The EntreLeadership Podcast
The EntreLeadership Podcast
Ramsey Network
Hosted by Daniel Tardy, the EntreLeadership Podcast features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business by some of the top minds in the business, like Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Jim Collins and Simon Sinek. More at
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Want to be a better leader? Listening up!
Daniel Tardy is an excellent host and one of my favorite Ramsey personailites!
Trevor Oldham
I just started listening to the podcast and this is a great episode to me motivated.
Incredible Interviews and Valuable Lessons
This podcast is full of engaging, insightful interviews, and important information for growing as an entrepreneur.
Winning advice for entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs are a distinct breed from other leaders and this podcast does a superb job of speaking to our needs. I especially enjoyed the interview with Jeb Blount on how to coach your sales team. I think I got just as much out of it relative to how to coach myself as I did tips for how to lead my sales team. Thanks so much for the timely and relevant advice
Wendy SJ
Simple yet practical tips for being a leader
Great episode! Though this podcast is aimed towards business leaders, Michael Hyatt’s advice on casting vision is worth a listen for everyone in any type of leadership position!
Needs more critical debate
Good show, but the interviewer needs to challenge the guests and ask harder questions. Dave Ramsey, while brilliant, presented a pretty unconventional idea about never taking on debt, even a single dollar, and the host just let him run with it. He asked softball questions that didn’t challenge Dave’s point of view at all. What about Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, etc? None of those companies (and thousands more) would have been anything without taking on some form of debt. What about buying a house? This is the stuff they should’ve been talking about. And also, enough with the religious talk Dave. This is business not church.
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One of my must listen to business podcasts.
I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is one that always delivers pertinent, timely and useful information to help grow our business.
Awesome Podcast to Subscribe to!
Kudos! Looking forward to your next episodes!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Ayyyy this podcast is litty. And very knowledgeable
Baldo Maspab
Must follow
To the point advice in different financial areas from business to personal experiences. Enjoy the flow of the podcast.
Love This Podcast
I'm loving listening to this podcast. High quality content with actionable takeaways. Alex is leading great discussions with excellent guidance.
Fellow Dave Ramsey guys
Hi Fellow Dave Ramsey guys! I just wrote my first business book called: B2B Sales Degree Any support from any Dave fans in business would be awesome! Thanks!!
This is a great show, Alex asks incredibly good questions and is a magnificent interviewer. It really helps keep me pumped while building my business! Thank you EntreLeadership!
Friday’s bonus
Thank you for the excellent gift of this episode. It was a pep talk that is needed for all small business owners. The struggle with control of going forward is real. The episode was a reminder of somethings we can move forward with plans and to plan on changing. Thank you from a small but soon to be mighty business owner.
gathering girl
In the Trenches episode
The “In the Trenches” Episode may be one of the best that I’ve heard. Great in depth conversation with an actual business owner offering advise.
Very informative
This podcast is always a joy to listen to and very informative. I really enjoyed Suzanne Simms and would like to hear more from her!
Religious views unneeded
Such a shame that high quality content gets tainted by religious proselytizing.
Hill Phellmuth
Great informative podcast!
I don’t own a business but still love this podcast! They teach foundational, timeless principles that are proven to work, according to the success of the practitioners they interview (and Ramsey Solutions itself). They are also not afraid to include their faith in their work, which is so refreshing. Not everyone is going to agree with that approach, of course, but that’s the beauty of diversity. We all need podcasts like this to broaden our perspectives a little.
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So happy to have found this!!
Solid but not inclusive
Excellent guests. Great questions asked. Though if you look at Entreleadership and what they stand for, it’s highly exclusive. They bring religion into business more than makes me comfortable, and talk about how they hire based on religious beliefs (I highly advise against doing this). And their social media channels have openly racist fans who the admins don’t respond to...they let racist comments exist. On the surface I love this podcast though have abstained from any of their events due to the questionable inclusivity and ethics of this group.
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Quality, consistent inspiration and motivation
I’ve been listening to the Entreleadership podcast for almost 5 months now. I have a long commute time to work (about an hour), and instead of dreading Mondays, I look forward to starting my week because that means a new episode to listen to on that first early morning drive in. This podcast has been instrumental in helping me gain insight as to where I stand and what I can do in my current position, and is inspiring me to think outside the box for what I can work towards. Thank you to all those involved that put this show together!
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Nissa C.
Amazing podcast
I had absolutely no education or experience prior to starting up a shoe company. I never considered myself a leader “type”. This podcast has introduced me to books, people, and principles that became my education. The principles they teach are correct and have carried me further than I imagined when I first began this journey of entrepreneurship!
Terral Fox
Personal Growth
Great podcast to listen to. I come away with another book added to my reading list almost each week.
Deeply Impactful
There’s no end to the incredible advice and encouragement given to business owners or those looking for the encouragement to become a business owner.
Alex Judd
Great encouragement
It’s a good show and everything but it seems like it’s mostly catered to white collar workers and people who sit behind a desk all day. Could be improved a bit.
Thank You & Miss Ken Coleman
I owe so much of my professional growth and development since 2014 to the EntreLeadership podcast and Ken Coleman. Thank you! However, I’m no longer subscribed to this podcast and no longer recommend this podcast like I used to. This show had a great run with Ken Coleman, but with recent changes, the show quality has declined and it lacks depth for mature leaders.
Hyatt interview 💰💰💰
The nuggets in the first twenty minutes are pure gold and will help you as a leader transform your meetings from wasted time to multiplied time. Thanks Alex Judd and the team for putting this out there. I will implement the AEIOU next week on our management team meeting here in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
I listen to some of these over and over... taking notes while I’m on the treadmill every morning. Keep the content coming. This podcast has helped my leadership so much.
Kyle Goff
The interview is only as good as the interviewer
Alex Judd - I’ve been a Ramsey group fan for years now, and you are On Fire! I respect Ken Coleman, but Alex definitely exceeds Ken in preparation and skill with his interviews. Nearly every time Alex asks a question, I think YES, what a great question! And it pulls out of the interviewee another amazing layer of insight. Really loving the EntreLeadership Podcast!
Best In Business Leadership
So many great episodes but my favorites so far are The Art of Possibility and Setting the Standard. Such great info and inspiring as well. Thank you for just what I need at a time I’m trying to recharge to take our business from a tough year to a higher level of excellence.
Ken Coleman
I miss Ken Coleman as host so much! I listen to his show now and I’m so happy for him and his career growth. I found Ken Coleman’s interview skills and storytelling to far exceed Alex’s so I really miss Ken Coleman and I hope Alex grows into those skills more!
Free, Added Value, Phenomenal
This is an absolutely value-packed show. As a matter of fact, the whole Dave Ramsey Network is value-packed. My biggest takeaways so far, in case you never find the episodes: **Paraphrased** 1.) NEVER ask for a raise. It’ll put your employer on the defensive. Instead invite discussion on your growth plan and in the midst of that discussion request a compensation assessment. Huge! I will be using this one very soon as I have obtained 3 AWS certifications since I started working. 2.) PROXIMITY PRINCIPLE 3.) From the Chick-Fil-A episode: find a purpose beyond money. Focus on generating fans, not sales. You won’t want to retire early with lots of money if you’re actually doing something you love. You won’t feel like you’re working at that point.
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Patrick Yumul episode!
In the latest episode, the guest succinctly explained the value of a team’s dedication to their craft. Applied specifically to restaurants but anyone pursuing a career or honing their skills should listen.
Dr. DR Dave Randall
Alex is truly amazing
Phenomenal Leadership Mind. He’s immersed in making businesses better, you’re gonna love this podcast as much as I do.
The Murder Mystery Company
Great podcast
Alex does an amazing job it’s a great podcast
Value in Every Episode
The EntreLeadership podcast addresses relevant issues for anyone - entrepreneurs, business leaders, or just those interested in improving themselves through personal growth. Every episode brings value. The guests make you think, encourage you to be introspective, and provide tools for the really challenging situations in which every leader finds themselves. This is not the kind of podcast I can listen to in the car. I need pencil and paper and the time to rewind and write down the many pieces of wisdom I hear from every guest and every episode. Thanks to Ken Coleman for his work on this podcast and I am looking forward to hearing more from Alex Judd as he takes the helm!
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Information & Application
Been listening for a while. I don’t just want information, I want application too! Thanks for the effort, great production value and applicable information. Tell my friend Ken Coleman what’s up! 😁
Great Podcast for Leaders who want to learn and grow!
I appreciate all the personal insight and wisdom that comes from each episode. I find myself sharing episodes with friends, family and coworkers all the time. Thank you Ramsey Solution with this amazing resource!
Jonathan Hawley
I love Alex as the new host!!!
I enjoy listening to Alex’s voice! His presentation is great.
This podcast understands leadership starts with people.
Alex has taken the EL podcast and brought passion and dedication to help leaders at all levels excel. If you could only listen to 1 podcast week after week as a new leader or a seasoned professional the EL podcast is the 1 for you. Week after week Alex and the EL team take us deep into the topics that leaders are dealing with, growing in and learning about. Taken strait from the play book of Dave Ramsey and other incredible leaders.
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Weekly growth
Thinking of a degree in Organizational and/or personal leadership development? Need to grow yourself and/or your business? Spend each Monday with the EntreLeadership team and grow yourself to be better in all sorts of life areas and challenges. I am so grateful for the diverse, deep, and challenging content from this podcast! Every leader ought to listen!!
Riveting Podcast!
All I can say is that; I’m absolutely moved!
Leni Wilson
A favorite
This podcast was the reason I got the podcast app several years ago and now I am always listening to this or that. But I always find myself coming back to this one. The interviews are great and full of valuable information. Some are focused on business but so much of it applies even more to my own personal growth and just being a leader in my family. Love it. Thank you!
Expand your circle of mentors
I believe it was Jim Rohn who said, “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,” ... I keep this podcast as one of my sources of influence. The host and producer do a fantastic job putting together this show and the people that bring on are top notch.
Brock Dunlap
EL Next Level Leadership
From working alongside both Alex and Ken, I’ve experienced their consistent hard work and tireless dedication towards providing powerful content for building up leaders. I’m excited to see a transition of trusted team members to raise up leaders within Ramsey and to grow Alex into this host role. This podcast is the highlight of my Monday and I’m stoked to see how it will continue to thrive in this new season.
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Sarge OG
My Favorite Business Podcast
I am stoked for the latest EntreLeadership episode coming out every Monday! Always such good, tangible, and practical wisdom from leaders and business owners. Also, super excited for the new host, Alex! Have loved hearing him contribute and looking forward to more in the future!
Content is King!
Great shows are all about the content and this is a great show. It’s my mainstay for fresh business insight. My TOP Podcast!
Brilliant Business Ideas!
By far ONE of the BEST Podcasts. I listen intently and receive the most inspiring and implementable advice. I've learned a great deal about how I choose to show up and what leadership really means, vs. what we're told in memes and quotes by job seekers turned advice therapists. The best part of these interviews is that each one has at least 3-5 actionable implementable items I can use daily in my business. I've also learned about how to lead myself in a way that aligns with the values I didn't know I was practicing. From Ian Morgan Cron to Carly Fiorina this podcast has something for every business owner and if you're not listening, you're not learning. Start listening.
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NL Jolie
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