The Dunk Tank with Brian Dunkleman and Chet Wild
The Dunk Tank with Brian Dunkleman and Chet Wild
The Dunk Tank with Brian Dunkleman
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refreshing perspective
I think it's nice to hear someone in Hollywood not pretending everything's always awesome. Love this
Pleasantly surprised
I've really enjoyed every episode of this podcast. I must admit I was skeptical to begin, but Brian and Chet have won me over with a combination of their own personal introspection and some excellent guests. I'm eagerly waiting for the next one.
Great podcast
I've really enjoyed listening to all of the episodes, it just gets better and better. I would like to hear more from Chet Wild, but other than that, I love it!
Two Thumbs Up!
Can't wait for the next one!! Keep it up guys!
It keeps getting better
So this podcast has an array of entertaining guest each week. To the ?!!?!? who wrote a review saying he was just riding on the coat tales of what fame he has left, I say jealousy is an ugly thing. Dunkleman and Chet wild are a perfect pairing ! Each podcast builds on the last and keeps listeners coming back. 4 weeks in and I'm hooked. Do yourselves a favor a give them a listen.
Gotta Have That Dunk!
Hilarious podcast with great chemistry between verteran entertainer Brian Dunkleman and up-and-coming comic Chet Wild. Terrific guests coupled with Brian's behind the scenes look from his time at American Idol keeps you coming back for more!
Dr. Wertham
I'm into it.
keep 'em coming, gentlemen.
Not Very Good At All
This guy is using his limited amount of fame to attract listeners and guests, but overall he and his co-host just do not have the chops or the chemistry to create an entertaining podcast. Not to mention the dubious choice of a co-host with a considerable speech impediment.
Sean Ranzell
Not great
I got bored.... Quit half way thru first podcast
Dunk Tank
Woo Hoo!!! Dunkleman!!!