The Empowered Body Podcast
The Empowered Body Podcast
Adam Willis
#191: Marco Sanchez
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Oct 9, 2020 at 2:00 am.
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=> Building Performance, Athleticism and Conditioning for General Population Clients, Business Ownership & Time Management

This week I am joined for the second time by Marco Sanchez. Marco is the owner of The Clubhouse Gym, he's a Performance Coach, Personal Trainer, Educator and Presenter.

In this podcast we discuss:
- How Marco managed the Covid-19 situation hitting just as he was about to open his gym and what he did to remain proactive during that time period.
- How Covid-19 highlighted Business, Coaching and Client fragility and how Marco dealt with these areas.
- The importance of Time Management as a busy Business Owner, Coach, Father and Husband.
- How Marco builds performance and athleticism with his General Population Clients and why it's important to do so.
- How Marco programs conditioning for his General Population Clients and how it isn't all that different from his Elite Athletes training.
- The importance of consistency, sustainability and repeatability in programming approaches and training.
- Why Coaches must educate themselves about managing their finances and Marco's advice on where they need to start.
- Plus much more great conversation

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