The English We Speak
The English We Speak
BBC Radio
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Learn new words easily from this show
Can listen every where, everytime and help to improve my listening skill and vocabulary.
Mi Nyan
Very useful
I love to listen every day
Dhan chhetri
Too short
Good day, why do you not make up a long class? You guys are great, but I would like to have a full class. I have to invest too much time to play a next episode. Make up episodes of at least 60 minutes long.
Love it!
Great idea for a short little show that demonstrates the meanings of words and phrases. And love the gal named Faye Faye!!
Getting your phrases right!
This podcast is a good one to learn phrases in English language. It helps in increasing your linguistic skills and knowledge about English grammar.
Mohammed Taha Faridi
U should learn this
The best podcast i have ever learnt. It's easy to listen, take in and remember. I love u bbc, love u the e we speak
Elena Le
I like this!!! But....
I like this program a lot! Short but useful. However, it can't auto updated recently... I'm in China... Suppose it's my country's problem. Feel sad... I really hope it could work again!!!
Thank you
A good source of knowledge for us
So funny! Thanks🎓
Easy and usefull👏
Si bon ~
Very useful
mahesh kumar
It is such an amazing thing for English learners to get access to English culture.
Excellent Podcast
Pretty Good and quite useful for English Learner!
This chapters who on earth are we? are really really boring and some useless.