The EdTech Take Out
The EdTech Take Out
Grant Wood AEA
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Must Listen!
I can't recommend this podcast highly enough. I get new ideas for my classroom every episode.
Enjoy this podcast
Really enjoy the podcast. I like the discussions and the nuggets!
Fun conversations about tech
I typically enjoy the show. Episode #49: I couldn’t listen after a certain point - while I understand no one is going to edit all of these out- but listen every once in a while to notice how often this is happening.
Love Your Podcast!
Great podcast for educators. This podcast is full of edtech resources, tips, and more for using digital tools and integrating technology to enhance instruction. I learn something new from every episode! I’ve become a loyal listener!
This is my favorite podcast. I love all of the amazing tips and great guests. I’m still holding out for another all nugget show though, because Tech Nuggets are my favorite part of the show. I also love how responsive Jonathan and Mindy are on Twitter! It really makes you feel like you’re part of the show.
Fantastic EdTech Podcast
I love the EdTech TakeOut podcast. No matter what I am listening to at the time, I will stop and listen to the latest episode. I have been introduced to so many tech tools through this podcast and both of the presenters have a great on-air personality.
Always worth the listen!
I've been listening to Jonathan and Mindy almost since the start of their podcasting. I really appreciate both how they walk through new tools giving an overview but also sharing their ideas on how kids can use it meaningfully. I also like the variety - appetizers, main course, and nuggets - so there's always something I walk away with that I can use. Thanks!
Jenni from IL
This is, hands down, my favorite podcast! A must-subscribe!
I am from MA. I love Mindy and Jonathan! They have the PERFECT balance of content and banter. Podcasts are very structured, well-prepared but not over-scripted. They (for the most part!) stay on topic and always remember to share WHO the intended audience is with whatever tool they are sharing as well as any other pertinent details. I appreciate that so I'm not wasting my energy getting all excited about an app that won't actually work for me. It's FULL of ideas, so much so that I run into school to jot dot everything I heard on the way in. For the record, I'm pretty sure Jonathan's accent is Scottish. I've been spreading the podcast and ideas all over campus.... you're going to have a big MA following!
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You speak my language
I'm a 4th grade teacher all the way in CA and I listen to get more ideas and solidify my own tech skills. Thanks for keeping it fun and informative.
Adding Flavor to My Daily Commute
This is a MUST in my podcast rotation. Each episode is the perfect length for either my drive to or from work. I always look forward to hearing Jonathan and Mindy’s voices. They are entertaining and provide wonderful resources especially with their “tech nuggets.” When The EdTech Take Out becomes even more popular, I will feel super cool and “in the know” since I discovered this podcast right after they aired the very first episode. From a big fan in Dallas, TX: Keep up the great work y’all!
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Lydia M.C.
Teacher Friendly Information
Super information for educators. Mindy and Jonathan do a nice job explaining and sharing tools and tips for tech using educators at all levels.
Stacy Behmer
Very Enjoyable
These two do a nice job working off of one another. Good information.
Great TOOLS for the classroom
Mindy and Jonathan give great tools that you can put into use immediately in your classroom.
4/5 classroom teacher
WOW! Great tool to share out to people. I learned about many different topics in just one podcast. Can't wait to listen to the next one. Thanks
Great Info for Educators
Fantastic info for any educator building their PLN or student choice and voice capacity
Best hour of my day
That Jonathan has a sweet accent - Australian I think?
Podcast Patty
Love It!
Love the podcast! Lots of great tips are shared that help any educator think about technology use.
Good Stuff
I love listening to Mindy and Jonathan. I have learned a lot from this podcast.