California Attorney General. Eric Early is fearless and his mission is to expose the underbelly of the beast. Get out of your comfort zone. You are about to be woke for The Eric Early Report Podcast! If you cannot see the audio controls,