The Elemental Lifestyle Podcast
The Elemental Lifestyle Podcast
Katrina Elkins
Episode 403: The Dark Masculine-The Power Of Gentleness
51 minutes Posted Feb 10, 2022 at 11:56 am.
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Show notes

Ready for this potent conversation recorded on 11/11 of '21.  Letting go of rigidity and allowing the potency of gentleness is vital for the expansion of our human experience. 

The Dark Masculine is extremely alive in the gentleness.  The capacity to open up to deep intimacy, connection, and conversations is our ability to be supple. 

It takes a lot of energy to be tight and rigid. It is exhausting for the body to be in the places of tightness around flow. 

Are you struggling with love? 

Are you listening to yourself? 

Are you listening deeper within yourself to hear what others are saying? 


Our ability to listen to ourselves is extremely important. Trusting yourself. And taking action and following that feeling of not feeling safe.


David speaks about following that place of not feeling safe and really honoring it. 

Really honoring the place of gentleness allows the ability to handle rage, resentment, anger. It allows us to be in places of love for everything. 

When we experience the opposite, we can love the opposite. 


WE need to accept all the outer reaches and let go of the rigidity. 


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Katrina Starr: 

Katrina Starr is the alchemist for extraordinary men and offers powerful insights about love, relationships, co-dependency, and lifestyle choices. Humans have the capacity to LOVE without limits, expectations, or the need for commitments. Humans also have the capacity to cause great harm to the ones that they love under the false impression that it is love. Katrina invites us embrace our human capacity to love without shame, destroy the illusions that prevent love, and stop sabotaging behaviors with money, sex, food, relationships, and careers. Destruction of the paradigms, conditioning, and co-dependency begins with the awareness of what love really is and what it is not. Love is different for each of us. Yet, there is a common theme and language connected to love. Love is Love.


Katrina’s coaching style attracts executives, lawyers, athletes, coaches, visionaries, and creatives. She offers a different approach to unraveling difficult, real-life situations in relationships. If you feel you are a part of an impossible situation and don’t know a way out you are in a safe space. Take your power back. Be seen and heard. Freedom is real.


Katrina incorporates seven years of expertise in a lot of different modalities. Her superpowers are being able to identify the obstacles of trauma in the body, listening for messages that support the deepest access to love, and resolving PSTD, sexual trauma, money obstacles, and shame/anger transmutation.

Your host, Katrina, is celebrating 100 episodes with this podcast today. 

Her other podcast is Love The Destroyer. 

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