The Entrepreneurial Musician with Andrew Hitz
The Entrepreneurial Musician with Andrew Hitz
Andrew Hitz
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Coffee with Artists
It’s rare to have a host that engages and asks such good questions! Nothing stock, nothing plan just honest transformational conversations with artists you need to know.
You can teach an old dog....
As a “veteran” music teacher and performer, I had not given much thought to how I marketed myself and my music. This podcast has been a great way to help me re-evaluate how I approach the business side of music. Andrew and his guests present business and marketing information that compliments and enhances what a musician’s main job is-to make music. Definitely worth listening to!
This podcast is medium level in terms of quality. That is all I have to say about that.
Captivating; Engrossing; Reverse Scrub, Ready!
Captivating; Engrossing; Reverse Scrub, Ready!—Subscribe Now!—Unpack and load your mind. The amount of high level content is refreshing, insightful, and motivating. I didn’t realize I was missing this in my 20 years of music and education until I tuned in to Andrew Hitz. I have a lot of catching up to do with the treasure trove of catalogued podcasts and top-notch program notes. Jealousy to the youth who find this in their neophyte careers for their names will be know by a large audience. THANK YOU, Andrew Hitz!
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Jack Kinsella
I am a classical-pianist-new-listener to TEM after Angela Beeching promoted her own interview on the podcast. I've gone back and listened to other recent episodes and the interview with Ari Herstand is my current favorite. Thanks for the encouragement and food for thought!
Ears Engaged
This podcast keeps me excited and energized to continue pursuing my music entrepreneurial projects. I have no doubts in my mind that listening to both Andrew and his various guests over the past year have had a significant impact on where I am today and where I’m going to be in the coming years. Also I like the intro music.
Gimme Some Mo’. Keep It Going!
I absolutely love this podcast. As a musician who constantly has ideas churning in my head this podcast is a breath of fresh air. To hear Andrew and his guests talk about various ideas, real world scenarios, and just having a different mindset in regards to things away from the instrument is remarkable. I listen to this podcast (along with many others) along my drive from Anne Arundel County, MD to Fairfax County, VA in the mornings and not only is it informative and entertaining it is thought provoking. Andrew, please keep it going. This podcast is incredible and as Busta Rhymes would say “C’mon now! Gimme Some Mo’”
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Succinct and Thoughtful
Andrew’s podcast delivers a poignant message with every episode. His background as an educator allows him to deliver that message in different ways that help it to be retained in the memory of the listener. He and his guests are nothing short of brilliant, and I should have left a review years ago when I started listening. The Entrepreneurial Musician is a must-have supplement to the daily content diet of any musician, student, educator, or professional. Cheers, Ben
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Ben Vasko
I've listened to Andrew for years now, and his work hasn't gone unnoticed. He has helped many musicians including myself. His podcast is really well done, smart, clever, and funny. I hope my review helps to promote this podcast and brings in new listeners. Mat Somers Ponte Vedra Beach Florida, USA
Amazing podcast for musicians and entrepreneurs
I am a composer currently building my career or of school. This podcast offers so many great insights on things to think about in the business world and how to develop several different ideas. I look forward to hearing many more episodes. The quality of the podcast is also amazing!
I listen to several music entrepreneurship podcasts and this one is top notch. A variety of guests and topics to search through. Thanks for all the great advice and work, Andrew!
Great perspectives!
Life Changing
Andrew's and his guest's recommended books gave me the tools to complete an important project! I cannot more highly thank Andrew for his work. I am always giving referrals to this podcast to my colleagues and students.
Fun and informative!
Andrew is such a delightfully nerdy host, and his content and guests are always spot on. Be prepared to smile and learn!
I really didn't know how much I'd love this podcast when I first listened. As a pianist with a public school teaching background, continuing to find my way in the music field is exciting but crazy with many ways to make a career. Andrew's ideas, guests, and thoughtful questions he poses to them has really allowed me to brainstorm more creatively about my career path than I have in my undergraduate coursework and pre service teaching experience. I now feel inspired to create new ideas, try things out, and collaborate with other professionals! Love this show.
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Fantastic show!
Love Andrews show and get a lot out of it as a musician and entrepreneur. All the interviews are fantastic and his solos shows are communicated clearly and are packed with value!
Tackling Fuel
As he has said so many times in this show, Andrew’s guests’ insights and his own entertaining commentary makes me ready to “run through a brick wall” each time I listen. He curates a wonderful blend of experts from different fields, providing an inclusive listening experience for musicians and non-musicians alike. With the wealth of information in each episode, if you have a question, he has an answer.
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Weekly Kick in the Pants!
This podcast is my weekly kick in the pants! The guests inspire me to dream big as well as providing practical advice to keep moving forward.
Great for any musician
Thanks for making this podcast! It is so important to be an entrepreneur and musician. I’m an opera singer and I love this podcast!
Phenomenal Resource
This podcast is an incredible source of information and inspiration for both professionals and students. This is EXACTLY the kind of education music students (and really everyone) need in today’s world!
Absolutely Worth it
I always learn so much from this podcast. Whenever I feel directionless career wise I'll take a listen for renewed passion and plenty of thoughts about the entrepeneurial side of what we do!
Absolutely Worth it
I always learn so much from this podcast. Whenever I feel directionless career wise I'll take a listen for renewed passion and plenty of thoughts about the entrepeneurial side of what we do!
Thank you for what you do!
I took a “Music Enterprises” class in college, thinking that would teach me things about the biz. This podcast runs circles around that class. The real world is what we really need to hear about. The honesty and expertise of both guests and host are enlightening and extraordinarily helpful. A true wealth of information, from the life experiences of some great - and contemporary - musicians.
The OG Valpo Horn Star
amazing podcast
I’m an aspiring pianist and I love this podcast!! I found it a few months ago and have gone back and listened to almost every episode. It’s been such an amazing resource for education and inspiration in my career.
Informative and thought-provoking
It's great to hear more stories about people building a career and life in music that doesn't follow a set formula, because very few people who make music for a living have actually followed a set formula. The conversations between Hitz and the guests are very casual and easy to listen to, and his commentary episodes between interviews are always nice. A great read for any aspiring musician.
Boosting your music career
Excellent information for musicians of all levels!
Great information!
I love listening each week. Thank you for the great program. Happy to be number 75!
Great insights for Musicians or anyone
Whether you realize it or not, as a musician, you need to make your own path and market yourself. This podcast is a great help to think about new thinngs you could be doing, or should be doing as a working musician.
Brett Malta
Great content
I particularly like the book review of ‘The Dip’. I appreciate Andrew’s open and honest approach. He is obviously very passionate about what he’s talking about and shares that very clearly.
For any musician
This podcast is great for any musician. As a band director, I learn something with each episode that applies to my career. Must listen!!!
Great resource for musicians everywhere
I am, as my friend like to say, and expensively trained classical musician. Despite that, this podcast fills a gap in career advice, technical skills, and encouragement that I never received in school.
Real help for real life
TEM is a fantastic place to learn new ideas that students and teachers can implement immediately for improved success in the music business world and in the “classroom” where we have to constantly sell our product to the students who choose to take our classes. I find something useful in each episode and wish all of my friends and students would tune in as well. Thanks for the great podcast!
Perfect for all musicians
This podcast is a must listen for all musicians. Such fantastic information with lots of great quotes to really take to heart. Thank you!
This podcast is the cat’s pajamas!
I love this podcast! As a student near the end of my master’s degree, I am nervous that I will not find work. Good thing I found this podcast! After listening to a couple episodes, I feel like I have the tools to succeed as a musician. Thank you and keep it up! Can’t wait to keep listening!
Updated Review
This Podcast is fantastic. Yes, there are a lot of Brass Musicians talking about their careers. Andrew has been bringing in a diverse group of folks with very unique experiences. It has been and continues to be a fantastic education.
Thank you for this wonderful, inspiring, and informative podcast that is also frequently a gentle kick in the tail!
must listen for any aspiring entreprenerial musician
As a classically trained musician that is a music major in college, this podcast (and its resources) fills in the cirriculum gap. While this podcast interviews entrepreneurs primarily in the classical realm, the conecpts of business, networking, leveraging, etc, can be applied to all aspects of the music industry.
Trumpet Artist
Being a successful musician now requires being a successful entrepreneur. These podcasts are career building fuel and are what consistently motivate me to hustle and grind to attain my musical ambitions. Phenomenal guests and brilliant content. Keep em coming.
Buddy Deshler
A tremendous resource
There are TONS of music, business, and music business podcasts out there with good information. I've listened to countless episodes of countless shows. But there's something about The Entrepreneurial Musician that just gets it. The host (Andrew Hitz) walks the walk; he's not just a talking head, and he's not a multimillionaire whose advice is well-meaning-but-out-of-touch with the average working musician/entrepreneur (you know the podcasters I'm talking about). He also has a ridiculous talent for asking the right questions, getting to the heart of the point, and making each episode and guest truly valuable for us career musicians. There are lots of other podcasts that conduct interviews with interesting people, but most of them don't come off as focused or purposeful (or they veer off too much into inside-joke-banter territory). Something really special that the host of this show does is what he calls "TEM Shorts" -- short episodes between full interviews that distill those interviews into the most salient, actionable, motivating points. They're great to listen to if you're short on time or don't want to hear an entire episode. He basically gives you the cheat sheet redux. Anyway, I could go on and on, but suffice to say, I am very grateful for this podcast and the incredible labor Andrew Hitz puts into it! Must listen for any career-oriented musician.
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Chrysanthe Tan
The best private lessons you'll ever take...
I have been listening over the past several months and am a devoted follower now. I've recommended this podcast to my students at the University of Utah and at Western Wyoming College as they prepare to enter the marketplace of the professional music world. I'm pursuing a DMA in trumpet performance with a related field of arts management. The diverse backgrouds of Andrew's guests appeals to my varied interests in the music field. I can't speak highly enough about the quality of this series. The guests always have so much to share of value, and it is obvious that Andrew does his homework in preparing for each episode. The interviews have helped me to take a deeper look into my own marketing strategies and that of organizations I support. I serve on the board of a large chamber music concert presenter and the concepts often covered are so relevant to what we do as an organization while also helping me on a personal level. Keep up the great work!
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Great Resource
This is an awesome resource for learning about alternative ways of creating multiple income strwams for musicians. Most of our college music school curriculums would have been perfect if we had been in school 100 years ago. This is a great supplement to what SHOULD be taught in college.
Required listening for music students!
There are many ideas on this podcast that you’ll only discover if you have friends who have worked all aspects of the music industry for decades. Listen and learn something every episode!
I just listend to Andrew's conversation with Noa Kageyama. I've been a fan of Noa's for a long time and really enjoyed the conversation. Wonderful interview Andrew. Thanks!
Andrew has shared so many resources and spread so many ideas. This podcast has helped me find some of my favorite books on the business, and helped get my butt in gear to start my own podcast.
Life Takes a While
Invaluable Knowledge
Andrew Hintz curates an amazing list of entrepreneurs and musicians from all genres and facets of the music industry. Every episode is incredibly interesting and I've never felt more inspired as a young musician and creative to get out there and dive head first into the hustle of this ever changing industry. A must listen.
Toon Lagoon
Helps keep me inspired, even when Andrew goes off on yet another tangent. Hey, it's part of his charm.
Start listening now!!
If you are interested in a career in music, you should be listening to this podcast. There is no question that I learn something in every episode that I can directly implement into my current business and musical life. Incredible guests and a thought provoking (funny!) host. It is THE podcast for the entrepreneurial musician.
Educated and Inspired
Thank you Andrew Hitz for this gerat podcast! I enjoy listening to you and your guests speak about music, business, life, and everything in-between. Your podcast has provided great resources. Anyone that wants to better themselves in the music business needs to listen to this podcast. I am always educated and inspired by each episode.
Jason Lenz
Fantastic Podcast!
This is a really helpful and important podcast if you're interested in getting into the music industry, or are already want to be inspired to do more. Lots of great tips, advice, and things to inspire. Thank you Andrew!
Mat Somers
Must listen for young aspiring musicians
Informative and entertaining!
Great Resource for Musicians!
I've learned a lot from listening to this podcast. Thanks, Andrew!
Tuck Tuckington
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