The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast
The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast
Tabitha Farrar
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Loving listening to Tabitha
Been loving listening to Tabitha! Her f* this attitude towards all those ed thoughts is so refreshing to hear, and motivating to keep working towards recovery
Tabitha keeps it real!
I cringed and laughed and cringed and laughed in this latest episode. It brought back so many memories of those ED behaviors I used to engage in 🤦‍♀️. And I laughed out loud at the conviction and finality in your voice when describing someone bringing their own food to a social occasion as WEIRD. It is indeed. Wonderful podcast!
Vital resource
Having had an eating disorder for 30 years, I have never found someone explain the origins and processes of EDs, and also what it takes to recover, in such a relatable way.
This is amazing
Extremely insightful and helpful!!
I have been listening to this podcast for a while and always find the contents to be helpful and insightful!! Always bring another prospective in recovery. I also find them especially helpful along with Tabitha's new book!! Both are great resources for recovery!
Motivating, Informative
Tabitha brings a great balance of both educating and helping her listeners and also kicking them in the behind to keep moving them forward in recovery with some cold, hard truths and reality checks. I love listening to this podcast because I learn something new in each episode, but I also dislike listening, because at least one thing in each episode gets me thinking or moving toward something I didn’t even know was a hard topic or area for me to work on in my recovery. I have so much gratitude for Tabitha and her work toward helping others recover from eating disorders and disordered eating
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Thought provoking and professional
This is a wonderful podcast - useful to both eating disorder clients and therapists. It covers current topics and first person stories in a powerful way. Great host and speakers!
Great podcast!!
Tabitha tells it like it is! She’s been through the journey and speaks from the heart and also with some of that tough love that people recovering need with the disorder is chatting loudly! Her guests are incredible and I always seem to learn something new from them. She’s inspiring and makes someone on the recovery path hopeful for a better life to be.
Great podcast. Offering me support and information on my journey to battle compulsive excercise and restrictive eating.
A Key factor in my recovery!
My husband and I both listen to this podcast and it has strengthened us to fight as a team against my ED. Tabitha strikes a perfect balance of telling it like it is and being compassionate. She had given me hope for the future and I’m so grateful for all the information she provides. This is by far the best recovery podcast out there!
Rachel Wisniewski
Insightful, inspiring and informative
Hi Tabitha, I really enjoyed your podcast show and now your youtube videos. I was anorexic when I was 17 or 18. Thought I recovered at 24. Many relapses since then. Now I'm 44, married and have 3 boys, and I still struggle with ED off and on. Some days I'm very good, as in I followed my ED commands. Most days I am defeated, helpless, feel fat and depressed. I came across your podcast searching on the topic of ED on itunes. I was desperately trying to counter the ED voices, to make the guilt go away.. What I like about your podcast is that there’s a focus on understanding ED scientifically. Strong convincing truths and ideas to silence those voices. I’ve heard plenty of podcasts on ED but find many of them allowing their interviewees to ramble on and on about their work and practice. While I find it interesting, it did nothing to help me counter my ED voices. There are also many HAES and Feminism talk which are liberating and beautiful to hear but aren’t something I can put in my arsenal against ED. I need solid advice, strong convincing words to beat my ED, I do not intend to become an ED coach or ED nutritionist. I intend to get better and stay on top of my condition. Your youtube videos are also helpful. Watching the food you eat gives me courage to eat “normally”. That said, I wonder if you can share in your videos or podcasts if you have gained any weight eating this way and how do you cope with the fear of getting fat, if you had gained any. I find that this fear of gaining weight is for me the biggest hurdle to full recovery. It always get to me and brings me back to the starting line. Finally, thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for being so brave for coming out and speaking publicly about ED.
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Tabitha's Podcast is Literally a Lifesaver
I am not sure I can find enough superlatives to express the vital importance, and the unmatched breadth and quality, of what Tabitha has made available for sufferers of eating disorders and their families. Tabitha is so prolific in covering the myriads of ways that EDs reek havoc, and most importantly in expanding our understanding and providing tangible ways to move through recovery to reclaim wellness. She is brilliant, genuine, courageous, candid, funny, persistent and comitted to using her own experience, and tapping into the most current and relevant science, evidence and personal stories out there, to help sufferers become liberated and fully recovered. Thank you Tabitha, for each and every podcast and blog post, it is making such a difference!
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Mom Cas
Seriously those podcasts and Tabitha Farrar have CHANGED my life! I am so greatful for everything Tabitha does. I am always on the look out for her new podcasts and blog posts. They are of top quality and really stand out above everything else that is out there. I highly recommend it whether you have and ED or not! I have listened to all of her podcasts (unless I ve missed a few...) and I often relisten to them. So helpful!!! If you struggle with an ED do yourself a favor and go check out all of her ressources, it could save your life and help you regain the freedom you deserve!
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Infinite Stars!
After battling anorexia for years, I am now in recovery and Tabitha's podcast and blog have been incredible resources. Tabitha talks about things that I have felt, thought and gone through-things I thought no one could ever understand. Tabitha is honest and provides not only insight from her own experience, but also scientific explanations for this illness. Listening to this makes me feel that no one is alone in their struggle and recovery is possible. So inspiring, thank you Tabitha!
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Real-life wisdom
This is a fabulous podcast! Your super-practical discussions give encouragement and HOPE, best of all gifts. Thank you a million times over for taking time to share your hard-earned wisdom with us!
Amazing resource!!
My absolute favorite!
Thank you so much or creating an amazing podcast :)
Tabithas the best!!!!
Tabithas blog and podcast couldn't of been found at a more better time in my life! Thank you for the permission to eat what my body needs!!!
Changed My Life
This podcast truly changed the way I think and helped me overcome my struggles.
Fi getting better
A treasure for adults with eating disorders...
This podcast is a godsend for adults with eating disorders, who are so often excluded from the realm of online treatment information and support. She provides cutting-edge information in a grass-routes format which specifically caters to helping adults. She is insightful, genuine and honest about what its like to be an adult with an eating disorder. I am so grateful for her work.
I absolutely love this podcast, it's helped me realize recovery is possible!
Best Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast out there
This podcast has it all — Tabitha does a wonderful job of communicating up to date, practicable information in a way that really connects with the listener. Having recovered from an eating disorder herself, she’s able to present the topics and conduct the interviews in a way that no one else can. I always get something out of listening. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s struggling or who simply has the desire to learn more.
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My personal favorite podcast about eating disorders!
I listen to a lot of podcasts, and EDRP is my go-to on eating disorders podcasting. Farrar has the guests, the up-to-date science, the interviewing chops, and the personal passion that brings it all together. If you are looking for a way to get up to speed on the who what where and how of modern eating disorder thinking, meet Tabitha Farrar and her work!
Laura Lyster-Mensh
Incredibly helpful & courageous podcast!
As a someone who recovered from an ED and is now a mental health therapist & recovery coach, I want to truly thank you for your tremendous work you are doing with the podcast. Keep up the great work!
JMedina's music
This podcast came to me at the most perfect time in my journey to recovery as I am an adult using family and friends as my main supports. Tabitha inspires me with her tenacity and compassion towards herself and others.