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The Education Vangaurd
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The Education Vanguard is on a mission to seek out and discover interesting educators building, changing and improving the way we deliver education. Insightful questions, a casual atmosphere, and frank discussion help this show deliver value.
The Wildwood School of Los Angeles Outreach Program | Education Vanguard 107
When you have something working well for your organization, you might decide to keep it to yourself as a competitive advantage or you might take the longer view and share your methodologies with others.Wildwood school, an independent school based in Los Angeles, took the longer view. They created the Wildwood Outreach Center where they bring their ideas and support to schools around the world.  I speak with Steve Barett, the director of the Wildwood Outreach Center about their programs and some of the specific focus they have on Systems Thinking, contextual and social emotional learning.Connect is the Director of the Wildwood Outreach Center, a professional development center housed at Wildwood School in Los Angeles and has 30 years' experience as a teacher and administrator in public and private schools in California and Illinois. As a facilitator, Steve's guided the professional learning of educators throughout the US and internationally.
Jun 1, 2020
23 min
School 21 and the Power of Oracy | Education Vanguard # 106
Like me, you may not be familiar with oracy, the ability to express yourself fluently and with proper grammar. But as educators, you are likely familiar with the concept and supportive of the idea.I talk today with Daniel Thomas, the head of School 21, a private school in London. We jump into the power of oracy and its impact on learning. Specifically, for students from financially challenged backgrounds.ConnectTwitterBioDaniel Thomas is the head of oracy 4 - 18 and a senior leader at School 21. Having arrived at the school in 2016 he has helped to drive forward the development of oracy practice within the school ensuring it maintains its status as a world leading establishment. He also works closely with Voice 21, the school's outward facing sister charity, to support their mission to develop a national network of practitioners and leaders who will go on to impact systemic change.
May 20, 2020
23 min
HS Principal Dr. David Lovelin on Life after Nine Weeks of Virtual Schooling | Education Vanguard # 105
When you wake up in the morning and read in the newspaper that your international school will be closed, it can be a bit shocking. Dr. David Lovelin, the High School Principal at Hong Kong International School, had that experience along with the added concern of how do we plan a program in a virtual school environment?Our discussion ranges from day one to nine weeks later and what emerges as the important things to focus on during these trying and “interesting” times.ConnectTwitterBioDr. David Lovelin has been an administrator for the past 15 years in several different roles and is currently the High School Principal for Hong Kong International School. Previously, Dr. Lovelin worked at Korea International School and in the US in varied leadership roles and with a continued commitment for developing innovative education programs, promoting a positive culture, building relationships, and grounded in supporting all learners.
Apr 13, 2020
19 min
Aaron Reedy Helps Us Interact with Data at All Grade Levels | Education Vanguard # 104
Hey, let’s talk about data! Hearing those words might make some of us run for the hills and hide, while others might be excited for that discussion.Thankfully we now have other ways to talk about and deal with data. Thanks to people like Aaron Reedy, my guest today, the discussion of data is moving toward a visual presentation that lets all of us participate.Aaron Reedy is the founder of Dataclassroom: “A web app that allows teachers of grades 6-12 to grow data intuition in students.” We go all in on data visualization and how regular teachers can use it in their classrooms.ConnectWebsiteTwitterBioAaron taught high school biology for seven years in  Chicago Public Schools. He left the classroom to do a PhD in Evolutionary Biology and is currently a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology studying aging in wild lizard populations.Aaron co-founded DataClassroom to improve the teaching of quantitative skills in math and science classes around the country.
Mar 29, 2020
17 min
Ringo Dingrando Talks Robots and Building Robotics Programs At Your School | Education Vanguard #30
Hands on learning is seeing a resurgence in recently. After lying dormant for many years, we see its return in the form of the Maker Movement and, as we will discuss today, robotics. While I can’t explain the exact reason for the return to this type of education, I do have my suspicions. Today’s work is really an early manifestation of mechanical and electrical engineering at work. Oh, and you can toss in some computer science as well thanks to the programming elements.Ringo Dingrando is a believer in the return of the hands on movement and he built International School Manila’s High School Robotics program. Starting with a club, Ringo built the program into a High School set of courses while promoting the coolness of being a robotics student along the way.Connect with Ringo @ringodin (Twitter)BioRingo was predominantly a physics teacher until he started a robotics club at ISManila. He is enamored with robotics, making, and creativity as essential tools for education at all age levels.
Mar 26, 2020
17 min
The Connecting Power of Stories With Author Deborah Abela | Education Vanguard #101
“Stories connect us in a way facts cannot.”  These words from Deb Abela, my guest today, stuck with me during our conversation. For Deb, the author of 26 books and counting, stories are the lifeblood of her work.But storytelling is not the only thing driving Deb today. Much of her work involves sharing the craft and excitement of writing with young people around the world. Deb is an enthusiastic ambassador for writing and engages students with her excitement and Deborah Abela Author @DeborahAbela deborah_abela_’ Resources: and trailers: trained as a teacher before becoming writer/producer of a national children’s TV show. Since then, she has become an internationally published and awarded author of 27 books about spies, soccer legends, WW2, pesky wolves, spelling bees and kids living in a climate-changed world. Her latest is Final Storm. 
Mar 26, 2020
24 min
Virtual School Reflections From Stephen Dare, the Head at Hong Kong Academy | Education Vanguard # 103
I remember well when I saw schools in Hong Kong and China going virtual and thinking, “Oh gosh, that must be rough. I am so lucky that this is not happening at my school.”  Seven weeks later and I am not asking “Ok, how did those schools handle it now that I am in full virtual school mode."Stephen Dare is the head of Hong Kong Academy and a seven week veteren of virtual schooling.  Our discussion today left me with a much clearer pathway forward for my own new journey into virtual learning and will hopefully give some ideas to all regardless of where we are on the virtual learning journey.
Mar 23, 2020
22 min
At The Open School Self-Directed Learning and Democratic Decisions Are The Norm | Education Vanguard #102
When you hear the idea of a self directed democratic school, you might wonder if that means the students will vote for ice cream everyday.Or, more likely, you have a more mature viewpoint than I and are curious how a school can be democratic in its educational mission and still deliver a strong learning environment. Cassi Clausen is a core founder of Open School based in Southern California.  At Open School, self directed learning is expected and democratic decision making is the norm.  She explains how this concept works and what types of students, teachers (she does not call them teachers), and parents learn in this type of environment.
Mar 19, 2020
21 min
Graham Nobel’s Mission to Bring 100 Languages to International Education | Education Vanguard # 100
While English is the predominant language in international education it is often not the only one our students speak. How should we recognize the variety of languages in the world today (over 6000 according to my guest) and celebrate the interesting diversity that comes with it? I talk with ELL teacher Graham Noble about his effort to share phrases from over 100 languages using the popular program FlipGrid. We talk about the why behind what he is doing, the role of language in education and the hopes and dreams he has for the program. Connect @grahamwnobleBioGraham Noble is an experienced international educator with a love of family, travel, learning, and language. He is currently working in Hong Kong.
May 26, 2019
16 min
Getting To Yes:  Securing a Position in an International School | Education Vanguard # 99
Starting the job hunt for a position at an international school can be both frightening and exciting. Or maybe just one of the two. Knowing how to prepare for the process and having an understanding of what administrators on the hiring end are looking for can be a big help. Today I speak Tim Bray, The Director of EdTech at Cheongna Dalton School in Korea all about getting that coveted international school job.Tim, in his own words, “peels back the veil”on the hiring process, how best to prepare and what administrators are secretly thinking before, during and after an interview. Connect @tsbray http://tsbray.blogspot.krBioTim S Bray is an international educator with 22 years of experience. Most of that time (20 years) has been overseas and in 1:1 learning environments. He is passionate about helping teachers and students become effective and efficient users of technology in their teaching and learning.
May 23, 2019
24 min
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