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The EntreLeadership Podcast
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Hosted by Daniel Tardy, the EntreLeadership Podcast features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business by some of the top minds in the business, like Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Jim Collins and Simon Sinek. More at
#397: Why All Leaders Need an Assistant with Tricia Sciortino
Tricia Sciortino, CEO of Belay, gives insight into how a high-performing executive assistant can buy back a business owner’s most valuable asset—time.
Oct 18
52 min
#396: How to Find Meaningful Work with Shawn Askinosie
Founder of the bean-to-bar chocolate company, Askinosie Chocolate, Shawn Askinosie shares the practices that led him to find his calling.
Oct 11
1 hr
#395: Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Leadership with Dr. Chip Dodd
The Voice of the Heart author Dr. Chip Dodd shares why your emotions and feelings are actually tools of strength—not weakness—for both your business and your life.
Oct 4
1 hr 13 min
#394: Defining Purpose, Vision and Mission with Ken Coleman
Ramsey Personality Ken Coleman breaks down the differences between purpose, vision and mission and how they work together to keep your team moving in sync.
Sep 27
1 hr 4 min
#393: How Not to Build a Business with Jason McCarthy
GORUCK founder and CEO Jason McCarthy shares how his early adventures in business ownership helped him find deeper meaning for his company.
Sep 20
57 min
#392: Paths to Success From How I Built This with Guy Raz
After interviewing hundreds of the top names in business, author and host of NPR’s How I Built This podcast, Guy Raz, shares his key takeaways for building a successful business.
Sep 13
54 min
#391: Opportunity Through Persistence with Cordia Harrington
The Bakery Cos. founder and CEO Cordia Harrington shares her story of building a business and team that continues to thrive—even in a global pandemic.
Sep 6
56 min
#390: Why Does Your Business Exist? with Jimmy Mellado
Jimmy Mellado, President and CEO of Compassion International, shares how a deep connection to purpose is jet fuel for your business.
Aug 30
56 min
#389: How to Coach Your Sales Team with Jeb Blount
Jeb Blount, sales and leadership thought leader, shares how to coach your sales team to serve and win the hearts of customers time after time.
Aug 23
1 hr 1 min
#388: Determining Your One Thing with Gary Keller
Author Gary Keller explains why focusing on one singular thing in your business is a game changer and why doing less allows you to achieve so much more.
Aug 16
58 min
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