The English We Speak
The English We Speak
BBC Radio
Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service
Some things are obvious but maybe this word isn’t. Listen to the programme.
Jul 26
1 min
Down / Up for something
If there is something you are interested in doing now, we have an expression for you.
Jul 20
2 min
Learn a new meaning of the word 'savage'.
Jul 12
2 min
Learn an informal word to say something is amazing.
Jul 6
2 min
Learn an informal word to express shock.
Jun 28
2 min
Do you live for the moment?
Jun 21
2 min
If you want to say something has a good aura, we have an expression you can use.
Jun 15
2 min
Do you know what to call someone who’s new to something or very inexperienced?
Jun 8
2 min
Learn a word to describe behaving like an adult.
May 31
2 min
Push back
Learn a phrase about delaying things.
May 17
2 min
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