The Dutton Report
The Dutton Report
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Pull up a chair, they've saved you a seat! Join best friends Berry and Will in The Lodge as they recap and discuss Yellowstone, the TV show starring Kevin Costner. What was up with that fossil? Why can't Tate swim? Listen as they attempt to answer all of your burning questions about the series.
Don't Hold Your Breath
The Governor and AG turn their back on John, Jamie is given a lifeline after being cut off from his family, and DFJenkins reveals to Kayce the assassination and land-grab plots. Hold your breath with Berry and Will as they take a look at the final episode of season one. 
May 1
39 min
Family Ties, That No Longer Bind
Tragic events lead to Rip meeting John, Monica takes Tate and leaves Kayce, and Jamie gets kicked off the ranch. If that doesn't just sound like a bundle of fun, then what does? Tagalong with Berry and Will as they explore episode eight. 
May 1
37 min
Big Girls Don't Cry
Walker helps Beth overcome a lifelong fear, John's illness aggressively worsens, and Rip has just a bear of a day. Hop on the bus with Berry and Will as they take a tour through episode seven.
May 1
44 min
Rainwater, Jenkins, and Bears - Oh My!
Monica confronts John about his history with Kayce, Dan teams up with Thomas Rainwater, and a medical emergency leaves the family reeling. Join Berry and Will as they examine what happens in episode six.
Apr 23
49 min
The Yellowstone's Newest Cowboy
Kayce's in hot water on The Res, Beth becomes bffs with Dan's wife, and Rip brands a new cowboy. Talk it out with Berry and Will as they look further into episode five.
Apr 23
46 min
A Trip to the Train Station
Tate goes swimming, we get a bad doctor's report for John, and Lloyd takes a trip to the train station. Come along with Berry and Will as they take a look at episode four.
Apr 23
40 min
Mommy Issues
We get a little insight as to why Beth is the way she is, John and Thomas Rainwater face off, and Tate bites the head off a snake. Join your faithful guides Berry and Will as they recap Episode Three of Yellowstone.
Apr 18
47 min
Look! Better Audio!
Tate discovers a fossil, a meth lab explodes, and wouldn't you know it - Kayce kills someone else. Treat your ears as Berry and Will recap episode two, with better audio quality!
Apr 17
46 min
New Beginnings
From zero to sixty, best friends Berry and Will embark on their first podcast together...well, first podcast period. Join them as they recap the feature-length film, that is Episode One of Yellowstone. 
Apr 17
1 hr 16 min
Coming Soon!
Join us soon for full episodes that parallel the television show! The first episodes should be appearing within a week, so keep your eyes peeled.
Apr 9
1 min