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The Energy Healing Podcast || Happiness | Life | Inspiration | Success| Health | Motivation
Tara Williams
The energy healing podcast will wake you up to the incredible possibilities of your body's ability to heal by using the tools already inside of you. You'll learn the techniques for blasting out your fears, anxiety, phobias, depressed feelings and self sabotaging thoughts, so you can better understand who you are, why you're here, and what your purpose is. All while learning from some incredible energy coaches, healers, and practitioners who will share their wisdom and techniques on how they've used energy work to find greater happiness through energy healing! &
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“I wanted someone that was normal”
In episode one she states “I wanted someone normal.” First thing with healing or be healed should be not judging others and focus on yourself. Don’t put labels on people when your trying to be positive.
“I love being broken...”
Kimberly Watts- Words are nothing powerful enough to express my deepest gratitude for what you said on the show. “I love being broken because being broken is a way to actually be built!”. Broken has been a trigger word for me and a part of my therapy (no meds, mind and body healing), but any time I hear that word I burst into tears. I’ve been open to so many messages lately and things presenting themselves to me. This show is one of them and for this to be the first one I hear, for me, was my spirit talking to me through you. Those words you said were so....freeing!! I burst into major ugly crying before bursting out laughing!!!! Such a revelation all in a few words!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO BOTH OF YOU FOR THIS. MY GRATITUDE IS WITH YOU FOREVER!!! 🙌🏼🙏🏼💕
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Sarah Luna 818
People usually come to podcasts to learn especially when the titles imply you will be learning something. Instead all you did was tell your story and promote your classes. I came to learn and if I felt connected I would THEN go further to seek you out. I understand this is a personal podcast and you have a choice on how you want to present things this is just honest feedback. I find my healers through podcasts and this was really not informative. People want to trust first.
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Appeals to a very narrow conservative audience.
I consider myself Christian. I am a heterosexual woman married to a man. However, I have several friends who are gay and or bisexual. They are beautiful loving people and I would never refer them to this podcast. The way the host addresses her audience, assuming they all have husbands, that God is “male,” is just such a turn-off to me. It seems outdated and exclusionary. The host seems like a very nice person but doesn’t seem evolved/aware of lifestyles different from her own.
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Prayer answered
This podcast has CHANGED my life. It makes me sick to think I would’ve never come across it. Filled with sooo much light and truth. So grateful for these two women and everyone involved💜
Love it!
So informative. Tara has such great things to share and I love every episode.
Amazing podcast
Very inspiring and easy to listen. Short and informative. Highly recommended for anyone who’s searching for higher meaning.
Needs better audio
Decent content, but the mouth and tongue noises while she talks are so loudly distracting that I struggle to focus on the content.
Just a commercial
Seems like this is all just for a sale. I completely understand podcasts are mainly to direct you to another call to action, however, there was nothing to get from this podcast besides her talking about how much her “class” has helped her.
First Time listener
I enjoyed the first episode I heard that featured Kim who paused painting her house to share some insightful words. Tara you made it real and relatable! Going through the darkness to see the light Amen I agree! Thank you for this great episode I will definitely be tuning in more often for your insightful,spiritual, helpful words!
S. Monique
Exceptional, practical, helpful
I am really enjoying listening to this podcast and using some of these tools. I can see a sustainable difference in my mood, my attitude, my energy level, my sleep quality, and my peace and calm.
Just the podcast I've been looking for!
I'm a Christian who's fairly new to the knowledge of energy work, and I've been searching for just this podcast! Thank you for breaking everything down and for being a source of hope and encouragement!
Tara makes energy healing so approachable!
She is so knowledgeable and explains everything!
Awesome awesome podcast
I recently discovered this podcast and have been listening to the archived episodes at every opportunity. Tara Williams is heart-centered, genuine and so knowledgeable about energy healing. She covers topics thoroughly, effectively and abundantly; at the end of each episode I feel like I’ve just gained valuable knowledge that is truly relevant to my life. The inspiring and important work that Williams is doing can be experienced first-hand by listening to this podcast. I’m deeply grateful for the effect it is having on me at a time when personal change was/is absolutely necessary.
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Montana 36
Great Podcast!
I was feeling down and out of my place,then I found this podcast and Tara does an amazing job healing and giving me motivation.
Saanya A.
Great for personal growth!
I’ve enjoyed listening to you and always take something away to apply to my journey and growth!
This hit my soul, people who speak the language I speak. Thank you for this! I’m really working on self care and self love right now so again, thank you!
Interesting but does not help
Tara recounts stories but does not give tools nor does she explains how to clear.
I have just started listening to this podcast, and I’m only on episode 4, but Tara has inspired me to have hope and to know that I’m not alone and there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel that I’m currently in.
lyssa val
Though i am only 14 episodes into this podcast, it has already started something inside me that I knew was there but for whatever reason was procrastinating on focusing on. I struggle with anxiety and repetitive thoughts and even just listening to Tara’s voice calms me and brings me back to my peaceful truth. I love that it is for anyone to listen to, not just those of a particular faith or lifestyle.
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God is good!
I came upon this podcast just this week and listened to every episode and am currently caught up! Such a wealth of knowledge, and the work she does is so inspiring!! I’m hoping to learn (and practice) energy healing once another class opens. Until then, I’m going to take what I currently know from listening to Tara and apply it to my life! Thank you!! Ps- her son is so ADORABLE!! Just love when he’s a guest host on her podcast!
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Enlightened Believer
Great information!
I have wanted to understand this topic of energy healing. This is a very helpful podcast!
I’m fascinated
I was super skeptical of energy healing but really connected with Tara on her other podcast with her husband, the 8 Minute Millionaire. The more I listen the more truth I hear. I love her perspective and the hope she’s giving me to be able to move past the many faults I have which are holding me back. You’re one in a million Tara!!
She has opened a whole new world to me!!!!
I knew I loved self development, but I had no idea what energy healing was! It's an amazing tool within us that Tara helps to understand so clearly!
Macayla R.
Listening to this podcast has changed my life!
I’ve been on a transformational journey for the last year and a half and boy, what s journey it has been so far. I stumbled upon Tara’s podcast at such a divinely Times moment in my life. I already understood basic principles of energy and the Universe and this podcast and Tara’s wisdom has helped me to learn, understand and see so much more in just a short amount of time. I love Tara’s soothing voice, calming wit and warm wisdom — 5 stars! If you’re interested in learning how to be your best self, finding that unidentifiable thing that’s been holding you back and shattering it, you’re in the right place!
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Canary Lea
Thanks for this podcast and hope this continues. Great information and transformational.
I needed this...
It’s amazing how everything in my life has been shifting towards this. Grateful for this podcast.
It’s worth a listen even if you’re skeptical.
I searched for a podcast for mental health while in a mental state of anxiety and fear. I was looking for something to listen to that I can learn from and maybe try to find something to help calm the beast of anxiety. I wasn’t looking for a cure, but for a distraction that was positive and helpful. Up til that point I had been doing what everyone advises you to do when they hear you’re anxious, just keep busy. But I didn’t feel like that was helping anything long term. It felt more like avoidance. Anyway, Tara has a cheerfulness that is really pleasant. I can be the type of person who is out off by eternal optimism, haha, like c’mon no one is that happy. But Tara finds a way to keep relatable. I appreciate that though Tara is running a business, she’s not always trying to get you to buy something. She offers so much information for free and with the intent of helping and sharing her gift that her self-promotion at the end isn’t a turn-off. I would love to book a session with Tara, and I’m sure her rates are comparable. It’s just not something that it’s my budget now or the relative future. I often find myself in tears while listening. Not out of sorrow but because she does in fact hit a lot of my triggers and helps me just release that chaotic, anxious energy inside me.
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Where have you been all my life! I can’t stop listening to each and every podcast. These messages were meant for me in the stage of my life! Thank you!
Holistic Wellness Coach
I absolutely love the contents, her voice, and how well she tells a story! She had me on the edge of my seat! The Podcast was to the point and I actually learned some things about energy work that I didn’t know! I’d listen to as many podcasts that she’ll produce.
Fascinating and Inspiring!
I'm in love with what Tara is doing with this podcast! The fact she is helping others discover their innate healing power is wonderful.
Excellent show.
This show is packed with excellent content. This podcast helps me on a daily basis as a recovering addict. I actually started a podcast of my own called Addictions. If you at the show were interested I'd love to do some cross podcast stuff.
Take your spirit to the next level
I've been going through a journey and this podcast is truly putting everything together for me. I am a spiritual person and go to church but this is allowing me to see the power I have within along with all the help I have from God and Angels. Instead of being completely wrecked by things emotionally I am taking them in and sorting them out. Thank you so much Tara!
Awesome Podcast
Tara host of The Energy Healing Podcast highlights all aspects of happiness and inspiration in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
What an inspired podcast!
I firmly believe that Heavenly Father led me to this podcast at just the right time. I've had lots of experiences and teaching with energy work and have come to a road where I know a lot of my energy blocks are generational. I felt like I was alone in uncharted territory. Until I happened to stumble upon this podcast. I was immediately drawn to the episode about generational clearing and felt such a renewed sense of hope and purpose in my trials. Thank you Tara for your candor and vulnerability in shedding such a fresh and happy light on energy work.
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I've listened to 3 episodes and am amazed at how spot on this is. Tara is relatable and I can connect to everything she is saying. I feel my energy flowing in a positive way already. Highly recommend this!!
cool podcast!
Idit Sharoni
I love this podcast!
I love the information and the way Tara shares it. She's so positive and upbeat- it always puts me in a great mood!
Love this podcast! <3
Loving this podcast! It's my favorite new discovery and came into my life just when I feel like I needed it most! I am learning so much and eager for more! Thank you for all of the work that you do, Tara! x
Wonderful podcast
Very interesting show, uncovers the mysteries of the Energy Healing which was a totaly new and fascinating world for me. Thanks.
Hayut Yogev
Great Stuff!!!
Wow! Great podcast! Thank you!!
Touching and Vulnerable
Thanks for sharing your personal experience with you and Kaizen. Your vision inspires and motivates us listen to our inner guides. Keep up the good work! 👍
Angela Brown Oberer
Your son is amazing ...
Wow! The Episode was raw & real! Both you and your son seemed so in tune with each other's energy. Very rare. A gift.
Great podcast!!
I'm so glad I found this podcast! Tara is such a great host and has such powerful ideas on this show. I can't wait to hear more.
Energy healing can seem kind of woo-woo, but Tara helps it seem like something we all need and can all understand. This podcast will help you understand your need for energy healing and how it can help your life.
love this!
Tara, Self Doubt is the best episode! For everyone, this is a must listen to podcast and episode. Thank you, loooking forward to llistening to more as you release them, thank you Tara! debi›
You Say What I Need To Hear
I can't hear this enough. They say repetition is key and it is so true. I loved listening to Tara because of her energy and honesty. Loved this one for sure!
Love this Podcast!
Tara's the real deal. She is authentic, caring and extremely knowledgeable about her work! I am getting so much out of listening to this. Thank you Tara!
Fantastic Show!
This is a great, inspiring podcast that does a terrific job of explaining the power of energy healing and how it can help anyone acheive better health & live a more optimal life! Tara brings an authentic enthusiam along with an abundance of information and resources for anyone interested in this topic. Very, very useful information!! Keep up the great work!
Totally cool (and informative)!
This is a really cool podcast - how interesting it is to hear about energy, healing and you! Tara explains it in an intelligent and fun way. Listen and learn!
Laura @ Leash Up Pidcast
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