The Empowering Neurologist Podcast
The Empowering Neurologist Podcast
David Perlmutter MD
The Empowering Neurologist is an interview series with some of the most exciting thought leaders in the field of health and wellness.
Episode 104: Dr. Catherine Shanahan
Today on The Empowering Neurologist, I spend some time with Dr. Catherine Shanahan, author of the new book The Fatburn Fix. In her new book, Dr. Shanahan makes it very clear that we need to reassess our notions of fearing dietary fat and embrace the idea that making good decisions as it relates to the type of fats we consume will help ensure our health. Please enjoy this interview.
Aug 18
38 min
Episode 103: Dr. Dale Bredesen
Unfortunately, there is no treatment that has any merit for Alzheimer’s disease, which affects close to 5.8 million Americans. Dr. Dale Bredesen has pioneered a novel approach to Alzheimer’s disease that is proving successful in reversing this disease. His new book, The End of Alzheimer’s Program, focuses on providing hands-on information with respect to what each of us can do today to preserve our brains as well as what can be done for patients with existing Alzheimer’s dementia.
Aug 10
58 min
Episode 102: Dr. Uma Naidoo
Today, we explore how our nutritional choices impact us from a mood perspective with our very special guest, Dr. Uma Naidoo. Michelin-starred chef David Bouley described Dr. Uma Naidoo as the world’s first “triple threat” in the food as medicine space: She is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, professional chef, and a nutrition specialist. Her niche work is in Nutritional Psychiatry and she is the author of the upcoming title “This is Your Brain on Food” and this is the subject of our discussion.
Aug 3
46 min
Episode 101: Dr. Matthew Phillips
Today on The Empowering Neurologist I had the pleasure of again spending time with Dr. Matthew Phillips. He’s been on the program in the past discussing the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet in Parkinson’s disease.   Today he explores the notion of fasting, and reveals how powerful a therapy this may represent as it relates to both keeping the brain healthy as well as in the treatment of existing disease.
Aug 3
37 min
Episode 100: Dr. Danilo Bzdok & Dr. Robin Dunbar
One of the most pervasive recommendations in the time of COVID-19 centers on socially distancing ourselves from others. An unfortunate consequence of this seems to be increasing social isolation. Social isolation begets loneliness, and loneliness is pervasive in modern society. Research reveals profound relationships between levels of loneliness and risk for various health conditions. We interview Dr. Danilo Bzdok and Dr. Robin Dunbar who authored a new review entitled The Neurobiology of Social Distance.
Jul 19
58 min
Episode 99: Dr. Ingmar Gorman
Integration Psychotherapy, pioneered by our guest, Dr. Ingmar Gorman, is a fascinating technique that brings a powerful level of therapeutic efficacy to the use of psychedelics. So much literature is being published describing the efficacy of psychedelic compounds in the treatment of PTSD, refractory depression, etc. As Dr. Gorman makes clear, equally important to the taking of the medicine is the post-experience therapy that helps frame and contextualize what the psychedelic experience has presented.
Jul 7
54 min
Episode 98: Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen
Might there be genomic influences on outcome of COVID-19 infection? This is the subject of our discussion with Harvard-trained Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen on The Empowering Neurologist. In addition to our review of the role of genomics as it relates to a person’s response to coronavirus infection, Dr. Hausman-Cohen reveals some very interesting data about the role of two natural supplements, Sambucus and Andrographis, in immunity as well as viral infections specifically.
May 11
52 min
Episode 97: Dr. Jeffrey Bland
One of the most important contributors to disease processes associated with biological aging is something called “cellular senescence.” A growing body of science reveals that eliminating senescent cells, older cells that have lost their function, may prove to be helpful with many age-related diseases. Today’s interview is with Dr. Jeffrey Bland. Dr. Bland, founder and president of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, is a leading authority on the topic of senotherapeutics.
Apr 27
54 min
Episode 96: Dr. Christopher Kerr
Our guest today is Dr. Christopher Kerr, author of the new book, Death Is But a Dream. Dr. Kerr is a hospice doctor. All of his patients die. Yet he has cared for thousands of patients who, in the face of death, speak of love and grace. Beyond the physical realities of dying are unseen processes that are remarkably life-affirming. These include dreams that are unlike any regular dream.
Apr 13
28 min
Episode 95: Dr. George Tetz
George Tetz, MD, PhD is CEO of the Human Microbiology Institute in New York City. His research focuses on the study of bacteriophages: viruses that infect bacteria. We explore his latest research related to coronavirus (COVID-19). Yes, it’s technical, but his discovery of homologous prion sequences in the virus, and, in its human receptor site is mind-blowing.
Apr 6
25 min
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