The Electric Theater with Clown
The Electric Theater with Clown
Welcome to The Electric Theater, a conversation series hosted by M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan.
025 | Doyle (Misfits) + Alissa (Arch Enemy)
Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy and Doyle Von Frankenstein join the clown in the Electric Theater for a candid conversation that explores the psychology behind dressing for the job you want, the tribal subconscious of online naysayers, and the double standard that exists between men and women in metal.
Nov 18
1 hr 1 min
024 | Bert McCracken (The Used)
Bert McCracken of The Used guests on the latest episode of The Electric Theater for a weighty discussion about the physical and psychological benefits of cannabis. Detailing his involvement in Five Star Extracts, the magnetic frontman serves as an articulate advocate for responsible consumption. Offering thought-provoking talking points that lean on de-stigmatizing cannabis, the conversation ranges from the war on drugs to mental health in a way that both pragmatic and progressive.
Nov 11
52 min
023 | Chris Santos (Chef)
Accomplished chef, restauranteur, and metal enthusiast Chris Santos joins clown for a session in the Electric Theater. Discussing his tenure as a judge on The Food Network’s Chopped, his humble start in the kitchen in his early teenage years, and his lifelong love for metal music, the conversation provides a unique glimpse into the work ethic and creative vision of the respected celebrity chef.
Oct 28
1 hr 3 min
022 | Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills)
The Electric Theater welcomes Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas for a conversation with the clown. Exploring Charnas’ ska-punk roots and his lifelong fascination with the horror genre, the veteran musicians discuss evolving sound, stage spectacle, and how the energy of a good show makes the genre almost irrelevant.
Oct 21
53 min
021 | Fieldy (Korn)
Fieldy of KORN joins clown of Slipknot for conversation in the Electric Theater that touches on the rigors of touring, navigating the downtime in between the chaos, and how constantly being creative is a fundamental part of their DNA. Fieldy details his current work with his project StillWell, shares what’s happening with KORN, and explains how being ‘rock-ready’ means being able to artistically multi-task.
Oct 14
46 min
020 | Pam Grossman (Author)
Addressing the stigma of the word and the misconceptions of the practices, author/teacher/podcaster Pam Grossman details the reality of being a witch and the magic that exists in being a conduit between the physical and invisible world.
Oct 7
1 hr 18 min
019 | Laina Dawes (Author)
Published author, cultural commentator and professor Laina Dawes paired with the clown of Slipknot for an honest conversation about identity, adversity, and ultimately finding solace in music in what has become an especially uncertain world. Sharing their personal experiences, both good and bad, the duo find common ground in challenging the expectations and thriving outside of the confines of the general pubic considers typical. The highly personal conversation examines counter culture from an intellectual perch.
Sep 30
1 hr 23 min
018 | Elliot Sloan (skater)
Big air skater Elliott Sloan drops in on the latest installment of The Electric Theater with clown of Slipknot to discuss the completion of his mega ramp that has been years in the making, The conversation details the ups and downs of the passion project and the kind of fulfillment Sloan now gets in being able to ride what he had envisioned from the very beginning.
Sep 23
52 min
017 | Adam Wallacavage (Artist)
Artist Adam Wallacavage began his career as a photographer for the likes of Thrasher Magazine and would eventually find his passion for sculpting. Over the course of the last two decades, he has become revered for his work making octopus chandeliers. The artist sat in for a discussion on the Electric Theater that revisits his earnest beginning, his earliest inspiration, and explains how art can become pretentious if it's missing authenticity.
Sep 16
1 hr 14 min
016 | Roger Gastman (Filmmaker)
Connecting with filmmaker, publisher, and graffiti culture historian Roger Gastman, clown explores the subversive origins of the art and unwritten rules that maintain the integrity of the craft. As both an artist and a vandal, Gastman details his passion for the culture and how his thirst to learn while participating resulted in a unique expertise that cemented a career rooted in credibility.
Sep 9
1 hr
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